The Fallen Premiums R18, 2015

Written by MJ on August 6 2015


Bachar Houli $424,900 (-$22,500; AVE 95.88, BE 69, PTA 84.5) Back to back 90s sees Bachar returning to form and the Richmond faithfuls’ good books. There was a chorus of ‘Kick it down the line” every time the bearded one grabbed a Sherrin to punt from a kick out last Friday. The third highest scoring defender overall is difficult to look past.

Kade Simpson $452,900 (-$59,900; AVE 92.40, BE 78, PTA 90.4) Kade is in the same boat as Houli. Two 90s in succession has him nicely placed for a selection coming into finals and could be a very handy POD. A large fluctuation in week-to-week scoring over the years makes him a potential match winner (or loser!).

Wait for:
Tom McDonald $427k; BE 137
Robert Murphy $456k; BE 114
Corey Enright $457k; BE 113


Dyson Heppell $507,300 (-$64,500; AVE 106.06, BE 103, PTA 101.4) The 72 against North Melbourne falls from pricing calculation this week, seeing this young gun at the cheapest we’ve witnessed all year. Inject him into your midfield today!

Lachie Neale $472,200 (+$3,300; AVE 104.82, BE 111, PTA 94.4) He’s been a bit of a forgotten man after his hot start to 2015 and is definitely one to look at to begin next year. With three scores above 140 this season, there’s a lot to like about this kid. 110 last week was serviceable.

Rory Sloane $453,700 (-$163,200; AVE 97.45, BE 104, PTA 90.6) I can bet you my lucky Tyrone Vickery badge, that Sloane Ranger will be one of the most picked midfielders in 2016. He’s risky alright, popping up with 94 and 75 in his return from a cheekbone fracture, but is a straight swap for Wines.

Wait for:
Callan Ward $537k; BE 183
Patrick Dangerfield $628k; BE 164
Dan Hannebery $567k; BE 148
David Armitage $515k; BE 146


Ivan Maric $435,100 (-$100,800; AVE 96.38, BE 83, PTA 87) BANG! 117 v The Hawks with a few important goals for the Tiges in Friday’s win. It’s been a barren last two months for the flying Mullet, but maybe the tide has turned.

Matthew Kreuzer $422,400 (+$51,500; AVE 85.00, BE 72, PTA 84.4) Kreuzer must be pointed out, scoring 111 against the man mountain, Todd Goldstein. A good budget POD.

Wait for:
Todd Goldstein $771k; BE 174
Nic Nat $550k; BE 157
Mark Blicavs $525k; BE 153


Brent Harvey $468,300 (-$110,600; AVE 91.53, BE 74, PTA 93.6) It seems like starting with the green vest four weeks ago has only added fuel to the 400 gamer’s tank. An array of tons in the last three matches ahead of Melbourne and St.Kilda pits him as a brilliant forward POD.

Tom Mitchell $443,400 (+$37,800; AVE 99.38, BE 101, PTA 88.6) 130 points in the thumping of Adelaide is a small sign of this young man’s potential that will be unleashed upon the SuperCoach landscape for the next ten years. He’s cheap as chips once again after being subbed a fortnight ago.

Wait for:
Dayne Zorko $549k; BE 173
Jack Riewoldt $484k; BE 165


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20 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums R18, 2015”

  1. Surely Goldy at 771K shouldn’t even be a wait for. He could score -50 this week and he’d still be more expensive than most ruckmen.


  2. My tech league team still has two trades left, Franklin is struggling and North have a friendly run home. Is it worth going Buddy to Boomer?


  3. Another great write up MJ!

    I need to replace Beams and Wines but I am torn between these two combinations.

    SCT community help with this poll appreciated

    T/U. Deledio & Mitchell

    T/D Bennell & Neale


  4. Hey guys,

    Beams out for:

    T/U – Deledio
    T/D – Danger
    Comment if there are better value options

    If I opt the way of Deledio, is 4 Tigers on field too many (Maric, Houli, Martin, Deledio)?

    Cheers 🙂


  5. Hi guys my end of season dilema.

    I have 3 trades left with Ollie Wines and Buddy Franklin the two weakest links in my side. Obviously Wines has to go this week.

    Should I:

    T/u burn two trades getting rid of Wines and harvesting Jack Steele so i can bring in Deledio, Priddis or Mundy and then have a bit more cash and one trade to monitor Buddy or cover another injury. Or;

    T/d only use 1 trade on a cheaper option such as Neale, harvey, sloane (for the 3rd time), mitchell, bont allowing me a second safety net for the remainder of the season

    Thanks for the help throughout the season everyone!


  6. Informative as ever, nice one MJ!
    Had planned to bring in Boomer or Houli (depending on other team selections) this week but the injury to Wines has shifted my focus elsewhere. Good luck in finals!!


  7. Beams sadly has gotta go, and the diemma is between Pendles and Priddis…both similar consistency and both are in my next opponents team. Any input??? gut feeling?



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