Table For Two – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2018

Lunchtime on Thursday………Time for a Table For Two! In the spirit of Thommo’s 2UP, Table For Two helps you make those 50/50 decisions. If you’re struggling to seperate two players (or a combination of players) then enter them into the Comments below. Our SCT Coaches will sort things out using the Thumbs Up/Down function………


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37 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd17”

      1. I have 5 but I don’t feel I’ve got plenty.

        Going on the last few years ,the carnage will continue.

        Lets all hope the SC gods are kind tonight when the teams drop.


    1. D Martin:
      Avg VS GWS since 2013: 122.29 from 7 (low of 86 and a high of 150, 2/7 below 100, 4/7 130+)

      D Mundy:
      2018 OS Avg: 99.75 from 8 (low of 72 and a high of 123, 1/8 below 90, 4/8 below 100, 1/8 120+)


  1. Would greatly appreciate thoughts on who to loop for D6/D7.

    Backline is R Laird, J Sicily, E Yeo, K Simpson, M Hurley, A Brayshaw, J Webster.

    The players I am considering looping are R Laird, K Simpson, M Hurley, A Brayshaw, J Webster.

    TU: K Simpson
    TD: R Laird


      1. TU: J Webster

        Regarding the 5 options
        J Webster and M Hurley play against the teams which concede the most SC scores and 120+’s.

        R Laird has a poor record against Geelong and K Simpson is returning from injury.


  2. Afternoon all,
    I’m looking to make my last forward upgrade and I wouldn’t mind some input from the community.

    I have my eye on:

    TU: T. McDonald
    TD: M. Walters


  3. Have 6 trades left. Will be using one to trade out Bontempelli. Undecided whether to use another on some bench cover as currently have Redman & Rice, E Phillips , T Smith & Battle – none of which are playing at present.

    TU – one trade only, trades are gold and can’t carry Bont
    TD – use a 2nd trade to cut dead wood and look at bringing in either Sier / Trengrove / Powell as all on the bubble, to generate some cash for future trades

    Before Bont burst his appendix, was looking at doing a double downgrade.


    1. Lisa.

      Brad lynch Def $124K(Doggies) is also worth a look.
      If you have Ahern you can cover mid and forward.
      It might be wise to get some defensive cover.

      Best of luck whatever you do.


      1. So, best to trade out for Lynch
        TU – Redman – not likely to be back but didn’t increase in value so not worth anything as a trade or
        TD – Rice – could be back in at some stage


  4. Mcgovern to Lloyd
    Guelfi to Gray

    Comment Guelfi to Heeney next wk after price drop and forget lloyd


  5. Current bench:
    Mihocek, Mirra
    Phillips, Spargo, Giro
    Ahern, TSmith

    Worth trading any of them to fund upgrade to Macrae in a week or two? 65K in bank, 6 trades left, full premo (Martin/Shuey at M7/8)


  6. Top of the ladder three games clear….6 trades…248k

    T/U Go skiing until finals
    T/D Maldives


  7. My defensive bench cover is Austin and Rice. I was hoping they would be cover until the end of the season but neither are playing this week. Eek! The good news is my six premium defenders are named to play … this week at least.

    UP – Hold. Austin and Rice are decent bench cover.
    DN – Lynch (dogs) has better js so trade him in this week for season bench cover


  8. 5 trades left and fighting it out for a finals spot for my main leagues

    TU – Boak-Westhoff this week
    TD – Keep Boak and trade in Mundy next week – Boak loophole option



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