Table For Two – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 10 2017

Lunch time on Thursday……..time for a Table For Two!  Following on from Thommo’s 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps you with those tough choices that you’ve been contemplating all week.

Time to get The Bont back into the team?  Best value replacement for Selwood?  Time to get rid of Nank The Tank?  Should we play Ryan at D6?  Hold onto JPK?  Get Dusty into the side?  Is Billings worth a shot over the last three weeks?  Whatever the question, our SCT Coaches are here to help.  Enter your players names into the Comments below and the SCT Coaches will guide you with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Good luck in your Finals, Coaches!


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18 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd21”

  1. – 3 Trades Left
    – Need to get rid of Jelwood

    TU: Use 2 Trades – 1 to generate cash + the other to get in 1 of Titch/Kelly/Neale
    TD: Use 1 Trade – To get in 1 of Gibbs/Hanners


  2. last trade used to replace selwood
    who scores more in the next three rounds:

    T/U Neale vs swans (SCG), Tigers (DS), Dons (ES)
    T/D Zorko vs Suns (G), Dees (MCG), Roos (G)


    1. do you have witherden in your backline?
      if you do you can put Shaw as emergency and ryan onfield and if shaw does alright swap witherden with ryan to get his score.


      1. Witherden is in my mids so I can possibly swap him out for Lloyd and then Lloyd will then need to be an emergency in my mids who could possibly replace Rocky.


  3. 2 Trades & 50k left
    Jake Lloyd is sucking the life out of my backline, 3 round avg 76.

    T/U: Trade him for Biggs (3rnd avg 102.)
    T/D: Save trade and hope Witherden is back for loopholing next week.


  4. With the many outs this week, I need to field one of Mountford and Miles. So which one on field?

    TU – Mountford
    TD – Miles



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