Sneak Previews – Daniel Menzel (Gee)

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 9 2016


Starting Price: $260 600

SC Scoring History
2015 – 69 points per game from two games played
2014 – Did Not Play
2013 – DNP
2012 – DNP
2011 – 63 ppg (17)

Definition of ‘unlucky’:
– Having, bringing or resulting from bad luck. Synonyms include unfortunate, luckless, ill-fated, blighted, wretched, accident-prone.
– Daniel Menzel 😉

Menzel just about deserves a place in the official Oxford Dictionary.  He is reportedly the only AFL player to have undergone four knee reconstructions (I think Sydney’s Alex Johnson has had three and counting).  No doubt he can play but it’s still amazing that the Geelong FC stuck by the kid for so long.  Hopefully after such a long lay-off, Menzel can start to repay the faith this year.

Back in 2011 Menzel was fast becoming a crowd favorite with Cats fans for his ability to find the goals (36 from his 23 games).  His time spent up forward didn’t translate to great SC figures however.  Menzel only went over 80 pts on five occasions (from 17 games), with just a single SC ton that year.  In the 1st final against Hawthorn, Menzel kicked two early goals before suffering the first of many knee injuries and the rest is now history.

Menzel starred in his come-back game late last season, kicking four goals against Collingwood on his way to 119 SC pts.  However the next week he was subbed off during the 3rd qtr for just 19 pts.  Just highlights the ups-and-downs of a small forward.  If he can get himself up the ground more often, Menzel could prove a handy rookie/mid-price option.  But is it worth the risk at such an awkward price?  Then there’s always the ominous feeling about another injury (heaven forbid!!).  Whatever your decision is on Daniel Menzel, we wish him the very best of luck for the coming season!!

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