SuperCoach B&F, R22

Written by MJ on August 27 2014

It’s official: Gary Ablett has won SCT’s Inaugural SuperCoach Best & Fairest Award.

With no level of subjectivity attached to this system, GAJ has tallied the most votes according to the SuperCoach scores in each Home and Away match. Joel Selwood (21) is six votes behind with one round remaining and will not catch our 2014 Champion. Nat Fyfe (20), Rockliff (19), Pendlebury (19), Liberatore (19), Ward (18) and Priddis (18) are the others at the top of the pile. It remains to be seen how closely correlated this will be to the Brownlow votes, as this is the first year we have run this system. One would suggest it will not be entirely reliable, however it is expected that GAJ, Selwood and Pendles will make up the top three of the eligible players according to the bookmakers.

Round 22 3 2 1
Port v Carl Gray Gibbs Hartlett
Nth v Adel Ziebell Bastinac Petrie
Ess v GC Hurley Goddard Swallow
GWS v Coll Mumford Pendlebury Greene
Haw v Geel Duncan Gibson Langford
WC v Melb LeCras Vince Masten
Bris v Freo Rockliff Zorko Martin
WB v Syd Parker Franklin Malceski
Rich v StK Chaplin J.Riewoldt Armitage


Club-by-club leaderboard:

Votes Name Club
16 Jacobs Adel
11 B.Smith Adel
11 Sloane Adel
10 Dangerfield Adel
6 S.Thompson Adel
19 Rockliff Bris
13 Hanley Bris
12 Zorko Bris
16 Gibbs Carl
15 M.Murphy Carl
6 Simpson Carl
6 Waite Carl
19 Pendlebury Coll
16 Beams Coll
12 Sidebottom Coll
9 Zaharakis Ess
9 Goddard Ess
8 Watson Ess
7 Heppell Ess
6 Carlisle Ess
5 Chapman Ess
5 Ryder Ess
4 Baguley Ess
20 Fyfe Freo
11 Sandilands Freo
10 Barlow Freo
7 S.Hill Freo
6 Mundy Freo
6 Neale Freo
4 Duffield Freo
4 Pavlich Freo
27 Ablett GC
8 Prestia GC
6 D.Swallow GC
5 O’Meara GC
5 Bennell GC
4 T.Lynch GC
21 J.Selwood Geel
14 S.Johnson Geel
12 Bartel Geel
9 Duncan Geel
6 Hawkins Geel
6 H.Taylor Geel
4 Stokes Geel
4 Motlop Geel
18 Ward GWS
13 Mumford GWS
7 Treloar GWS
7 Greene GWS
4 D.Smith GWS
4 Shiel GWS
9 Lewis Haw
7 Roughead Haw
6 Breust Haw
5 I.Smith Haw
5 Gunston Haw
4 McEvoy Haw
4 Gibson Haw
10 N.Jones Melb
9 Tyson Melb
8 Dunn Melb
6 Vince Melb
4 Jamar Melb
13 Harvey Nth
12 Dal Santo Nth
10 Goldstein Nth
6 Greenwood Nth
4 Ziebell Nth
16 Boak Port
14 Gray Port
11 Hartlett Port
8 Westhoff Port
7 Ebert Port
6 Lobbe Port
4 Wines Port
10 Cotchin Rich
8 Ellis Rich
8 J.Riewoldt Rich
6 Miles Rich
4 M.Thomas Rich
4 Petterd Rich
4 Deledio Rich
9 Montagna StK
8 N.Riewoldt StK
5 Hayes StK
13 JPK Syd
12 Franklin Syd
10 Parker Syd
8 Hannebery Syd
8 McGlynn Syd
7 McVeigh Syd
7 Malceski Syd
4 Bird Syd
19 Liberatore WB
8 Boyd WB
8 Macrae WB
6 Bontempelli WB
4 Dahlhaus WB
4 R.Murphy WB
4 Cooney WB
18 Priddis WC
9 LeCras WC
8 Shuey WC
4 Cox WC
4 Masten WC

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6 thoughts on “SuperCoach B&F, R22”

  1. Fantastic job maintaining this all year, MJ. I, for one, will be plonking money on the little master some time between now and Brownlow night.


  2. Ol’ PA loves a roughie and has just placed a 5er e/way on Sauce at the juicy odds of $1001 and $251 the drum 😉


  3. I’ve found this interesting through the season MJ. I know these threads haven’t generated as many comments as you may have liked but i for have liked the idea and think it should be maintained into next season.

    Good job fella.

    Notice we aren’t doing an end of season catch up after last years raging success where only you, me and Motts turned up!!


  4. In the Brownlow i think Rocky could be a good show for most votes of all-comers.

    For the actual winner, Selwood for me.



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