The Offseason Thread I

Written by Motts on November 5 2015

Player movements, the draft, player forecasts, innuendo & gossip. 

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19 thoughts on “The Offseason Thread I”

  1. So many opportunities next season for players to make a name for themselves at other clubs . I’m guessing Freeman, Kennedy and Jed Anderson will be cheap and feature in a lot of starting teams. Did North pay overs for Anderson? Only time will tell .In what many suspect will be a shallow draft finding the likes of a Kamdyn Mcintosh will be hard to find. Top 3 Club changes are listed above, what are yours?


  2. Freeman will be good if he can get a preseason in and stay on the park. So too may be Paddy McCartin, now no longer wearing the high price of a top draft pick.

    Jed Anderson is looking a must. Sam Kerridge likewise.

    Rucks look interesting. Zac Smith and Luenberger are both well under the odds if they play as R1, but both have big questions. I was seriously considering both with Callum Sinclair dpp up forward, given the enormous price Goldy will start the season at, but both are risky propositions at best.

    I call Callum Sinclair in the forward line as one of the most common picks of Rnd 1 2016 now.

    Discount premos galore – Rocky and Sloane should start well under $600k, who knows what price will be on Libba – sub 500k for sure. And there’s no way Gaz can be given the normal discount for games played, or he will be in EVERY SINGLE TEAM.

    Normally we load up on rookie mids, but I see a lot of scrambling for rookies elsewhere to fit all the budget guns.

    Anyone remember that young fella called Ollie Wines? Or last year’s Mr Consistency Jaensch? Keep em in mind.

    Ben Kennedy and Craig Bird should start at rookie prices and will be early cash cows – Bird has form even in a high bench role at the swans of mid 80’s per season (oh and his 115 average in the NEAFL didn’t hurt), and Kennedy will be one of the biggest winners of the sub removal.

    Scott Selwood will be priced around where NVB was last year but a nuch bigger upside. A lot of clubs could do worse than pick up Matthew Wright for nothing, too.

    Heeney and Mills should benefit from Jetta and Bird leaving swans – after a badly injury interrupted 2015 both should fire. Jono O Rourke might be a big winner from Hawthorns culls, but so too might Kurt Heatherly, probably earning a spot on my defensive line with Weitering and Talia.

    Oh, and my tip for discount smoky of the year: Sam Grimley going to the Lions. Highest goal kicker in the VFL last two years and should be a $120k rookie. Get on!


  3. Here’s my first draft since the draft and rookie draft. (Second team so far, I’m calling it version 1a)

    Def: T McDonald, H Shaw, J Howe, E Yeo, J Weitering, Z Jones
    (X Richards, K Heatherley, A Francis)

    Mids: T Rockliff, R Sloane, G Ablett, Libratore, J O’Meara, S Selwood, B Crouch, I Heeney
    (D Parish, J Anderson, N Freeman)

    Ruck: M Luenberger, R Stanley (M Cox)

    Fwds: R Gray, K Tippett (R/F), M Wright, J Schahe, S Kerridge, P McCartin
    (C Petracca, H Goddard, B Kennedy)

    Comes in about $300k under by my calculations, by Supercoaches, who knows…..

    Full R/F, M/F and D/F dual position capability.

    14 guns if you count the Berger…..



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