The Dusty Files

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 25 2018

Many Coaches have been alarmed with the form of Dusty Martin.  So I’m just throwing the floor open to everyone here.  No polls or anything.  What do you suggest doing with Dusty?  Will he come good?  Cut him loose? Just can’t replicate the form of 2017?  What can Dusty do to get that spark back?


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22 thoughts on “The Dusty Files”

    1. Bingo. Has been cruising through as though he is waiting until the second half of the season to turn it on. Best fallen premium running around in my opinion. Will be lining him up to bring in next week as well.


  1. Keep, keep and keep unless you’re Pj who will probably trade him in just so he can kick him to the curb again and let us all know about it.


    1. He had a 4 week down patch between Rd4-7 but averaged 144 before and 127 after (just 1 sub 100 after Rd7).

      He was carrying an injury for a few weeks and was on the verge of not playing but they just parked him at FF. His father was also being deported around that time so had that going on in the background which didn’t help.


  2. He’s had patches like this before. He’ll be fine.

    I am regretting bringing him in ahead of Macrae, however.


  3. Lets see. I’ve had Hibberd, Lambert, Kreuzer, Buddy this season and still have Billings/Petracca. Also have Zerrett and Parker. Dusty is so far down my priority order it’s not even funny.

    He’s had one poor week, you take the 87-93s given his ceiling and tendency to do it for a sustained period of time. He was back in the middle against the Eagles, which is a positive sign.


  4. I want to know if he’s still worth trading in over some of the other premium mids? Currently missing Cripps, Dusty and Macrae with 1 spot remaining in the mids + Zerrett and Coniglio.

    T/U: Get Dusty at his lowest

    T/D: Get Cripps or Macrae – they’re in form


  5. If you’ve got him HOLD.
    If you haven’t, grab him next week.
    No brainer either way you’d think.



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