Trade Or Hold Rd19 #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 23 2019

He’s been one of the top DEFs of 2019 but a few little niggles have come at the wrong time.  Shannon Hurn missed last weeks game against Melbourne with a calf injury…….and that’s come on the back of a hamstring tweak around the Bye Rounds.  With upcoming fixtures (no disrespect intended) against North (home) & Carlton (away), could a niggling calf injury become a three week ‘managed rest’ for the veteran?  What would you recommend for Coaches with Hurn?


What to do with Shannon Hurn (WCE)?

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8 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold Rd19 #1”

  1. I could go to whitfield but i don’t trust his body anymore than hurns so it’s a hold for me for now anyway.

    Should i trade or hold ROB at R2?? im full premo
    I have 6 trades remaining and 165k unfortunately 20k short of straght swap so its 2 trades to get in Grundy, Bewley -> Hill is the 2nd.
    Nanks still not back he may go 200 v tigers and sick of every opponent having him perma C. . .

    TU: do it
    TD: save ya trades keep ROB his going fine


  2. Think a Trade Or Hold segment for Hurn is a bit premature.

    He should be fine, we’re usually very transparent with our injuries. As an Eagles member, I also get those weekly update emails and they’re saying Hurn and Gov should be right.


    1. Right on GB. Too much doom and gloom last round and this just kicks my week off to bad start!! Hopefully he’ll be back! Actually, NO, he will be back. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts…..hummmmmmmmm.

      Same poll could be had for Fyfe? I’m thinking he’s more likely to be out than my boy Hurn.



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