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Written by Motts on January 7 2013

Brods continues his magnificent job of analysing the Lions. Today he brings us the blokes down back.


Jed Adcock – $482,300, 21, 90.10 – Lining up for his tenth AFL season, Jed showed no signs of a lingering finger injury that killed his average in 2011. Was consistent for the most part averaging a solid 90 in a year where reliable defenders were hard to come by in the higher price ranges. The years of running through the midfield have seemingly passed and with Drummond retiring, often attracting a forward tag, Pearce Hanley’s run and carry game emerging plus the need of a cool head deep in defence may hamper any improvement in that area. Can peak high (two scores above 120 and a massive 140 in 2012) but the valleys are alarming with 3 scores below 70. Usually a battle between Adcock and Drummond for the D4 spot but this year the choice could be between him and…

Pearce Hanley – $485,200, 22, 90.70 – A breakout year for the Irishman playing in his 5th season in the top flight. Run and carry the highlight of his play and is usually responsible for most of Brisbane’s rebound footy off half back. Does cop a forward tag when sides can afford to cover both he and Adcock but when he’s allowed to run free can rack up the big scores. Always improving with every season, Hanley could be the one defender to break into the ‘Elite’ category by 2013’s end. 10 tons in 2012, most of which came after the bye but said tags and subsequent low scoring kept his average just above 90 making him an attractively priced prospect for 2013. He’s also very durable so definitely worth a punt with similarly priced defenders struggling for fitness or suspension.

Joel Patfull – $340,700, 22, 63.70 – Reigning Lions B & F after an ultra consistent season down back. Never a high scorer in the SC ranks but did appear to be good value after starting the season around the 260K mark and improved his scoring by 15 points a game to a tick over 63. With Merrett taking off up forward for extended patches during the season, Joel found himself assigned to the best one or two forwards each week thus limiting his scoring power. On the plus side he’ll most likely play every game as injury hasn’t been a problem for the former Port product. Not someone you’d throw in as a mid pricer since Nathan Bock is around the same price but worth a mention given his excellent season.

Daniel Merrett (FWD) – $412,200, 22, 77.00 – Not likely to stay down back this season but despite the extra attention from his forward movements actually declined in scoring output in 2012 as most stay at home forwards tend to do these days. Did pinch hit in the ruck for periods but was often used as a foil for the best defender to free up the likes of Brown and Rockliff but went large against GWS with a big 140. With a few question marks over what his role will be this season with the arrival of Martin and Leuenberger it might be prudent to give big Roger a miss until that’s been established.

Keep an Eye On:

Mitch Golby – $406,600, 13, 76.00 – A name on most supercoaches lips pre-season in 2012 and was making his mark as a close checking defender with rebound capabilities but missed the second half of the season due to a stress fracture in his foot but isn’t exactly attractively priced even with the large absence. However, Golby will be a permanent fixture in the backline when fit so would be a reliable pick up as a D5. Ball use is a small concern as high possession games garnered low scores throughout the season. Knee problems seem to be in the past so should improve even further on his efforts in 2013.

Elliot Yeo – $310,300, 8, 58.00 – If you picked up Yeo as a late season rookie for some finals bench cover you would have been satisfied with a solid bench score he provided. A permanent fixture in the Lion’s line up after round 16 after he initially impressed in the Lions NAB cup campaign slotted nicely in the role left open by the injury to Golby as a rebounding defender. With the influx of running defenders at the Lions currently Yeo may find himself back in the reserves to further hone his game, especially when Golby is fit and available. Worth a look in the NAB cup for sure.


….Tomorrow, the Lions Tall Timber.


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