The TEAM 2018 – Ruck Structure

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 14 2018

Welcome back to the TEAM for 2018!  Where all our Coaches can have their say in shaping the TEAM!

We’re continuing to set our parameters for the 2018 starting line-up.  One of the most important strategies to clear up is the Ruck line……..we can then spread our premiums around from there.

As you know, Max Gawn has been given a free pass into the TEAM along with Rory Laird & Patrick Dangerfield (still another poll to come for him).  But who will start alongside the Big Gawn Dog?  Another premium Ruckman (Set&Forget) or a MidPricer to upgrade down the track?  Vote now in the poll below………


Who will be joining Max Gawn on the TEAM's Ruck line?

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19 thoughts on “The TEAM 2018 – Ruck Structure”

  1. I’ve Flirted with the idea of gawndilands with the big fella from freo playing 5 games at home in there first 8 or so (less flying the better) and only 2 decent ruckman in them 8 games. Just need him to stay fit! That almost gets him to Ryder’s bye ready to upgrade…. but atm I do have Ryder as R1.


  2. I’ve been debating the ruck options with myself for the last 3 weeks.

    The answer is…….let’s not muck around with it, let’s put the best two options in, set and forget, and concentrate on other lines.

    They are
    1) Gawn
    2) Ryder


      1. There’s way too much stressing about the bye round. I prefer to concentrate on rounds 1-6, and getting the premiums and rookies right from the outset (yes this is a big challenge), and of course if we can nail this, we are not burning trades trying to fix a broken team from round 2.


      1. Archie is the only thing stopping me from picking him but how often will Archie play is something I need to know. Ahhhhhhh


      2. According to Huttabito’s Brisbane Team Review, Stefan Martin averaged 102 when playing solo, and 88 with Archie in the team. Assuming that those figures are replicated this year, we can predict Martin’s average, given a number of games sharing with Smith (for the sake of simplicity we will assume that Martin will play 22 games):

        22 solo, 0 sharing: 102
        18, solo, 4 sharing: 99
        14 solo, 8 sharing: 97
        10 solo, 12 sharing: 94
        6 solo, 16 sharing: 92
        2 solo, 20 sharing: 89
        0 solo, 22 sharing: 88

        His average hits 90 – arguably the cutoff for a premium ruck these days – when when he plays 3 solo games, sharing the other 19.

        Given that Brisbane is still a young, developing team, it is a virtual certainty that Archie Smith will play at some point. From a development standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense for him not to. However, as the above figures show, this doesn’t have to be a disaster. Even if Archie plays a dozen games, Martin should still average 94.

        That is, unless his sharing average regresses back to that of the previous year, when it was a worryingly-low 56. If Archie played a dozen games under those circumstances, then, all other things being equal, Martin would average just 77.

        There is also the issue of his body. Although he has been durable over the last 2 or 3 years, even managing to play 22 games last year, the fact is that he is 31, and he does have a history of injury. And with the ruck cover being what it is this year, this is a problem.

        Personally, I can’t see myself starting him. It’s not that I expect him to score badly – I suspect his sharing average will be closer to that of last year than the year before – but with the lack of cover, I want durability in my rucks . I’ve got a couple of ballsy picks elsewhere, so I need to reign in the risk somewhere.


    1. Lions need to develop a ruckman for the future – so I see some time sharing with Martin, particular as they will not be in contention for finals, they can experiment.

      A fair risk if you ask me, but I don’t necessarily think it’s an overly bad move.


    1. For the price, Kreuzer is insanely risky.

      #1 His body is held together with duct tape.

      To an optimist, his past two seasons, in both of which he played 21 games, indicate that his injury woes are behind him. To the rest of us, that means he’s due.

      #2 His status as a solo-ruck is not as secure as people think.

      Carlton has not one but two backup ruckmen who would love to join him on the field: Andrew Phillips, and Matthew Lobbe. Kreuzer shared the ruck duties most weeks in 2016, and he averaged just 73.

      Now, neither Phillips nor Lobbe featured in the JLT, so this is unlikely to be an issue early in the season. But Bolton has shown a taste for playing two ruckmen before, so there’s no reason why he couldn’t do so again.

      Furthermore, as I noted in my Carlton vs St Kilda JLT review, Kreuzer is very effective when he goes forward. Arguably too effective: there is a genuine risk that Bolton might decide he wants him to spend a bit more time there. Casboult can pinch-hit in the ruck when it’s just a brief spell, but if Kreuzer spent much more time forward, Bolton would have no choice but to bring in a second ruck.


  3. Nank the Tank or Sandi into Ryder at Rd11.
    Happy with either.
    Sandi for reasons set out above (Maverick)
    Nankervis because he’s coming into his prime, has had a great pre-season and will have massive support around the contest.
    Both offer $$$ potential to make the Ryder move very manageable.


      1. Not sure harbour.. did Darcy play JLTs? I don’t think he did if not that suggests sandi will be solo and they do have Taberner to share it on the dAy but he will be busy doing his own thing to take too much time off sandi. I think sandi is a good get if he stays fit for 10 rounds.


  4. Does anyone have the stats if Lycett averaged 80 for the first 9 games what his price would rise to?

    If you only had to play him for 9 weeks then you could move to a Ryder who many rate as potential no1 ruck come end of year. Yes you burn a trade but the extra mid you gain from going Lycett then two premiums could score more.

    Last year played pretty safe and I’m feeling like playing with fire for 2018 and going risky. Also considering Omera due to not playing him last year and a lot of people got burnt bad. Risk vs Reward


  5. The rucks have me stumped and I might be loosing my mind … here is a left-field suggestion to cover the bye and short injury/suspension isues …

    R1 Gawn
    R2 Ryder
    R3 Sam Hayes (R/F)
    +F6 Mason Cox (R/F)


    1. Jester, you are showing the same confidence in Cox that Buckley shows.

      If it comes off, you (and Buckley) are a genius.

      I’d personally load in Cameron as emergency, and think of another option for Cox.

      Starting Rucks – Great.



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