Table For Two – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 13 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been mulling over all week.

Bring in Nyhuis early this week?  Do you dare back against Danger as Captain this week?  Who to play at D6?  Martin or Merrett?  Laird or Adams?  Lynch or Walker?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Wishing you a massive score this weekend, Coaches!


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26 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd17”

    1. I just keep changing my mind on Cripps replacement.

      I’m worried Zorko may get more attention after last weeks effort.

      Its hard to argue with Titchs numbers. But much like John longmire I just don’t like his head. 9 clangers last week rule him out for me.

      These two young stars run all day and rarely waste the ball.


      T/U J.Kelly

      T/D. Zerrett.


  1. thinking about ditching preuss for his $$$$

    tu buzza (geel) might get an occasional game
    td non player cheap to max $$$$


    1. If you decide to go a non player, consider Brown from pies with dpp. He is cheap and may still get games late.


  2. For advice pls on the way forward. I have 7 trades left and $66k. Current ranking is 2,400. My team is as follows:

    DEF: Doch, Laird, Rance, Shaw, Lloyd, Newman (Ryan, Scharenberg)
    MID: Danger, TMitch, Zerrett, Bont, Pendles, JJK, Selwood, Fyfe ( Bolton, Witherden, Cousins)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Strandica)
    FWD: Macrae, Dalh, Buddy. Heeney, Nank, Lynch (Greenwood, Parsons)

    I do not intend to make any trades this week but do I over the following two weeks:

    TU – get rid of Ryan and Scharenberg and bring in non playing rookie (Junker) and Adams then get rid of Parsons and Bolton and bring in Yeo and non playing rookie leaving me 3 trades for finals, not much cash but lots of quality coverage and flexibility; or

    TD – do I free up some cash by say getting rid of Bolton and Parsons bring in non playing rookies have stacks of cash plus five trades for finals for upgrades/injuries.

    I’m leaning towards TU but is 3 trades enough for finals?

    Thanks in anticipation.


  3. Tu: Adams (col) will come good, just a down patch, bring him in

    Td: hasnt cracked the ton since round 11, no finals motivation, not the same form from start of season, maybe next year


  4. one forward spot up for grabs in my side.

    just cracked the top 100 so going all out for points.

    T/U Greene if named

    T/D Ryder on current form and added DPP to cover Kruz and Witts if rested


  5. TU: Newman -> Laird (6 trades, $50k leftover)
    TD: Wallis -> Titch (5 trades, $15k leftover)

    For context, L.Ryan D7, Witherden M9, Greenwood F7


  6. I can only afford a Cripps replacement up to the value of $546,100. I already have the obvious options, like Pendlebury and Bontempelli (and Selwood and Hannebery).

    TU: Luke Parker
    TD: Clayton Oliver

    Comment: Other (before anybody suggests him, I should note that I can’t afford the risk of injury-prone players, so Rockliff is an automatic ‘no’).


  7. trading out s. selwood for

    tu j. kelly (gws).
    td anyone else.

    comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


        1. Then Kelly for sure, then Myers/Greenwood to Jelwood when his price drops..$h permitting of course..



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