The TEAM 2018 – Rd7

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 10 2018

Rd7 Score: 2235

Overall Ranking: 13 903

Trades Left: 23

Remaining Salary: $56,300



After Rd3 L.Ryan (WCE) & L.Davies-Uniacke (NTH) OUT for E.Richards (WBD) & J.Henry (GEE) IN

Rd4 Josh Kelly (GWS) OUT for Stephen Coniglio (GWS) IN

Rd5Jeff Garlett (CAR) & Michael Hibberd (MEL) OUT for Matt Guelfi (ESS) & Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) IN

Rd6 Riley Bonner (PTA) & Bailey Banfield (FRE) OUT for Taylin Duman (FRE) & Zach Merrett (ESS) IN

While the Zach Merrett move didn’t work as well as we would’ve liked, the TEAM managed to win six League games and make another move up the Rankings.  Apologies to Catta who suggested bringing Sicily IN last week.  In hindsight, the better move.  Here is the TEAM as it stands now………

Spargo is certain to be popular among trade ideas. Let’s see what you got , Coaches. As always you’ll need to convince the Coaching Staff in the comments below.


**UPDATE at 8.30pm on 10/5/18**

OK, Coaches………..due to time constraints here in Germany (Public Holiday Thursday and long weekend), I’ll be leaving the following polls for consideration but can’t make any modifications before Rd8 kicks off.  Going by the most popular comments, Brayshaw to Spargo is a LOCK while Finlayson is the 2nd trade target.  Since our midfield is pretty much finished, it’s slowly time to look at the defensive line.  Best choices there seem to be Yeo (WCE) or Sicily (HAW) as Catta suggested last week also.  Spargo will be moved to the FWD line in a swap with Fogarty and we can play with the emergency loophole a bit over the weekend.  Please vote on the following……….


Finlayson to………..


Brayshaw to Spargo & Finlayson to.............??

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And choice of Captain for Rd8…………


C/VC options for Rd8? (three choices)

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Good luck this weekend, Coaches!


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22 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Rd7”

  1. I’m looking at Finlayson out and maybe a poll on defensive premos to bring in. Preferably a round 12 poll for bye structure.

    Spargo looks like an obvious in but the player to take out is more difficult. Maybe a poll between Brayshaw, Holman, Fogarty and Barry


    1. I’m definitely doing Banfield into Spargo.

      I’m thinking about leaving it there. I can JUST do Finlayson to Simpson, but Simpson has a high back end, and will drop. And I’m hearing Finlayson may spend more time in the backline this week. Finlayson at his average is only 15-20 off Simpson..

      If I had enough for Hurley I’d probably be more confident making the upgrade happen this week.


    1. I have hope.

      I also had hope that Zorko could and he did, for one week.

      But in saying that, I’ve also had hope that Buddy would return, that Nic Nat wouldn’t get rubbed out, that Lobb was coming back 3 weeks ago, that L.Murphy was only injured for a week or two, that Guelfi was only rested for a week, that Billings will kick straight, that Billings will lay some tackles, that Billings will grab a few center clearances and that Billings would out perform kids in their first games that haven’t yet reached puberty.

      I’m hopelessly optimistic. If I could have traded a while ago I would. Think we’ve held too long and have no choice but to keep holding.


  2. Brayshaw-spargo.
    Will be a lot of guys dropping in price next 2 weeks if they miss their break evens. I reckon we should reinforce our bank ready to pounce on a double upgrade.


  3. Billings will almost appear in the rookies reviews soon. He has lost so much money that he’s simply not worth trading out. Surely at some point he will ‘revert back to the mean’ meaning that there has to be some good scores down the track. He may end up a handy F8!


  4. OUT – Brayshaw & Findlayson
    IN – Spargo & Sicily

    Sicily still relatively cheap at his current premo scoring had DPP and will be top 6 FWD/DEF. its not to late


    1. Yep then swing Spargo FWD and onfield, benching Fogarty in the MID and Billings and Fritsch up FWD 😉


    2. We’re trading Murray out before Finlayson you’d think. So Ben’s trade above but swap those two blokes and we’re sweet!


    3. sicily does look cheap, but FD advice on returning to average spooks me with recent high scorers. Ad his hot head, and its a no for me, especially given the biblical flood the hawks will be playing in on Friday it would seem.


  5. I understand Sicily has a higher ceiling but surely Yeo will play more games and therefore score more points by the end of the season.


    1. Just worried that last year he sunk into oblivion. Late in the season… Sicily, flog he may be, but reads the game so well and is a gun footy player, he could be up there with Laird next year.
      Yeo or Hurley next up for sure



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