The Fallen Premiums – R14

Written by MJ on June 28 2017

Good morning everyone! Would firstly like to wish all readers the best of luck over the next few weeks. I am getting married this Saturday! As much as I’d love to be scrawling through the research for the Fallen Premiums after R15 and 16, Chillo has kindly agreed to take the reigns while I switch off for a fortnight in Bali with Mrs MJ. Enjoy the next few weeks of footy and SuperCoach, and I’ll catch you soon ready for a rejuvenated run into SC finals.


Rory Laird $498,800 (-$28.0K) AVE 104.0, BE 91 – While he didn’t perform overly well against the Hawks on the weekend with 71 points, it’s worth noting that this is now Laird’s lowest price of 2017, falling another 17K this week. You’re missing out if you aren’t on board. Now is the time to grab him.

Coming down:
Z Williams $491K; BE 182
T Adams $518K; BE 142


Can Bontempelli bring it home for a big second half of 2017 and lift the Dogs into a finals spot?

Marcus Bontempelli $518,200 (-$67.9K) AVE 111.8, BE 80 – The Bont has finally broken a streak of consecutive games whereby he failed to lodge triple figures in five weeks. Amazingly, thanks to such a strong start to the year, the young Dog is the 8th highest in total points for 2017. This is a fraction of what his price was worth. In R10 the masses were forking out $610k for him with no worries at all. Bargain coming off 139 in a fine display v the Roos.

Coming down:
J Selwood $538K; BE 245
R Sloane $543K; BE 178
T Rockliff $534K; BE 176
D Hannebery $540K; BE 161
D Zorko $594K; BE 160


Stefan Martin $498,100 (+$10.1K) AVE 104.2, BE 97 – This is the first time big Stef has been below $500K since the start of the season, having been solid in all but three games this year. He’s coming off a 128 v Shane Mumford, so there’s a lot to be said about his recent form there. It’s also his fifth 120+ score for 2017.

Coming down:
M Gawn $551K; BE 190


Luke Dahlhaus $475,000 (-$45.7K) AVE 98.9, BE 98 – Dahlhaus is commencing an uptrend in his price for the first time since R6, falling over $100K off his early season high. One of the first penciled in for many sides before R1. You’d be silly not to have him coming into SC finals, with 124, 145 and 120 in succession over R3-5 earlier this season.

Coming down:
T Lynch $399K; BE 161
J Kennedy $480K; BE 157


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22 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – R14”

  1. Thanks MJ! Jelwood is poised to become the greatest M9 in history in a couple of weeks – projected to drop to under $450K. He hasn’t been that cheap for nearly a decade!


  2. Congratulations MJ. Enjoy the big day and the break. It is probably best to pay attention on your honeymoon.
    Now I’ll have to let my daughter know the sad news you are off the market. (Please tell me you don’t own a pub/winery)
    Thanks for the write up.
    I’m also looking forward to a bargain jelwood. I do worry for him with all the head knocks he gets. He normally just gets up bleeding after a hit. Hope for his sake getting knocked cold doesnt start occuring more often and shorten his career.
    Having said that he does bring it on himself with the way he plays.


  3. Congratulations again MJ. Enjoy the time off in Bali.

    I love seeing my premiums here every week, especially Selwood!


  4. Enjoy the day on Saturday…..quickest day of your life, believe me. Have a great time in Bali! Just lay off the Jungle Juice 😉


    1. Oh and congrats MJ I should read the blurb at the start before scrolling. Hope you and Mrs MJ have a grand day.


  5. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I will try resist the urge to check for late outs during the ceremony 😉


    1. haha Classic MJ … I just have images of you standing at the altar, “repeat after me …” … one second, just have to make this last trade!!

      Congrats and great wishes for you and Mrs MJ on the big day mate!!


  6. MJ congratulations to you and your bride to be, great news.
    Work out with your best man some SuperCoach signals for trade, play, bench and captain. Should get you through the afternoon.


  7. For those that are wondering, I’ve seen pictures of Mrs MJ. He’s TOTALLY punching above his weight class.


  8. Way to go MJ! You deserve the great day thats coming your way. Thanks for all the work every week and you two enjoy the moment 🙂



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