Trade Or Hold – Rd9 #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 17 2018

After the first three Rounds of 2018, Bryce Gibbs was enjoying life at his new club Adelaide.  He’d scored 116, 127 & 120 in those first couple of weeks and looked to be headed for a Top10 MID position.  Things can change quickly in football however and Gibbs has averaged just 82 pts over the last five weeks.  What would you advise his 17 000+ owners to do?  Hold for the year?  Or trade out while he still has some value about him?


What to do with Bryce Gibbs (ADE)?

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11 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd9 #1”

  1. First two rounds he had Sloane feeding it out to him, he’ll return and Gibbs scores will rise again


    1. are you nuts mate?! just cause you’ve saved a heap on your Dusty trade, don’t go wasting it!!


  2. Petracca? why arent we talking about him enough? will he return to form? seems so lazy



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