The Teams – R17

Written by Motts on July 13 2017

Napoleon Bonaparte was invading England. One day he was standing in his tent when one of his generals rushed in. “Emperor, there’s 1000 enemy troops coming over the hill.”

“General”, Napoleon said. “Fetch me my red jacket”.

“Why do you want that?”, the general said.

“So when they cut me, they won’t see me bleed.”

The general walked out of Napoleon’s tent truly in awe of his commanding officer. 15 minutes later he rushed back in again “Emperor, original estimates were wrong. Its actually 100,000 enemy troops coming over the hill!”

There was a pause and then Napoleon said:

“General, fetch me my brown corduroys”.

Cheers Chaos Theory – Full teams to follow shortly.


St Kilda v Essendon

Friday 14 July, 7.50pm at Etihad Stadium


B: J.Geary, N.Brown, D.Roberton

HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, S.Savage

C: L.Montagna, K.Stevens, J.Billings

HF: J.Sinclair, N.Riewoldt, J.Lonie

F: J.Gresham, N.Riewoldt, J.Battle

FOL: T.Hickey, S.Ross, J.Steven

I/C: J.Steele, S.Gilbert, B.Long, D.McKenzie

EMG: L.Dunstan, B.Acres, R.Marshall

IN: T.Hickey, J.Battle

OUT: B.Longer, T.Membrey


B: M.Baguley, M.Hartley, A.McGrath

HB: M.Gleeson, M.Hurley, J.Kelly

C: Z.Merrett, D.Heppell, B.Goddard

HF: J.Stewart, C.Hooker, D.Zaharakis

F: O.Fantasia, J.Daniher, J.Green

FOL: T.Bellchambers, T.Colyer, D.Parish

I/C: D.Myers, C.Bird, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti, C.McKenna

EMG: J.Begley, K.Langford, M.Dea

IN: C.Bird

OUT: J.Watson

Geelong Cats v Hawthorn

Saturday 15 July, 1.45pm at the MCG


B: J.Bews, T.Lonergan, Z.Tuohy

HB: J.Kolodjashnij, L.Henderson, A.Mackie

C: S.Motlop, J.Selwood, C.Guthrie

HF: B.Parfitt, H.Taylor, J.Murdoch

F: D.Menzel, T.Hawkins, J.Parsons

FOL: Z.Smith, M.Duncan, P.Dangerfield

I/C: M.Blicavs, S.Menegola, S.Selwood, R.Stanley

EMG: W.Buzza, Z.Guthrie, S.Simpson

IN: S.Selwood, D.Menzel

OUT: W.Buzza, Z.Guthrie


B: B.Hardwick, K.Brand, K.Heatherley

HB: R.Burton, J.Sicily, L.Hodge

C: I.Smith, T.Mitchell, B.Hartung

HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, L.Shiels

F: T.Duryea, J.Roughead, R.Schoenmakers

FOL: B.McEvoy, S.Burgoyne, D.Howe

I/C: W.Langford, R.Henderson, K.Stewart, T.O’Brien

EMG: H.Morrison, T.Vickery, B.Whitecross


Port Adelaide v North Melbourne

Saturday 15 July, 2.10pm at Adelaide Oval


B: J.Pittard, T.Clurey, L.Austin

HB: D.Byrne-Jones, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett

C: B.Ebert, O.Wines, J.Polec

HF: S.Gray, J.Trengove, S.Powell-Pepper

F: C.Wingard, C.Dixon, J.Westhoff

FOL: P.Ryder, R.Gray, T.Boak

I/C: M.White, J.Impey, J.Atley, D.Houston

EMG: A.Young, B.Eddy, R.Bonner

IN: L.Austin

OUT: J.Hombsch


B: L.McDonald, R.Tarrant, A.Mullett

HB: S.Atley, S.Thompson, L.Thomas

C: S.Gibson, S.Higgins, A.Swallow

HF: N.Hrovat, M.Daw, T.Garner

F: J.Simpkin, B.Brown, C.Zurhaar

FOL: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, B.Cunnington

I/C: D.Nielson, M.Hibberd, C.Wagner, D.Mountford

EMG: L.Hansen, R.Clarke, T.Dumont

IN: C.Zurhaar

OUT: T.Dumont

Gold Coast Suns v Collingwood

Saturday 15 July, 4.35pm at Metricon Stadium


B: J.Harbrow, R.Thompson, P.Hanley

HB: T.McKenzie, S.May, A.Saad

C: M.Rischitelli, G.Ablett, M.Rosa

HF: J.Lyons, T.Lynch, C.Ah Chee

F: B.Ainsworth, P.Wright, J.Martin

FOL: J.Witts, T.Miller, D.Swallow

I/C: A.Sexton, S.Lemmens, J.Bowes, A.Hall

EMG: J.Lonergan, B.Fiorini, J.Scrimshaw

IN: G.Ablett, M.Rischitelli, P.Hanley, A.Hall

OUT: R.Davis, J.Lonergan, B.Fiorini, D.Macpherson


B: J.Howe, L.Dunn, T.Langdon

HB: J.Crisp, T.Goldsack, B.Maynard

C: S.Sidebottom, S.Pendlebury, W.Hoskin-Elliott

HF: J.Thomas, B.Reid, T.Varcoe

F: J.Elliott, D.Moore, A.Fasolo

FOL: B.Grundy, D.Wells, A.Treloar

I/C: Goey, J.Blair, M.Scharenberg, T.Adams

EMG: R.Wills, J.Smith, M.Cox

IN: D.Wells, J.Blair, J.Howe, D.Moore

OUT: L.Greenwood, T.Broomhead, J.Smith, M.Cox

GWS Giants v Sydney Swans

Saturday 15 July, 7.25pm at Spotless Stadium


B: N.Wilson, A.Corr, N.Haynes

HB: A.Tomlinson, P.Davis, H.Shaw

C: L.Whitfield, C.Ward, Boer

HF: D.Smith, R.Lobb, J.Cameron

F: D.Shiel, J.Patton, S.Johnson

FOL: S.Mumford, M.Kennedy, T.Scully

I/C: T.Greene, H.Perryman, J.Kelly, Z.Williams

EMG: W.Setterfield, T.Mzungu, D.Simpson

IN: S.Johnson, Z.Williams, T.Greene

OUT: S.Reid, T.Mzungu, D.Lloyd


B: N.Newman, H.Grundy, N.Smith

HB: J.Lloyd, D.Rampe, Z.Jones

C: I.Heeney, J.Kennedy, C.Mills

HF: G.Rohan, L.Franklin, G.Hewett

F: D.Towers, S.Reid, K.Jack

FOL: S.Naismith, D.Hannebery, L.Parker

I/C: J.McVeigh, L.Melican, T.Papley, D.Robinson

EMG: O.Florent, W.Hayward, J.Laidler

IN: J.Kennedy

OUT: O.Florent

Melbourne v Adelaide Crows

Saturday 15 July, 7.40pm at TIO Stadium, Darwin


B: M.Hibberd, O.McDonald, N.Jetta

HB: J.Wagner, S.Frost, B.Vince

C: A.Neal-Bullen, J.Lewis, M.Hannan

HF: C.Petracca, T.McDonald, J.Hunt

F: J.Garlett, J.Hogan, C.Pedersen

FOL: M.Gawn, C.Oliver, J.Melksham

I/C: D.Kent, J.Kennedy-Harris, J.Harmes, J.Smith

EMG: J.Trengove, B.Stretch, S.Weideman

IN: J.Kennedy-Harris

OUT: B.Stretch


B: R.Laird, J.Lever, A.Otten

HB: L.Brown, D.Talia, J.Kelly

C: R.Sloane, R.Douglas, B.Smith

HF: R.Knight, T.Walker, C.Cameron

F: E.Betts, J.Jenkins, M.McGovern

FOL: S.Jacobs, M.Crouch, B.Crouch

I/C: D.Mackay, H.Greenwood, R.Atkins, T.Lynch

EMG: J.Beech, J.Gallucci, P.Seedsman

IN: T.Lynch, H.Greenwood

OUT: S.Thompson, W.Milera

Richmond v Brisbane Lions

Sunday 16 July, 1.10pm at Etihad Stadium


B: J.Short, A.Rance, D.Grimes

HB: B.Ellis, D.Astbury, N.Vlastuin

C: S.Edwards, T.Cotchin, S.Grigg

HF: K.Lambert, D.Prestia, J.Castagna

F: D.Rioli, J.Riewoldt, D.Butler

R: T.Nankervis, D.Martin, J.Caddy

I/C from: K.McIntosh, A.Miles, N.Broad, I.Soldo

IN: A.Miles, N.Vlastuin, N.Broad, I.Soldo

OUT: T.Hunt, T.Stengle, Menadue, S.Lloyd (all omitted)


B: J.Walker, H.Andrews, D.Rich

HB: S.Mayes, T.Cutler, A.Witherden

C: H.McCluggage, D.Zorko, J.Berry

HF: L.Taylor, D.McStay, R.Bastinac

F: B.Keays, E.Hipwood, J.Schache

R: S.Martin, T.Rockliff, D.Beams

I/C from: N.Robertson, C.Cox, R.Lester, R.Mathieson

IN:  J.Schache, B.Keays, C.Cox

OUT: R.Bewick, M.Hammelmann, A.Smith

Carlton v Western Bulldogs

Sunday 16 July, 3.20pm at the MCG


B: C.Byrne, L.Jones, L.Plowman

HB: S.Docherty, J.Weitering, D.Thomas

C: K.Simpson, B.Gibbs, J.Lamb

HF: S.Kerridge, C.Curnow, M.Wright

F: S.Petrevski-Seton, L.Casboult, J.Silvagni

R: M.Kreuzer, M.Murphy, Z.Fisher

I/C from: D.Buckley, B.Boekhorst, N.Graham, A.Silvagni

IN: A.Silvagni, D.Buckley, B.Boekhorst, N.Graham, C.Byrne

OUT: S.White, P.Cripps, H.Macreadie, Cuningham, Sheehan


B: D.Morris, Z.Cordy, J.Johannisen

HB: S.Biggs, L.Young, M.Suckling

C: L.Hunter, M.Wallis, R.Murphy

HF: T.McLean, J.Stringer, L.Dahlhaus

F: B.Dale, J.Redpath, L.Picken

R: J.Roughead, M.Bontempelli, J.Macrae

I/C from: T.Liberatore, M.Honeychurch, B.Williams, C.Daniel

IN: R.Murphy, S.Biggs, B.Williams, L.Young

OUT: M.Boyd, E.Wood, C.Smith, Roberts

Fremantle v West Coast Eagles

Sunday 16 July, 4.40pm at Domain Stadium


B: L.Ryan, J.Hamling, L.Spurr

HB: E.Hughes, M.Johnson, C.Blakely

C: S.Hill, L.Neale, B.Hill

HF: L.Weller, H.Ballantyne, N.Suban

F: M.Walters, B.Cox, D.Tucker

R: S.Darcy, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy

I/C from: S.Kersten, R.Nyhuis, G.Logue, H.Crozier

IN: D.Mundy, L.Spurr

OUT: T.Sheridan, Grey


B: B.Sheppard, W.Schofield, T.Barrass

HB: E.Yeo, J.McGovern, S.Hurn

C: A.Gaff, S.Mitchell, L.Jetta

HF: L.Duggan, J.Darling, J.Cripps

F: M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, M.Hutchings

R: N.Vardy, M.Priddis, L.Shuey,

I/C from: D.Sheed, C.Masten, D.Petrie, J.Nelson

IN: J.Kennedy, W.Schofield, C.Masten, J.Nelson

OUT: E.Mackenzie, S.Wellingham, M.Karpany, Lycett


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24 thoughts on “The Teams – R17”

    1. Battle is a mid sized forward. He doesn’t get a lot of the ball but he’s highly skilled and certainly knows where the goals are. Has a lot of potential and should be a regular senior player within a couple of years. Still at high school he has hit the scoreboard regularly at Sandringham and deserves his chance but… He will probably go out when Membery comes back from suspension.


  1. I expect some good news at the selection table.

    Greene , JJK , JPK , Howe all to be named and , hopefully play.. Gazza to be named , but will face a fitness test tomorrow.

    In not so positive news i saw footage of Oliver limping with what looked like an ankle injury all through the Dees training session today. Obviously will travel to Alice Springs , but must be in some doubt and a chance of being a late out.


  2. I’m gonna deck Scott Thompson on Saturday

    Just you wait and see

    #YearOfTheHyphen #NTUA


    1. with the rubbish naming of teams and then “late outs” lately, I’ll believe they are playing 5 mins before the bounce!!!!


    1. Been averaging 40 possies in the twos, might be eating those words soon.

      Not this year, I bet, but soon.


  3. Don’t think I will be able to loop hole this week so who do I have on the field

    TU: Parsons
    TD: Greenwood


  4. Great teams this week – no major surprises!!

    Who to trade scooter out for:

    T/up Zorko
    T/down Titch

    Both have great runs home – particularly in the SC finals.

    Have an important league match this week – so would like the person I bring in to score well this week in particular.

    My opponent has Titch, but surely Scooter / Geelong works him over this week at Skilled?

    Zorko is probably going to get more attention too, but do Richmond have any decent taggers? Zorko seems to go pretty well at Etihad.


  5. Sunday, July 16

    Richmond v Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST

    In: N.Vlastuin, A.Miles, S.Bolton, N.Broad
    Out: T.Hunt, T.Stengle, C.Mendadue, S.Lloyd

    In: B.Keays, J.Schache, C.Cox
    Out: M.Hammelmann, R.Bewick, A.Smith

    Carlton v Western Bulldogs at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

    In: A.Silvagni, D.Buckley, B.Boekhorst, N.Graham, C.Byrne
    Out: S.White (knee), P.Cripps (leg), H.Macreadie, D.Cuningham, C.Sheehan

    In: R.Murphy, S.Biggs, L.Young, B.Williams
    Out: M.Boyd (Achilles), E.Wood (suspension), C.Smith, F.Roberts
    New: Lewis Young (Sturt)

    Fremantle v West Coast at Domain Stadium, 2.40pm AWST

    In: D.Mundy, L.Spurr
    Out: T.Sheridan (hamstring), B.Grey

    In: J.Kennedy, W.Schofield, C.Masten, J.Nelson
    Out: E.Mackenzie (hamstring), S.Wellingham, M.Karpany (quad), S.Lycett (shoulder)


  6. apparently this is the richmond line up from the richmond site

    In: Vlastuin, Miles, Broad, Soldo
    Out: Lloyd – omitted, Hunt – omitted, Menadue – omitted, Stengle – omitted



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