Supercoach Quick Team Picking Guide – 2019

Written by Father Dougal on March 21 2019

Right around now, there are, somewhere, people who have not yet started their team, or who are still struggling to make one they like. This is for you. Assuming you are reading, which you are. A team made using this method should give you a good base from which to start the season. No crazy risks, lots of players popular for good reasons. Reasons at the end, in case you don’t have time to read them first!

If you don’t have time to think at all just take the first guy every time.

Even if you take the most expensive players possible from the list, you will be under the cap. Take the guys you want most.

This will work. Trust me, I’ve borrowed the name of a priest!

What to do


D1 = Take one of:  Jake Lloyd, Rory Laird, Lachie Whitfield. (Kade Simpson, James Sicily)

D2 = Take: Zac Williams

D3 = Take one of:  Nick Newman, Brodie Smith


Defense Cows

D4 = Sam Collins

D5 = Xavier Duursma

D6 = Jordan Clark

D7 = Marty Hore

D8 = Christopher Burgess



M1 = Take One of: Patrick Cripps, Matt Crouch (Jake Kelly, Dustin Martin)

M2 = Take one of Jack Macrae, Nat Fyfe (Jack Steele)

M3 = Take one of Clayton Oliver, Lachie Neale, Elliot Yeo (Angus Brayshaw, Adam Treloar)

M4 = Take the first one of these you do not already own: Patrick Cripps, Jack Macrae, Clayton Oliver, Lachie Neale

M5 = Take One of: Brad Crouch, Tom Liberatore

M6 = Take these cows: Sam Walsh

M7 = Zac Butters

M8 = Bailey Scott

M9 = Charlie Constable

M10 = Tom Atkins

M11 = Michael Gibbons



R1 = Take Brodie Grundy

R2 = Take: Max Gawn

R3 = Take: Patrick Bines



F1 = Take Patrick Dangerfield

F2 = Take Isaac Heeney

F3 = Take one of Tim Kelly, Josh Dunkley, Sam Menegola

F4 = Take Darcy Moore

F5 = Take Will Setterfield

F6 = Take Willem Drew

F7 = Take Matthew Parker

F8 = Take Jack Petruccelle


You should have a minimum of $92,400 left.  You could have more depending on who you took.

Now, check which rookies have been named. If any of the listed ones are not named, other than the R3, who is the loopholed and not supposed to be named, you can add in

D – Jack Scrimshaw

M – Jackson Hately, Nick Hind

F – Noah Balta

If there are not enough rookies named, well, you are only locked into Blues and Tigers for the first match, so just be sure you have all of those you want, and you can change before the second match. Ask on the site for help, a lot of other people will be too!

Now, right away move Gawn to R3 and make him the emergency, put Bines at R2 and make him captain. Make Either Cripps or Grundy as VC, put it on one of them now.

Make sure you have the rookies on the bench and all the non-rookies on the pitch. (Other than Bines and Gawn!) 

What do you do if you have a lot of money left over? Upgrade someone!

1) Turn a cow not named into a better player. Preferably a named one. Could be another rookie, or a mid pricer.

2) Turn a mid pricer into a gun. Upgrade Newman, B Smith, Libba, or B Crouch to any of the more expensive players listed

Make sure any changes from the above have the players you want on the pitch actually on the pitch. Then you can fiddle all you want, but be sure to have a valid team ready at first bounce!  



Q: Why so many mid price players?

A: We are short of cows. It looks like we have some good ones, but I am not sure how many will even be named. Good mid pricers help us avoid useless cows.

Q: Why didn’t you put in player X?

A: Either I didn’t like him for some reason or I forgot about him.  

Q: Why did you put in player X?

A: Usually because they are popular and not huge reason not to. If you just looked at all the highly owned players and took those, you would end up with something pretty similar.

Q: How much is this like your team?

A: Which version of my team! Sort of. I mean, this team has good players, my team has good players. (I hope) There are some players here that I don’t want for various reasons, but lots of other people like a lot. This is intended to be a time saver to make good, not weird team that the SCT community would likely approve of in a general sense.

Q: How about the byes?

A: I tired to set this up to have decent bye structure, but by giving some options there is some risk. The Mids, for example, start by getting a premo from each bye round.

Q: Why write something for people without a team at the last minute? Isn’t that a not exactly an “FD” sort of thing.

A: I’d like to think helping people with Supercoach is my thing. Also, my first season playing Supercoach I decided to play last minute, and picked a team with the help of a guide. Now that I know what I am doing, sort of, I wanted to make one in return. Sort of paying it forward.

Just curious:

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Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Supercoach Quick Team Picking Guide – 2019”

    1. There are lots of ways to go. Once set up people can chop and change as they like. But getting a safe-ish team with more down back didn’t work so well. But, if you can give alterations and concrete options people could use them!


  1. I think this is an invaluable piece of kit for EVERYONE. My final team selection fits perfectly into this picking tool.

    For newbies, I’d urge you to use it. For non-newbies, I’d suggest using it as a checking tool because if you’re structure is way out, you may find yourself in some pain … and soon!

    Someone’s been VERY busy this off-season!

    Thanks FD and good luck all 🙂


  2. Thanks FD.

    To think its that easy!

    My team follows most of these rules but I have to have a couple of different Bargains/ Cows.

    If you have the cash I would consider upgrading Butters ( 1st year talent but playing Forward) to Cousins. ( 3rd year playing mainly midfield. )

    I’m so pumped for this coming season.

    Thanks again to your good self and all the other contributors on The Best SC site in the WORLD.

    Good luck everyone!



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