Tech League Trade Talk Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 29 2019

And then there were four……..

Only four viable chances to take out the $100 Tech League Prize Pool.  Has anyone got any trades left?  What moves will you be looking at?  Who can score well over the next four weeks?


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One thought on “Tech League Trade Talk Rd20”

  1. Once again my team managed to outscore my main team with a nice 2502, making it 8 wins and 9 losses this season against my own team.

    4 trades with 67k stored away. The way it seems is i don’t really have any players generating cash except Clarke, but is my only one covering my midfield. Of the team I have, there isn’t much that needs to be done. First thing that comes to mind is bring in Gawn for ROB as it only a 90k upgrade and still having Bailey Scott sitting there with his measly 173k. Offloading him for McLean leaves me with 50k and 2 trades.

    I could also trade out Crouch as he has really under performed this season, however there isnt too much to bring in at a similar price and the point difference doesn’t seem to be enough to beat the ROB -> Gawn change

    So as it stands ROB and Scott out, with Gawn and McLean taking place. Hill moving to the MID also allowing for better DPP coverage



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