The Stevie J Conundrum

Written by MJ on August 14 2014

Stevie J will miss the R21 clash with Carlton, but the Cats are confident it’ll just be the one week of absence.

If you have Stevie J, what are you doing with him?

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10 thoughts on “The Stevie J Conundrum”

  1. Dammit! Stevie J is another player I have never had in my team prior to this season! The other being Pavs!!

    I only have 2 precious trades left and a measly $11k in the bank too!!

    T/U – Use a trade and bring in a DPP rookie (A. Spina) for one of my bench players, which means having to put Pavs on the park together with Tex!

    T/D – Blow remaining trades and bring in either Rocky

    Comment for Fyfe


  2. Lucky I have the bye this week. At least I have the extra week to think about strengthening the backline, keeping Stevie J or trading Stevie J for Rocky/Fyfe.


  3. I have 3 trades left, and have both Stevie j and Roughy, I have a bye in 2 of my leagues and an elimination game in my other league. What to do with the trades use them or save them?

    T/U Trade away

    T/D Save them in case u need them in your other leagues next week.


  4. Have had stevie j for about half the season and all he has done is stink it up!
    He is either getting suspended, missing goals or getting tagged by Crowley, oh and let’s add getting injured on top of that, even when he isn’t, it’s rare that he plays a good game.
    Sick of riding the stevie j roller coaster, so I’m trading him


  5. Final call???
    S Johnson & bartel to
    Rocky & crisp
    Fyfe & cooney
    Sloan & ebert
    Crouch & bennell
    Boak/murphy & h shaw
    Mundy & malceski
    Who will score most???
    Thank you


  6. Final trade, need to ditch Stevie J as opponent in knock-out has trades left and will do the same.

    $541,300 cash to burn (to be exact).

    Tossing up between T.Greene due to recent form and K.Jack due to Sydney’s easy run home.

    T/U – K.Jack
    T/D – T.Greene

    Comment others. Already have Pendles, Jelwood, JPK, Beams, Wines, Fyfe and Ebert across the Mid-field.



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