The TEAM – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2017

My TEAM, your TEAM, our TEAM!!


Rd16 Score: 2249

Overall Ranking: 17 029

Trades Left: 7

Remaining Salary: $123 800


Trade History

Rd4 – Mitchell Hibberd (NTH) to Nic Newman (SYD) & Max Gawn (MEL) to Stefan Martin (BRL)

Rd5 – Tim Taranto (GWS) to Zac Fisher (CAR) & Jaeger O’Meara (HAW) to Marc Murphy (CAR)

Rd6 – Sam Powell-Pepper(PTA) to Harley Balic (FRE) & Jarryd Roughead (HAW) to Lance Franklin (SYD)

Rd7 – Brandan Parfitt (GEE) to James Parsons (GEE)

Rd8 – Dan Houston (PTA) to David Myers (ESS) & Curtly Hampton (ADE) to Taylor Adams (COL)

Rd9 – Dan Butler (RIC) to James Stewart (ESS)

Rd10 – Harley Balic (FRE) to Hugh Greenwood (ADE) & Caleb Marchbank (CAR) to Jarrod Harbrow (GCS)

Rd11 – Oliver Florent (SYD) to Shai Bolton (RIC), Jarrod Pickett (CAR) to James Cousins (HAW) & Brett Eddy to Tom J Lynch (GCS)

Rd12 – Andy Otten (ADE) to Matthew Scharenberg (COL) & Aaron Sandilands (FRE) to Tom Rockliff (BRL)

Rd14 – Zac Fisher (CAR) to Jake Lloyd (SYD) & David Myers (ESS) vs Luke Ryan (FRE)

Rd15 – Tom Stewart (GEE) to Alex Witherden (BRL) & Jake Barrett (BRL) to Elliot Yeo (WCE)

Rd16 – Heath Shaw (GWS) to Sean Darcy (FRE) & James Stewart (ESS) to Max Gawn (MEL)

Well, Coaches………trading out Heath Shaw for Max Gawn backfired a touch this week with the backman scoring more for the Giants than Gawn for the Dees.  Still think it’s the best for us at this stage.  We won five of ten League matches and now move into the 8 in six of those Leagues.  TEAM is as follows………

I guess the big question this week is: do we need to jump on Joel Selwood this week or wait for another price drop?  As it stands we have a premium opening in the MID & FWD line.  With seven trades and $123k in hand, we have many possibilities.

It’s not just my decision to make however.  Enter your trade suggestions into the Forum below and the Coaching Staff will approve/disapprove with the Thumbs UP/DOWN function.


** UPDATE at 6pm on 12/7/17 **

Ok, Coaches……..getting in early this week.  Not sure whether we can get a consensus for trading this week so we’ll put it to a vote!  Should we go ahead with trades a week early or simply wait?  Keep in mind that we are out of the Finals in four of our TEAM Leagues!  Let us know below………


Should the TEAM be trading ahead of Rd17?

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And the usual Captains Poll…….

C / VC Options for Rd17? (three choices)

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6 thoughts on “The TEAM – Rd17”

  1. No trades this week, then straight swap Greenwood for Jelwood next week?

    The only other question then will be is Nic Newman a keeper….


    1. agree no trades this week. We may also be able to go Parsons to Joelwood straight swap with a bit of luck.


  2. Only way i can see to bring in Selwood this week is Trade Scharenberg to Ryan Nyhius 117k banking 107k then trade Parsons to Selwood moving Yeo fwd.

    It all depends how much the Team needs wins to make the Top 8 in Leagues. No use holding trades and playing rookies if finals spots are on the line IMO.


  3. If Greenwood plays this week move him forward, Parsons to bench, and bring Kennedy and Lynch on.
    Gives the best looking side we have had and saves the trades.



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