Supercoach Quick Team Picking Guide – 2018

Written by Father Dougal on March 22 2018

Right around now, there are, somewhere, people who have not yet started their team, or who are still struggling to make one they like. This is for you. A team made using this method should give you a good base from which to start the season. No crazy risks, lots of players popular for good reasons. Some reasons at the end, in case you don’t have time to read them!

Sometimes I’ll give options, just in case you really hate who I suggest.

If you see something like:

R2a = Fred

R2b = Barney

R2c = Wilma

I really think you should just take Fred, but if you hate Fred then take Barney, and if you hate Barney then take Wilma. If you hate all of them leave it blank and fill in last when you see how much cash you have left, if you have time for thinking.

If you see something like:

M3 = Fred or Barney or Wilma

I don’t think it makes a huge difference which one you pick, but they are still listed in my suggested order. If you don’t have time to think at all just take the first guy every time.

Even if you take the most expensive players possible from the list, you will be under the cap. Take the guys you want most.

This will work. Trust me, I’ve borrowed the name of a priest!


Start Here


R1 = Max Gawn

R2a = M. Kreuzer


R2b = T. Goldstien


R2c = T. Nankervis

R3 = T. Olango


D1 = R. Laird or M. Hurley

D2 = M. Hibberd or J. Howe or B. Ellis or J. McGovern or S. Savage

D3 = R. Bonner

D4 = J Finlayson

D5 = S. Murray

D6 = T Doedee

D7 = A Naughton

D8 = R. Stoddart


M1 = T. Mitchell

M2 = J. Kelly

M3 = D Martin or C. Oliver or D Zorko

M4 = N. Fyfe

M5 = P. Cripps or L. Parker

M6 = S. Conglio or T. Liberatore

M7 = B. Banfield

M8 = W. Brodie

M9 = A. Brayshaw (the Docker’s Brayshaw)

M10 = T. Kelly

M11 = N. Holman


F1 = I. Heeney or S. Menegola or L. Franklin

F2 = M. Walters or J. Billings

F3 = T. McLean or C. Curnow or J Sicily

F4 = C. Petracca or D. Smith

F5 = B. Fritsch

F6 = Z. Giles Langdon

F7 = J. Garlett

F8 = L. Ryan

This gives you 14 keepers, 1 low-pricer, 14 cows, and 1 loophole. (R3-T. Olango)

Did you leave any banks? Fill them in!

Now, right away move Gawn to R3 and make him the emergency, put Olango at R2 and make him captain. If you want Dusty as VC put it on him now, otherwise put it on T. Mitchell and come back to it later.

Make sure you have the rookies on the bench and all the non-rookies on the pitch.

The most expensive possible options leave you with $65,100. Not too much to save for the future. If you took all the cheapest options, you have $452,200 left over. How to spend that, or whatever you do have?

1) Turn L. Ryan into a keeper forward. Whoever you can afford on the list above. (Put him on the field!)

2) Turn R. Bonner into a keeper defender. Whoever you can afford on the list above, including J. Sicily who is listed as a forward but can play defense as well.

3) Turn Coniglio / Liberatore  into a premium midfielder. Cripps / Parker, or in order low price to high, Bontempelli, Merrett, Duncan, or one of the others on the list above.

4) Turn M1 to M3 into Dangerfield, if you think he will miss no more than 2 matches from his injury. If you have a *lot* of cash you could turn Coniglio / Liberatore into Dangerfield.

Make sure any changes from the above have the players you want on the pitch actually on the pitch. Then you can fiddle all you want, but be sure to have a valid team ready at first bounce!


Q: Why so few keepers in defense?

A: Because there are a lot of cows in defense and very few forward cows. The Important thing is the total number of keepers, not keepers by line.

Q: Why R Bonner?

A: Because Coffield wasn’t named! Bonner will be ok as a low-pricer, and while unlikely to be a keeper, he should make ok money and points until you can upgrade. In order to avoid forcing dodgy mid-pricers on people I had to force a decent low-pricer on them.

Q: Why no Dangerfield?

A: I didn’t feel good about suggesting an injured player. I don’t want someone to build a team and then have the best player not play. Anyone who wants him can bring him in. Kreuzer to Nankervis would fund it, for example.

Q: Why didn’t you put in player X?

A: Either I didn’t like him for some reason or I forgot about him. I’m not 100% thrilled with all the mid priced forwards, but I don’t feel like any are traps. Note I did not put in Trengove , although upgrading Ryan to him might not be so bad.

Q: How much is this like your team?

A: Right now, if you pick Laird and Hibbered, the defense is the same. The cows are the same, although, I hate having Ryan. Rookie outs forced changes to my side and will probably force more. I do not expect to have mid-priced midfielders like Coniglio or Liberatore, but they do fit this team, and are not bad picks. I will put my final team as a comment in my team reveal, once it really is final.

Q: How about the byes?

A: I tired to set this up to have decent bye structure, but by giving some options there is some risk. The forwards are set up to avoid too many R14 bye players.

Q: Why write something for people without a team at the last minute? Isn’t that a not exactly an “FD” sort of thing.

A: I’d like to think helping people with Supercoach is my thing. Also, my first season playing Supercoach I decided to play last minute, and picked a team with the help of a guide. Now that I know what I am doing, sort of, I wanted to make one in return. Sort of paying it forward.

Time to put my old team back into the Supercoach site…wonder if I can remember it…..

So, there you go. I hope this helps someone! If you found it useful, please let me know in the comments so I know if I should plan to do this every season.


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12 thoughts on “Supercoach Quick Team Picking Guide – 2018”

  1. Usually debut players are told a few days in advance that they will be playing to ensure there is enough time for interstate family to attend the game. Clark has been told, coffield has not. It would appear that Coffield will not line up round 1.


  2. I found this very useful as a first timer and someone who is relatively knew to AFL. Are are all the players listed above likely to play? My biggest struggle is with mid-range players…


    1. Thank you. All the players above should play as of right now. Mid range players are hard, and generally you don’t want more than a few. The only players that you will be locked in with tonight are Tigers and Blues, so anyone else you will still be able to change.


  3. I see no point in an article like this, perhaps you should offer to “Father Dougal’s Team Management” for dummies or people who can’t be bothered building a team but want a crack at the 50k. Wank


    1. We do try and cater to everyone…..that includes the latecomers/newcomers. There’s a reason this was posted today because this is our busiest day of the year (every year, without fail)………


    2. No one’s forcing you to read it dude. I know in my first year of supercoach I picked my team from such an article, and coming from a more experienced eye it’s a damn sight more comprehensive than what I went on. If you can’t appreciate it then you’re the wank.



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