Table For Two – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 16 2019

Lunch time on Thursday………time for a table for two!

With the success of 2UP over the pre-season, Table For Two helps out with those tricky 50/50 decisions.  Whether it’s an important trade or a positional move, the SCT Coaches can help out.  Enter the names of two players (or groups of players) in the Forum below.  The SCT Coaches will use the Thumbs UP/DOWN function to point you in the right direction……


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47 thoughts on “Table For Two – Rd9”

  1. TU- Atkins & Butters –> Macrae & Stocker (115k bank)
    TD- Walsh & Moore –> Fyfe & Dunkley (12k bank)


  2. I can trade Walsh as an upgrade option to Macrae, using just the one trade, or 2 trades required if I want to use Gibbons, Atkins, Petruccelle or Parker

    TU: Straight swap Walsh to Macrae is OK
    TD: Hold Walsh & trade out 2 other rookies and get in Macrae & Stocker or Hately if named


  3. TU – Trade in J Kelly this week OR
    TD – Macrae this week

    Both with low breakevens.
    Obviously hoping to have them both in my team down the track…


  4. mengola out until the byes ,
    need to reassess my trade plans & maybe keep constable
    constable to fyfe
    libba to fyfe


  5. VC – C
    gawn / grundy
    grundy / neale
    still haven’t nailed a top scoring player in my team as captain ,
    dangers 25 still haunts me


    1. PJ, like you I coped Danger’s 25 as Captain. Bar injury, Grundy / Neale is safest. Gawn is away west and Vardy is no pushover ( I can see a 110-120 score max). While Neale is Solid at home and the crows will carry an injured M Crouch. Just me.


  6. Originally wanted to double upgrade my mids:
    Walsh -> J. Kelly & Libba -> Macrae with $20k left

    I am the 6,999 coaches owning Nank who’s out for 6-8 wks so he’ll have to go.
    I don’t have a back up ruck.

    I now need to trade him out for Grundy (already have Gawn) which upsets my bank as I can’t upgrade to a premo mid.

    I’ll have to bring in a rookie midfielder (thinking Stocker for JS).

    Which mid should I trade first?

    T/U: Walsh
    T/D Libba



    1. With R O’Brien still making money, is it worth considering trading him in for Nank to preserve that bank balance? With a breakeven of 33, compared to Grundy’s 140, and $280,800 cheaper, you may then have enough to upgrade Libba/Walsh to a premium mid.

      Just not sure on how many more weeks Jacobs is out for, and whether upon his return, does ROB lose his spot? If not for a couple of more weeks, and if you have the trades…..


      1. Yeh, I did consider O’Brien but I figured I could set and forget with Grundy with the one trade (I was going to bring in Grundy eventually).

        Hopefully with Macrae’s 90-ish B/E against the Cats, it won’t change too much so I can trade Walsh out for him next week.

        Thanks though!


        1. check your total bye numbers though too … ROB gives you a bye player in R13 – when both top rucks are out with a lot of other premos on other lines … depends on the makeup of your team …


          1. That’s a good point actually as both rucks have rnd 12 byes.

            I will have to make the sacrifice as I only have 20 trades left which I assume is on the lower range of where I’d like it to be.

            I’m also concerned that Jacobs could make his way back into the team by then which could ultimately result in no rucks playing anyway.

            I could bring in Grundy anyway and consider Rory Lobb my F6?
            He’s averaging 88.6 with the handy DPP.

            Am I crazy for making this move?

            T/U: Not crazy, take the punt and do it!
            T/D: Back to the drawing board.


  7. I have to field 2 of Setterfield, Balta, Corbett and Parker. Am expecting Soldo to be named. So Setterfield is a lock at F5.

    T/U Field Corbett

    T/D Field Balta

    Comment: Parker


  8. Trading out Walsh
    TU Sloane (1 trade)
    TD Kelly (2 trades)
    Ross to be the other to go and only if Hately is named.
    I’ve been that drawn to Sloane during the week that I might just keep the cash and forget about Kelly.


  9. Thinking of moving Wilkie on this week, via dpp will bring in either Sloane or Rocky?

    T/U: Sloane
    T/D: Rocky – crazy or could he end up top 10? Plus $$ saved for future trades


  10. Boys!

    Bringing in macrae this week (really ally want j Kelly but will resist due to injury doubt).

    Looking at moving on either brayshaw or Walsh. Am I crazy at keeping Walsh over gus? Suits my bye structure more.

    TU trade walsh

    TD trade gus


  11. trading in one of corbett or larkey to store on my bench for a while

    T/U: Corbett
    T/D: Larkey



  12. To complete my forward line:

    T/U: Dunkley (playing mids again but is coached by bevo)
    T/D: Hatley or Stocker (depending on who is named) and boak next week.


  13. TU: Drew & Gibbons >> Gaff & Rowbottom
    TD: Drew & Constable >> Macrae & Hatley

    I really want Macrae but Constable could still have big money to make. #dilemma


  14. Who plays at D6 this week?

    TU: Clark, played up the ground a bit last week, v WBD
    TD: Duursma, v GCS



    1. Sainter

      I would be backing in Duursma for sure.

      Clark had a great game ( V North) last week, even kicking a long goal. Looks like he and Atkins were sharing Jelwoods wing spot. When Atkins was injured he moved forward and Clark played wing for the rest of the game. This week he comes up against a much stronger oppo in the Bulldogs. With Jellwood back and Atkins seemingly fit again, I would expect him to move back to defence.

      Duursma has made that wing spot at Port his own.Playing the Suns this week, I think he can get his best score for the year 80+ ?

      Duursma all the way!


  15. Alright superstars, who is of the best value for a forward line upgrade:
    T/U Dunkley
    T/D T Kelly


    1. I voted T Kelly.

      T Kelly is on track to finish top 1/3 forwards for the season.

      A “must have ” if you can get him in now.



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