The Crowley Report – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 4 2018

(Written & Created By Cristian Shultz)


Ryan Crowley, Clinton Jones & Cameron Ling are all synonymous for one thing, and its not their rugged handsomeness…


They are all serial pests who rather than trying to win any footy for themselves, thrive on ruining their opponent’s days and ultimately your Supercoach scores.  Worry no more, the Crowley Report is here to outline which nasty taggers to watch out for & who’s most likely to be tagged.


The Terrifying Two

Right now there are two prevalent taggers who share the ability of Lingy & Crowley to strike the fear of god in coaches; Ben Jacobs & Bailey Banfield.  So lets see how they have been going affecting scores this year.


Ben Jacobs

Jacobs loves taking a big scalp and has been doing so for fun this year.  In his last 3 he has minded Robbie Gray, Tom Mitchell & Patrick Cripps.

Robbie Gray: Held to just 23 disposals and 89 Supercoach points while being aided by a goal and some late touches once the game was decided.  Jacobs was all over him all day and Gray owners can consider themselves lucky he didn’t end on a lesser score

Tom Mitchell: Titch has been scoring for fun this year and before Jacobs didn’t look like being slowed down.  Somewhat surprisingly, Jacobs was able to curb Mitchell’s game and minimise his influence to only allow him 19 disposals and 75 Supercoach points.

Patrick Cripps: Cripps had been on a similar tear to Mitchell up until his game against the roos, enter Ben Jacobs.  92 Supercoach points from 19 disposals isn’t all bad, but Jacobs limited any uncontested play from Cripps and his score was somewhat resurrected by a bevy of clearances and contested touches


Bailey Banfield

After recently receiving somewhat unexpected plaudits and nominations for All Australian, Banfield got lost a touch last week and haemorrhaged his highest score for a direct opponent last week.  Let’s look at his last three games playing in a run with role.

Luke Shuey: Had a good game without being great and managed to accumulate 95 Supercoach points from 27 disposals.  Banfield struggled to stay with him and you better believe Ross will be in his ear this week demanding better

Jack Macrae: Had a typical Macrae-like game an although he had a decent score in the end, Banfield’s attention can surely be attributed to his score of 98 points from 26 disposals, which is well below his season average.

Lachie Whitfield: Only managed to accumulate 23 disposals for 89 points with Banfield following him around, and a significant amount of those came in the last quarter where Whitfield’s tank may have allowed him to prosper.


Bottom Line

Over the past 3 outings, against 3 Supercoach premiums, Ben Jacobs has managed to curtail his direct opponents to an average of 85.  While this doesn’t seem terrible, it’s worth noting that the season average of these players is 121, representing a 36 point drop-off when Jacobs is loitering around them.


Bailey Banfield’s past 3 opponents are running at an average of 94 Supercoach points, which is a drop off of 12 points from their typical average of 106.


Who’s In The Crosshairs?

This week Jacobs is up against the Swans, where there’s two likely candidates; Josh Kennedy & Luke Parker.  Given Parker’s tendency to go forward to extended periods of time, Kennedy will likely be the unlucky one to cop the tag, so for those who were considering him after his fantastic game last week consider holding off for another week.


Fremantle have got Richmond this weekend, and if weeks gone by are anything to go by Banfield will target Cotchin or Martin.  Although Cotchin is likely more suited to Banfield’s talents, Martin will likely cop the attention to try and prevent any outside disposals.



Caleb Daniel: Last week he played a brilliant defensive forward role on Kade Simpson, so he may well do so again.  Do not despair though, unless you are one of the few Lachie Weller owners around, no fantasy relevant players loom likely to be affected.

Touk Miller: Despite having a strong game last week, Dew still likes to utilise Miller in a tagging role.  Macrae or Hunter loom as likely targets and if his performance on Zorko was anything to go by they could have their score reduced somewhat

Scott Selwood: Scooter, are you ready?! With Selwood back in the mix GWS mids will be worried somewhat.  I can’t see him going to Whitfield with Coniglio & Shiel dominating this year.  Unfortunately, after a down week last I think Coniglio may again drop below 100 with a Selwood tag.


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9 thoughts on “The Crowley Report – Rd7”

  1. Jacobs went to Gray over Wines. With that logic i’d suspect that he’d go to the smaller bodied Parker over JPK.

    Jacobs didn’t play against Sydney in 2017 due to injury but in 2016 he played Sydney twice and went to Hanners both times.


      1. Heeney/Parker will move forward with the tag given they care both damaging up front. JPK to cop it for mine.


  2. Love this type of content, super niche and helps with a couple of trade ideas I had. Thankfully Touk Touk didn’t go near Macrae!



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