Trade Or Hold – Rd7 #2

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 2 2018

In all fairness, Petracca should’ve thought twice about holding up that joint ๐Ÿ˜‰


There was plenty of hype about Petracca over the pre-season but he hasn’t quite taken the next step to Premium status.ย  After Rd5, Petracca is sitting on an 86 avg and now an infected finger after an unfortunate accident involving a dog bite.ย  He already missed Rd6 and is ruled out for Rd7.ย  What action would you take with Petracca?



What to do with Christian Petracca (MEL)?

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8 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd7 #2”

    1. Why do u feel he is good enough to be top 6 forward? I am planning to trade but why hold and how r u going to use him this year man? Break even of 115 scares me a bit but do u feel he is capable of a top 6 forward cos I don’t want to waste a trade to get like Gray or mclean?


      1. Not OP but I am holding as well.

        He is generally holding price and there is still potential for a breakout.
        The only cost to holding him is the opportunity of other players but this is relatively small because there are rookies which we use.

        Hes probably not a top6 fwd and I may trade him towards the end.
        My reasoning is a little unclear but basically hes doing what I paid for him and have other priorities (rookies, injuries, Billings..)


  1. Tough one, I am inclined to hold as I still think he is capable of a 90+ average. I also have to trade Walters as a matter of priority.

    Although it is very tempting to go:
    Walters – Mundy
    Petracca – Zerrett



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