Tech League Trade Talk Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 8 2019

With only seven weeks to go, it seems like the Top5 Tech League teams are the only ones with a realistic chance of taking out the $100 Prize Pool.

Who’s been conserving trades?  Who’s gone hell for leather?  What moves are you making with your Tech League team this week?


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2 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk Rd17”

  1. Hore is gone this week, but it is who he is upgraded to is the main question. I don’t really have much cash to spend which is a concern and since i already have Sicily it frustrates me as i’ll need to find someone else.

    Bewley will go out for K.Dunkley even if he doesnt play as he is basement price. It leaves me with 494k, so Stewart looks the best choice as a consistent performer. Rich, Ryan and Houli came in with scores of 66,67 and 87 last week which isn’t promising.

    No cover except midfield so hoping no late outs like Boak last week and hoping Hawkins can make up for his dismal 3 weeks.

    So it ends up being Bewley -> Dunkley and Hore -> Stewart with 7k and 6 trades leftover. Only having ROB, Worpel and Hawkins as players that are viable upgrade options


  2. None for me I upgraded Andrews to Ryan last week using 2 trades so now I have 3 left. If injuries are avoided I will use 1 but probably 2 to upgrade Hawkins in a couple of weeks.



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