Team Review: Port Adelaide

Written by Thommo on March 9 2018


Feeling Lucky: Can mini-Conan ever score consistently? Jaspar Pittard ($434,000) certainly looked handy in JLT1, but we’ve heard it all before. His ceiling is decent and he can pump out the odd 120-130 score but his basement is poor with 6 sub-70 scores in 2017. In his best year of 2016 he averaged 91ppg, he still scored under 80 on 5 occasions to counterbalance 6 scores over 100ppg. Select him at your own risk!

Money Maker: Depending on JLT2, Riley Bonner ($257,300) may be worth a punt for your backlines. He has only played 4 matches to date but, when he has played, he has scored relatively well with his skilful kicking with his 3 matches in 2017 netting him 77.3ppg. For more information, check out his player review (Link).


Feeling Lucky: I know Ollie Wines ($543,500) is not a huge risk but he has been steadfast in refusing to break that 100 point ceiling he has created with his terrible kicking efficiency. Since 2014 he has averaged 101ppg, 97ppg, 97ppg and 99ppg and unless he can win more than 27 possessions per game or he improves his kicking he will probably spend a 5th year in the vicinity of a 100ppg average.

While Ollie is annoying with his steadily average Supercoach form, Tom Rockliff ($529,400) is a picture of volatility. As mentioned in his Player Review (Link), Rocky could make your day or he could ruin your season. For anyone living under a rock, he averaged 123ppg in the first 8 matches of 2017, then 78ppg in his final 12 matches after his shoulder injury. At some stage he will go large: Will he do it for you or against you?

Money Maker: Dom Barry ($117,300) is rapidly shaping as one of the few midfield rookie locks of the 2018 preseason. He burned up the track in the intraclub match and he was almost BOG in JLT1 so I will be shocked, shocked I tells you, if he doesn’t suit up in Round 1! For more information read Huttabito’s fantastic (but depressing) Rookie Reviews (Link).


Lock and Load: As mentioned in the ruck article (Link), Paddy Ryder ($566,500) came home like a freight train in 2017 and is sure to be a top 5, if not top 2, ruckman in 2018. The reason he is not in more teams is that damned Round 10 bye. Of all the positions, the Round 10 bye will affect the ruck the most unless we find a rookie ruckman for R3.


Lock and Load: Also reviewed early in the preseason (Link), Robbie Gray ($504,300) is another player who can smash out a monster score or play the invisible man role to your chagrin. With a high score of 161 points and a low of 30 points in 2017, a year affected by injury and later illness, Robbie will surely do no worse in 2018. However, after missing JLT1 already, he seems too high a risk for little upside while he is locked away in the forward line.

Chad Wingard ($511,300) has always threatened to break-out in a midfield role, but he can’t fully escape forward duties and injury. He may have been worth a punt if fit, but he has had an interrupted preseason and seems too high a risk, especially with the trading of so many new midfield and forward-line players on to the Port Adelaide list this off-season.


Let me know if I have missed any Port Adelaide players you rate or are looking to select in your 2018 squad.


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4 thoughts on “Team Review: Port Adelaide”

  1. I’m slowly coming around to the GawnRyder train of thought, especially now that it looks like Darcy Cameron will get a few games. The rest are too inconsistent or too injury prone….which might actually work in Dom Barry’s favour? Hope so.

    Great write-up Thommo!


  2. Great writeup.

    Were it not the bye issue Ryder would be my R1.

    Dom Barry is a lock.

    The rest is too up in the air, other than the will you won’t you on the Rockmeister.

    Poet’s recruits haven’t yet jelled so it is real balls to pick most of them.



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