Tech League Trade Talk – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 14 2018

How many trades have you got left?  Have you held off trading at all through the Tech League?  Daisy Thomas has been repaying the faith with three straight tons, did you manage to hold him?  Who do you see as a ‘must-have’ player going forward in Tech League?


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4 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk – Rd9”

  1. bringing in Danger and Phillips for KJack and ANaughton(via Coffield DPP).
    V on Macrae, C on Gawn this week


  2. dusty —> macrae
    christensen —> phillips

    too late to bring in macrae?
    too late to trade dusty?
    phillips in after 1 game?
    should i just hold?


  3. Tough week for techies with only a third of the group cracking 2 grand.

    Still hanging in at 7th spot, but holding Pendles and Buddy and no money. Double upgrade last week was good (Sic/McLean) but not many options this week.

    Have to wing it for a week or two till downgrade options pop up.



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