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Written by Schwarzwalder on March 22 2018

So who is seated at the Captain’s Table for Rd1?  Chances are you’ve paid top dollar for a number of the following players.  Given that there is little exposed form from the JLT Series (and how much do we read into it anyway?) from a number of SC-‘elites’, we need to just back the expensive players in this week.  Why else have we forked out so much for them?

The invitations have been sent out for The Captains Table.  Who gets one of the coveted seats?  Players are in order of appearance (times are in AEST):


Dustin Martin (RIC), Thursday Night 7.25pm (Vs CAR) – The driving force behind the Tigers premiership season in 2017.  Aboslute freak who won practically every Award there is to win last year.  After many disappointing efforts against the Blues, Dusty broke the shackles last year with a 159 and 121.  Hard not to have the VC on him…….


Zach Merrett (ESS), Friday Night 7.50pm (Vs ADE) – Just…..keeps……running……Massive motor for such a young kid which sees him contesting for every loose ball.  If you want to wait the extra night for the Captains Loophole then Merrett has to be an option.  Last two against Adelaide: 120 & 91.


Tom Mitchell (HAW), Saturday Night 7.25pm (Vs COL) – In the corresponding game last season, Mitchell amassed 50 (!) disposals, eight marks & eight tackles.  Only had two games last season where he didn’t reach 30 disposals, yet he still managed 26 & 27 disposals respectively!  Just keeps finding the ball and is always an option for C.  Last four against Collingwood: 128, 158, 127 & 147.


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE), Sunday Afternoon 3.20pm (Vs MEL) – Will he play?  Won’t he play?  Just how bad is that hammy really?  If he lines up then surely he’s fit enough.  The Medical Staff wouldn’t be stupid enough to risk a worse hamstring injury for the sake of a win against Melbourne (in Rd1).  If he walks out onto the park, then he’s a Captaincy option.  Last four against Melbourne: 135, 155, 74 & 120


Dayne Zorko (BRL), Saturday Afternoon 3.35pm (Vs STK) – The Magician excels when Rockliff is out.  And Rockliff is out for some time 😉  Will put up some large numbers this year.  Last four against StKilda:  109, 108, 93 & 113.


How do you see the choice of Captain this week?  Anyone that you think should’ve received an invite to the Captains Table?  Would love to hear about it in comments………All the best for 2018, Coaches!


Who are you taking for C/VC in Rd1? (two options)

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14 thoughts on “The Captains Table – Rd1”

  1. I feel really stupid askin this but only relatively new to this… how does the VC/C loophole work exactly? I have olango as my donut


    1. Step 1: Put Olango on the field.
      Step 2: Make Olango captain.
      Step 2a: Make sure you select the ruckman who is now on your bench as an emergency. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
      Step 3: Make your preferred option vice-captain. MAKE SURE HE PLAYS BEFORE WEST COAST!
      Step 4: If you are happy with the score your vice-captain pumps out, you can stop here. If you’re not, then continue on to step 5…
      Step 5: Make another player (who is yet to play) captain. This way, you get two stabs at a good captain’s score. Remember, you MUST do this BEFORE West Coast plays.
      Step 6 (OPTIONAL): If both are yet to play, you can swap Olango and your actual ruckman around if you want, since you no longer need Olango on the field. This is entirely optional – as long as the ruckman on your bench is selected as an emergency, it won’t matter one way or the other.


    2. Apply your VC on a player for example Dusty. If dusty scores above 120 most feel that that value is enough to have doubled. To double it, the captain must be placed on someone who won’t play, which is Olango. So Olango is placed on the field and let’s say Gawn is placed on the bench WITH EMERGENCY ON. You must make sure the vice captain plays before Olango. Dustys score will be doubled and Gawn will replace the donut of Olango


  2. Surprised Tony Olango wasn’t an option to vote for.
    I’ve hae the C on him for a while now…


  3. Danger confirmed out, but will nearly certainly play round 2 against the hawks.

    Now this leaves me in a conundrum. The question im asking myself is will Dangerfield outscore martin in the first 9 rounds (assuming i could get the one i don’t select in by then). Based on last years averages (Dusty 120 x 9 = 1080 points and Danger 136 x 8=1088) he will! With Danger looking likely to be below 20% compared to 50% of dusty im thinking of holding danger for the week and hoping Holman or banfield can dish out a decent score.

    Also the 100k i could spend elsewhere doesn’t actually improve my team in anyway. Only thing i could do is maybe upgrade Goldy to Kreuzer.

    Do i do it? My gut feeling says take the risk but i know watching dusty pump out 150 tonight will be painful.


  4. I’m vcing Mitchell into to Gawn.I suspect Mitchell will go north of 120 which I’ll bank. My other options are Cripps tonight and Fyfe tomorrow.
    Still don’t have Garlett in my side
    TU Garlett
    TD L.Ryan (WC)


  5. Where is news of Danger confirmed out please?

    Also if that is the case:
    WANTED: $50K to allow for Dusty as I had this beautifully balanced side with only $100 left and playing Danger!!


  6. Danger to the goat for me.
    Keep cash aside if he goes bananas keep him as a pod if Ablett fails I’ll bring in danger before any increase or decrease to either and only 1 trade burnt. I’ll risk it. Still no confirmation danger is only 1 week



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