The 2020 X Factor

Written by Motts on January 28 2020

“What is big enough to do that?” you ask.

It’s the Giants fixture. And consequently who Matt de Boer will be going to on a weekly basis. As The Freako said: there’s not too many that got away from de Boer last year.

So here you go: who the Giants play each round and the player de Boer will likely go to.


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6 thoughts on “The 2020 X Factor”

  1. It’s had a massive bearing on my MID premo selections, but last year against WBD, he spent 6/8 quarters on Bont (2 on JMac) at his restrictive best. This is the KEY reason I’m not starting the Bont in 2020. Given he remains arguably the most damaging of the Doggies’ triumvirate, I don’t see that changing in 2020.

    If you have a decent scorer on your MID bench, it may just be worth loopholing the DeBoer target each week, if you own them and have the ability to do that!

    I’m also reading in the pre-season discourse that more teams may play a dedicated tag in 2020 as and when required, eg BRL and CE-Y. While it’s only a slight concern at this point, it is a concern all the same. A few clubs are also talking of playing numbers through the middle to combat this and make match-ups more difficult. It’s been working for the Tigers. Teams who’ve indicated it to some extent are: CAR, NTH, STK, BRL, FRE and PTA. It makes a lot of sense from a game perspective and getting valuable MID-minutes into their younger prized assets. From an SC perspective, it could mean some wildly inconsistent scoring from some fringe MID players. That doesn’t make our job any easier!


    1. I’m giving Bont a miss too.

      Giants round 3
      North Round 4
      Giants round 13 (middle of the byes)
      North round 21.


  2. Ive got plenty of time for what freako does, but not sure I buy his predicted de Boer victims of Anthony Miles or Jack Steele


  3. Hasn’t footy changed. DeBoer in the 80’s tagging…rotten Ronnie coming the other way…end of tag. Although times are different, I cant understand why taggers get away with it so easily these days.



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