The Run Home – Part TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 26 2017

Welcome to the 2nd part of ‘The Run Home’, where we take a look at the remaining fixtures of all eighteen clubs from our Supercoach point-of-view. The next batch of six clubs to go under the microscope are:



Fixture: FRE, MEL, WBD(A), WCE, GEE(A)

While they might play themselves into some form against Freo this week, The Giants have a tough run home over the last four weeks.  That last game against the Cats might even decide a Top4 spot and/or Home Final.  It makes for an exciting finish!

Gun: Josh Kelly – Averaging 111 for the season, the young fella would be a huge loss if he decides to chase the cash at the end of the year.

Smokey: Callan Ward – Was unusually indifferent over the first half of the season but has hit back hard recently.  Last five Round average of 120 has seen his price rocket back up to $570k in a hurry.  Well done if you jumped on while he was under $500k……



Fixture: CAR(A), SYD, RIC, COL(A), GWS

Three games at Kardinia Park (where they perform so well) with the other two in Melbourne.  Last weeks game in Adelaide was the last time they travel outside of VIC in the regular season.  Some massive contests coming up against fellow Finals contenders (the three games at Kardinia Park) that will have a huge bearing on the Top4/8.

Gun: Joel Selwood – Danger is the obvious answer but we all have him already 😉  Selwood is still under $500k currently and has three home games in Geelong where he excels.  Could prove to be a decisive move……..

Smokey: Mitch Duncan – Gone right under the radar this year but has the 12th highest amount of SC-pts to date.  Averaging 107 per game, Duncan is enjoying the freedom while Danger & Selwood endure the tag/s.



Fixture: RIC, FRE(A), BRL(A), ESS, PTA(A)

Three more games in QLD but it’s hard to see where the Suns can pinch a win.  Best chances are probably against Freo & Brisbane but I wouldn’t put the house on it.  Not good news if you own any Suns players.

Gun: Jarrod Witts – It would be easy to put Ablett in here but he’s missed four games since the Bye Round.  Witts is their highest scorer in 2017, having played every game at an avg of 95.  Not bad for an initial price of $217k.

Smokey: Jack Martin – Last Five Rd avg of 101, Martin is about the only midfielder left standing after many soft tissue injuries at the Gold Coast.  Can he keep it up for another five Rounds?



Fixture: SYD, RICH(A), NTH(TAS), CAR(A), WBD

Only one week of travel and that’s for their ‘Home’ game in Tassie against North.  Next two games against Finals Contenders.  If they can steal one of those then they should come home with a wet sail.

Gun: Tom Mitchell – Needs 30 touches to reach a Supercoach ton.  Luckily for owners, no opposition Coach puts a tag on him and Mitchell racks up nearly 40 touches per game.  Consistency has been his biggest strength till now.  If he can iron out a few clangers, he’ll increase his output even further.

Smokey: Ben McEvoy – Last three Round average of 102 doesn’t look too flash but neither are the Rucks this year.  At an affordable price of $442k, he might be worth a punt over the last five weeks……..



Fixture: NTH(TAS), GWS(A), STK, BRL, COL(A)

Have to travel to Hobart & Sydney over the next two weeks but final three games are all at the G.  Only the Giants are currently sitting in the Top8 from their last five opponents and they are somewhat out-of-sorts.  If the Dees are good enough then they’ll be playing footy in September.

Gun: Clayton Oliver – Only his 2nd season and he is sitting 9th on the highest scorer list with an avg of 109.  A future SC-Beast if ever there was one.

Smokey: Tom McDonald – Hard to endorse with any real confidence as he seems to drift in and out of SC-relevance.  Can go large on occasion and might be worth a try at D6/D7 as a POD option.



Fixture: MEL(TAS), COL, HAW(TAS), STK(A), BRL (A)

Two trips to Tassie and one to Brisbane yet only one game against a Top8 team.  The Roos could pinch a few wins if they’re good enough……..just not sure if they’re good enough?

Gun: Todd Goldstein – He’s their best player and they dropped him…….can’t make this up.

Smokey: Luke McDonald – Don’t mind the look of young McDonald.  If he can clean up his disposal a touch then I can see him being a Top10 DEF in a couple years time.  Slowly getting there……..


How do you rate the remaining fixtures?  Any players that you’ve specifically targeted over the last five weeks?


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6 thoughts on “The Run Home – Part TWO”

  1. I would like to pick Mitchell but $620 is a high price to pay. On the other hand he is a good C/VC option. Is it worth selling the farm for this Hawk gun?


    1. He brings a consistent 105-120 week in, week out. If you have the trades & cash in hand then get him in


      1. Cheers for the advice Schwarz and Moons. I am tempted to save cash and go for Merrett or Dusty but I think you are right. I have six trades, so downgrading Parsons will give me the cash I need to upgrade Pendles. Leave four trades for finals.


  2. I think North might be trying to steal the number 1 pick (possibly as fuel for a trade) from the Lions. There’s no other reason I can think of to leave Ziebell and Goldstein out at this stage of the year.


    1. Scott said that Ziebell has been carrying multiple injuries through the year……that he needs to protect Jack from himself, thereby ‘managing’ him last week. Goldy is a strange one……maybe it’s more to showcase Daw to other clubs before trade period? The guy has been there 6-7 years and hasn’t had much opportunity……



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