The TEAM 2018 – Rd12

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 8 2018

G’day Coaches!

Sorry to do this to you all but time and internet connectivity have forced this modified edition of the TEAM upon us.

The TEAM has also been hit by the selection chaos on Thursday night and, at best, we can only field 14 players over the weekend. I’ll throw it open you, Coaches……

In this modified version, I’ll take on board the most popular decision in the forum below, according to the thumbs Up/Down. Regular broadcasting will return to normal next week.

The TEAM is below…….what changes would you make? I’ll use “Captains Table” as a guide for C/VC. Fire away, Coaches!


Missing players in FWD LINE: D.Smith(ESS), M.Walters (FRE) & L.Keefe (GWS).


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6 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd12”

  1. The Team like most of us are in a world of hurt this round!

    We can either wipe this round off as where not going for overall, but look at strengthing the squad over the next 2 bye rounds with fallen premiums!


    Ridley < Austin
    Dusty < Walters
    Barry < Ahern

    1/ Ridley’s ( injured ) not generating money with slow burn scores, Hurley back in & potential role change
    2/ Dusty looks out until R15, we need wins to keep us in the finals mix so points are also important
    3/ BARRY not getting a game although going reasonably well in the SANFL, so again generating no money

    This will leave us with 12 trades & approximately $320k in the bank for premium upgrades over the next 2 bye rounds

    Cheers Catta


    1. Ridley, Keeffe, Barry to Austin, Mihocek, Ahern via Sicily/Keeffe dpp swap.

      End up with Sicily in forwards this week.


    2. I agree with dusty. We already have Walters though. Plus Barry could be selected next round, so it’s probably best to trade out T.Smith who won’t play next week either (and we’ll be short). I know he has another round of good cash accumulation, but if we’re looking for points it’s the way to go. Otherwise cop the losses and build for strong round 13/14 (Guelfi can be traded instead of Smith if not selected)



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