TEAM League Finals Week Two: #1-5

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 9 2017

Long-time Forum members getting over the line, a few upsets along the way……..there was plenty of action in Week One of the TEAM League Finals.  We are also left with some massive clashes for Week Two………



Sean’s Mob & the Bearded Burbler made it through to the Prelims on the back of some decent 2400+ scores.  The big upset came from Lisa (2015 Premiers from the ‘SCT Chicks League’) who took down long-time Forum member and #9 Overall in 2016, Raj.  Lisa has another tough assignment against benty691 this week, should go down to the wire……..



The strongest of all The TEAM Leagues…….and the TEAM somehow managed to scrape through to the 2nd week of Finals.  A 21 pt victory over Team Custard has set up a duel with                                                                                                       sidelined after injury & MRP.  Well done to Wayne and Michael for already advancing to the Prelims…….



Yiorgakis scored a massive 2478 in the first week of Finals……and lost in his TEAM league….ouch.  Well played, Jaegar BOMB!  Good luck in Week Two!  Thommo managed to scrape through against the Shoodabeens while Roos Your Daddy produced a monster 2535 to charge into the Prelims……..



The TEAM got over the line against Barto Bucks and lines up against No Worries@SCT in Week Two of the Finals.  JJs Circus & John’s Jets are waiting in the Prelims…….



The Salamander has well and truly hit the wall while Shaggi made it through to the Prelims in League #5.


Good luck this weekend, Coaches!!


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8 thoughts on “TEAM League Finals Week Two: #1-5”

  1. I’m not currently the reigning premier of SCT Chicks league – that was 2 seasons ago. Quite worried about week 2 of finals being that I’m currently in Fiji – what was I thinking planning an overseas holiday during SC finals! Bula….


  2. Nice to have the week off, but will still need to trade out Jelwood and Withers in two weeks.

    Side note: Roos your Daddy, fantastic score and highest in most leagues, congrats. Ironic to be sadly beaten in the tough Pound the Priest League.


  3. I read earlier in the week that The Death Adder is playing Father Dougal in The Looney Mooney’s League (ranked 114). This is a big match to be sure but the other match in this 10 team league must surely take ‘Match of the Round’ honours.
    Shaggi vs Shaggi Jnr
    The winner plays Motts Maulers in the prelim final.
    Unfortunately, I think Shaggi Jnr will start favourite as he has been able to trade out Selwood for Sloane (with $400 to spare) and doesn’t own Merrett or any other suspended player. He has no Lynch but has Witherden.
    My side has been decimated as no Lynch, Merrett, Witherden and Selwood – and no trades left.
    Looks like I will have to show some shinboner spirit and dig deep this week…household bragging rights are on the line!


    1. I lost 10 of 10 last week, and while I have hopes of doing better this week, I’m not very optimistic. So many premiums out to deal with I won’t even make it to full premium this season. Still, not giving up hope. Praying and all that…..



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