Trade Or Hold – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 11 2018

I’ve already written enough about Billings this year.  I thought he was a no-brainer to be a Top6 FWD in 2018, but…….I was way off!

If you still have Billings after this Round, then you’re probably stuck with him for the majority of the season.  Sooooooooo……..for the last time, what should the owners of Jack Billings do?


What to do with Jack Billings (STK)?

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18 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd8”

  1. At this point, he’s already lost too much value to be worth trading out. I’d hold and pray to the Supercoach gods that he comes back into form at some stage.


  2. Unfortunately he has lost too much to trade out now imo. I am concerned about him but I would be more concerned if StKilda were flying … but they are not. Given this my hope is that Billings will be part of the solution to StKilda finding some better form. Hopefully they decide to give him more time around the ball soon.


    1. I noticed that he’s been named in the midfield for this week….Whether he actually plays there is another thing


  3. I’d hold until you have no rookies to upgrade.

    I think he’s a bog average footballer but he’s guaranteed a game and probably will tonne up at some point.


  4. He’s prob got another 3 weeks to show something otherwise he’ll become Gray depending how the fwd cows are tracking


  5. Billings is gone – straight to Robbie Gray
    I don’t care if he scores 120 this week coz there will be 3 x 50’s following. He must have been very close to getting dropped, especially after pulling out of a contest last week.


  6. I gave hibberd 5 rounds before I traded him out only to see him put in a couple of 90+ efforts the last two weeks.
    This has made me a bit gun shy on Billings.
    He is unlikely to drop much more in value, so I think I will hold for now and upgrade elsewhere first.



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