The Night’s Watch 2016 

Written by Motts on February 10 2016

SECOND-YEAR apprentice Ayden Potter came from the clouds in the final round to win the SuperCoach overall prize.

Now, he’s back to defend his title — and spill his strategy on how to get to the top of the tree.

The 19-year-old from Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs has been playing SuperCoach for six years but cracked the big time last year, coming from sixth overall in the final round to scoop $50,000.

We caught up with the apprentice carpenter and asked him how he won the grand prize.

HERALD SUN: Congratulations on your win last year. A lot of people would want to know what did you do with $50,000?

AYDEN POTTER: Initially I bought myself a ute for work and then I plan to spend the rest on a house. I’m planning to buy a house with my brother, so I’m just waiting for the right time to do that.

HS: Great stuff. How did your mates react to your SuperCoach win, and are they looking for advice from you this year?

AP: Yeah they are. They thought it was pretty incredible. I don’t think it sort of sunk in with a fair few of them for a while, but yeah they’re just trying to knock me off this year!

They still think they’re going to beat me but we’ll see how they go. I only just won our league last year. I was on top all year but I probably didn’t deserve to win the grand final. I got lucky, really. It would have been pretty funny had I lost that and won the overall.

HS: Have you signed up yet for this year and picked a team?

AP: Yeah I’ve had a little bit of a play and picked a side (see Ayden’s team below), but I haven’t done too much yet. I’ve sort of been waiting for the NAB Cup before I do anything decent. I’ve had a little bit of a play though. I’ve made a team. I don’t know how good it is, yet.

HS: What’s your strategy to your SuperCoach success? How much research do you put in?

AP: Well in the pre-season last year I wasn’t actually employed yet, so I was doing probably four or five hours a week of research I reckon. Then when I got a job that started to come down to an hour or two on a Thursday.

HS: When you say research, what type of things do you focus on?

AP: I was looking through players’ histories, just all the news, injury reports and looking through a lot of break-evens and prices and where I thought players could get to potentially. I sort of tried to play it a bit like a stock market, I guess — buy low.

Maybe not who was the best player at that stage but who could be the best in the coming weeks. It wasn’t about going and spending $600,000 on the best player at the moment, it was about spending $450,000 on someone in form at that point. Like I got Dayne Zorko at about $450,000 and after I got him I think he averaged about 117.

HS: Looking at 2016, who have you circled? Are there any ‘must-haves’?

AP: Tom Rockliff. I don’t think he’s going to be leaving my team. He’s just too cheap ($550,100) to ignore, I think, and I had him in the last five rounds last year and he was absolute gold at the end there.

HS: What other tips do you have for SuperCoach success?

AP: I just try to back my gut because I find a lot of the time that your gut is actually right, and you’re going to be a lot more disappointed if you don’t back your gut and what you thought would happen, happens. Rather than you do what everyone else is doing and that doesn’t happen.

Yeah, so I’d say just back your gut. If you think something’s going to happen, then back your own research and hope for the best I guess! But there’s no real formula or anything I guess.

HS: Finally, do you think you can go back-to-back?

AP: No, I don’t think so! I’d like to see someone do that but I don’t think it’s really possible. People would start asking questions if I was to win it again, I think.

HS: Thanks for your time Ayden and good luck with SuperCoach in 2016. We might check back with your team before Round 1.

AP: No worries, thanks.


This article was originally published by The Herald Sun. 


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5 thoughts on “The Night’s Watch 2016 ”

  1. Martin & Natanui!

    I’ve had that combo locked in to my team since the team picker opened up.

    I think the team structure is a winner there. Very balanced.

    Also, thank you for your great insights Ayden! It’s a great privilege.


  2. I completely agree with his stock market approach. Value for your money means more value on the field. Good investing can leave you when he was last season; with trades being his limiting factor and not money!



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