Trade Talk – R21

Written by Motts on August 17 2015

The penultimate week. Well done on making it this far!

Have you even got any trades left??

Big question for me is: what the hell am I going to do with Luke Parker (who I only brought into my team last week!)?


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55 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R21”

  1. I accept full responsibility for the recent plague of premium injuries. I apologise for ruining numerous SC seasons

    As I ponder my Parker trade while p!ssing on my SC Gods shrine (we all have a shrine, right?). I’m thinking Priddis might be the answer

    Tu – sc talk moderators shut this loser down
    Td – you’re right Arc, FUSCGods

    * FUSCGods t-shirts can be purchased at my website


  2. T/U Dumont to Rookie
    Lever to Shaw
    Brodie Smith goes to D7
    Bont stays as M8

    T/D Lever to Rookie
    Dumont to Dangerfield
    Bont becomes bench swing-man for forward/midfield
    Smith stays as D6


  3. With Parker and B. Smith to go this week and $992,000 to work with, thoughts on the best two MID/DEF combo:
    T/U: Rocky
    T/D: Hanners – could increase output without Parker

    DEF – Shaw, Hodge, Newnes, Simpson, Houli, ?? (A Pearce and Adamson)
    MIDS – Selwood, Danger, Priddis, Pendles, Fyfe, JPK, Lewis ?? (Lambert, Maynard & Knight)
    Sorry, added a reply with DEF to be able to add thumb option.


  4. With two trades left, my only weakness is Josh Gibson in defence. Is it worth trading to Hurley or Dylan Robertson with current form? or stick fat with Gibbo and hold the trades (hopefully) for the Grand Final?

    TU trade out Gibbo

    TD leave Gibbo


  5. My biggest disappointment of this year has been Harry Taylor. His now priced at 365,000 with a break even of 85. His round 20 score of 45 his lowest score of the season. Is it time to trade Taylor and who should we trade him to.


  6. Hi guys!
    I have a big final this week, which if won would secure me the granny! I was thinking on using my last 2 trades on Stevens and Steele to get in Dangerfield, which would make the game even and restrict him from having the advantage with Dangerfield as C/VC.

    T/U: Use your last 2 on Danger, as he cannot be matched.

    T/D: Save the trades as Danger will take it slow against Brisbane this week.



  7. Was planning on upgrading Saad but I am feeling nervous that I do not have Danger. They play the Lions, Danger will go large!

    UP – Upgrade Saad to Houli/Enright
    Down – Lewis to Dangerfield


  8. Hay guys. I have one trade left and need to offload parker. With only an extra 34k. Im thinking Sloan but he has already cost me heart ache this year. What to do?

    T/U – sloan
    T/D – ward, goddard, blicavs or someone else.


  9. Have 3 trades left. need to decide between 2 strategies for Elliot Yeo – my weakest link.

    TU: Keep Yeo and trade 2 cows to get Mcdonald or Murph, making Yeo a backup swingman for DEF/MID
    TD: Trade Yeo directly for another defender and keep 2 trades for next week

    (my back-line is: H.Shaw, B. Houli, L.Picken, L Hodge, K Simpson, E. Yeo.)


  10. This might be absolute madness but am contemplating trading out Goldstein. I’ve had him from the start and of course the service has been A+++. But I want to upgrade Yeo and with only two games to go, I’m wondering if either Sandi or Jacobs could match Goldy and the savings could then be spent on Yeo to Shaw, rather than Yeo to Houli, which is all I can afford otherwise. So, this is the choice of possible combo’s. Thoughts??

    TU – Goldy & Houli

    TD – Sandi & Shaw


  11. Have 3 trades left and 150k. Will be trading Parker out.
    Only dissaPointment on the field is Gibson.

    T/u- hold Gibson and keep two trades for grand final if I make it
    T/d- trade Gibson for any defender under 530k


  12. I have one trade left and for the first time have no injury concerns (pending teams). To improve my chances of winning and making the GF, do I trade out L Neale and pick up Sloane? I only have $17,200 cash

    My existing mids are: Pendelebury, Hannebery, Priddis, Kennedy, Neale, Cotchin, Selwood.

    My team scored 2503 last week and the team I’m playing scored 2589 last week. My competitor also has Neale.

    TU – trade out Neale
    TD – Keep Neale


  13. Hi Boys
    still alive in all leagues. got parker on the pine, so got a couple of options thinking about. 3 trades ;left and 20K
    up: upgrade smith (on field) and get the best i can for parker with left over cash and use as cover.
    down: leave smith, downgrade rookie for cash and upgrade parker to danger and loophole ward/lewis
    team is
    shaw,mcdonald,hodge,hibberd,newnes,smith – hamling, mckenzie
    fythe,hanners,jpk,sloan,priddis,pendles,ward,lewis – parker, amon, dumont
    martin,swan,bont,dollhouse,goddard,grey – daniel, some loser



  14. Hmm Parker for Hannaberry ? I have Fyfe Pendles Ward Lewis Kennedy Rocky Mitchell Selwood

    I have 3 trades left

    Thumbs up Parker for Hannaberry
    Thumbs down Parker for Danger and a downgrade 2 trades


  15. Hi guys,

    I could really use some advise here…

    Ranked 2,969 so winning it is out from here… but in my league I’m probably 75% to win this round and 50% to win next round…

    I have 2 trades left and the only week link in my team is Malceski (who I gambled on after 2 x 90+ scores with B.Smith)

    Do I use these final 2 trades on upgrading Malceski to Hodge to ensure the victory this week, or hold them in-case of any injuries for next week (assuming i make it)…

    Thumbs Up: Make the Trades

    Thumbs Down: Fingers Crossed & Save it for Final Round


  16. Hi guys,

    Brought in Bartel last week but fingers crossed he can come good in these last two rounds.

    Got a tough DEF choice to make here. I have 3 trades and 254k in the bank (can virtually afford any player). My backline is currently Shaw, Higgins, Hodge, Malceski, Smith and Newnes, with H. Goddard and S. Hurley (unknown Freo rookie for loophole) on the pine.

    I’m planning to switch Krak into the backline, move H. Goddard forward as bench cover, and turning Krak into a premium. Was definitely going to bring in Simpson before his 66 this week…

    The options are:
    T/U: Picken (avg just over 100, most $$$)
    T/D: Enright

    Comment if Murphy, Houli are better options



  17. Hey guys
    Finished 8th in league and somehow now in the final four.
    Have to make a trade this week $191k spare so money not the issue, need to either get rid of Saad who’s in freefall or make up the difference with a Griffen upgrade even though he scored 134 last week I don’t think he can back that up.
    Need advice on what’s going to be higher scoring the next two rounds…

    T/U Saad —> Picken

    T/D Griffen —> Fyfe

    Comment if other thoughts



  18. Have gone Neale to Danger…this leaves 1 trade and $10k left. Really happy with my team except for Ryan bloody Griffen!

    T/U – Burn the last trade going Griffen to Ward while I still can
    T/D – Hold in case of injuries/suspensions/dreaded R23 ‘soreness’



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