‘The Ballsy Move’: Part One – Defenders

Written by Motts on March 22 2015

Schwarzwalder has cojones on his mind. So much so that he wants to share his thoughts with the world. I won’t steal any more of his thunder. Take it away, pal. Thanks for the piece. 

It’s a term that is often seen on the Rate My Team thread……….’that’s a ballsy move!’  So I thought I’d take a look at each line and identify a few players that, for whatever reason, meet the requirements of being a ‘ballsy move’.  I should preface this series by saying that I don’t want to deter you from starting your favorite player.  Hell, even I have some of these players.  Just know that they come at a risk………that, and I wanted to use some ballsy puns in a write-up 😉  Feel free to correct me with the stats/info if I’ve overlooked something. 

So let’s look at some of the defenders.  It’s been discussed on-site for most of the pre-season…….what to do in the backline?  Take more mid-pricers?  Stack the line with more ‘premiums’?  And where the hell are the defensive rookie options?  (I’ll leave the rookies to Badger, he’s doing a great job there!).  In my opinion, some giggleberries are needed when considering the following defenders………..


Heath Shaw (GWS) $497,800 :

2011 – Average of 101 ppg from 14 games, 2012 – 101 (18), 2013 – 97 (19), 2014 – 93 (18)

Not many defenders this year can boast a 100 average over multiple seasons……..Heath Shaw is one of them.  But as you’ll notice from the stats, he rarely plays a full season.  Whether it be a brain-fade through suspension on-field (throwing the ball at Monfries’ face springs to mind in 2013) or off-field (partying hard with Alan Didak in 2008), the brain-fart that was the betting scandal in 2011 or just soft tissue hamstring/groin troubles, Shaw seems to seek out new ways to miss games each year.  If you’re starting with him this time round, strap yourself in……..’cos I’m sure Heath has a surprise or two still to come. 

Balls Rating:  A large pair of cojones. 


Heritier Lumumba (MELB) $417,000

2011 – 73 (21), 2012 – 71 (21), 2013 – 88 (18), 2014 – 78 (21)

Harry O’Brien, Harry O, Heritier Lumumba, Tier, call him what you will…….just don’t call Paul Seedsman a ‘lezzo’ in his company otherwise Mr Lumumba might just freak out again.  Even in a successful Collingwood side, Lumumba’s best season was an 88 average.  Yes, he’s been rotating through the midfield and wing during the NAB games for Melbourne and yes, he’s a very durable player (199 games in ten seasons).  Is he a keeper?  Or a stepping stone to a premium?  A breakout contender? In a worse side than Collingwood?  

Balls Rating:  A rather heavy pair of swamp nuts.


Shaun Higgins (NTH) $410,900

2011 – 83 (18), 2012 – 80 (19), 2013 – 59 (3), 2014 – 77 (20)

Pretty sure that everyone is aware of Higgins’ SC reputation as a ‘burn man’.  In many circles, the ‘never again’ list is referred to as the ‘Higgins List’.  For all this animosity, I was surprised to find that he’s actually played 129 games in his nine year career.  Although in comparison, Pendlebury was drafted at the same time and has over 190+ games to his name.  Can he improve at North?  Enough to reach a 90+ average?  Will he stay on the park long enough?  Gotta be a brave man with a large pair to go with Higgins!

Balls Rating: The Crown Jewels of ballsy moves!!  


Nick Haynes (GWS) $383,600

2012 – 37 (8), 2013 – 65 (11), 2014 – 71 (8)

Might be a little harsh on the 22 year old but he’s only played 27 games in three years.  And from what I can gather (again, correct me if I’m wrong), it hasn’t been injury alone that has kept him out of the side.  This is the same side that has struggled to win games over the last three years.  He scored well in NAB1 from his 15 touches (121 pts……….thanks for the pre-season guide, MJ!) and has now made his way into many sides on the RMT thread. Yet during his 27 games, he has only tonned up once.  Plus there’s the question of job security. Is he in Leon Cameron’s best 22?  And if so, is he sweeping across half-back?  Or standing next to a tall fwd?  Big gamble, big balls!!

Balls Rating:  Balls of steel, my friend, balls…..of……steel


Taking one of these players shows you have a decent coin purse about you.  Choosing two or three is revealing a large beanbag.  By starting with all four, you’re probably entering normal door frames at a sideways angle to fit those nuggets through! 

Who do you rate as a ballsy move in defence?  And more importantly, why?

(God I loved all the different terms for ‘balls’ used in this article – Motts)


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26 thoughts on “‘The Ballsy Move’: Part One – Defenders”

  1. I have 3 players out of the 4. Can you please tell me what size balls I have? At the moment I think they are bigger than my brain. But if preseason form is anything to go by, it could pay off. With the lack of pure premium backs and lack of rookies


  2. Garrick Ibbotson $342,900 … had him in 2013 and he served me very well…then last year burnt me bad… but at that price I have to give him another go 🙂


  3. I’m running with two and they are at D2 and D3.

    No ballsy rating for Geary, Whitecross or Rohan? I think having Rohan needs a set at least the size of Missy.


  4. I’m heavily weighted with my two brimming aggots. Literally! I got shaw and lumumba, both nuts!. Not too concerned about shaw but Harry is a worry and seriously making me think about dropping my load….. :/ yes I know how that sounds… On so many levels :/


  5. PA has been considering the possible inclusion of Shannon ‘The Burn’ Hurn to his team but you’ll need a fierceful set of gonads to proceed with the idea.


  6. At present I have them all. D1,3 4 and 5
    If they pay off and play to the byes it will have paid off IMO.
    With risk comes reward.


  7. Backs are currently;

    Shaw – Gibson – Newnes
    Lumumba – Ibbo – Dalgleish

    Goddard – Saad

    Think a few ballsy moves are in there.



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