Trade Talk Rd10 – PART TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 22 2018

Great to see the Trade Talk getting so many questions thrown at it.  Try and help each other out where possible.

So who is on the block this week?  Who is getting a guernsey in your tesm?m


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    1. Which of the two overall? I’d feel safer with Simpson, but TMac is showing some good form and has handy DPP status to pair with Sicily.

      If you can get both, McDonald is the priority with his price on the up and Simmo dropping away.


      1. Main plan is to trade one in this week. However whoever i don’t get won’t come in until after all bye rounds ( already have other trades lined up). I was personally preferring McDonald because of current BE’s. But Melbourne havnt exactly had hard games recently


  1. Which is the better trade:

    T/u Murray and Kelly (geel) out
    Phillips (stk) and darling (wce) in
    Cash gain 80k

    T/ d Murray (coll) and Kelly (Geel) out
    Phillips (stk) and tom McDonald (melb) in
    Cash gain 142k

    Who is the priority between TMac or Darling?. Both have low B/E’s but Darling is expensive but has higher scoring ability. Only 5 pts difference in their season averages. I think TMac is better value and has DPP which I can utilise with Sicily. Pros and cons for both.
    Who is the better IN ? Darling or T McDonald


    1. Not the best idea to trade Kelly. He is the highest averaging rookie and has 2 “easy” games coming up.


      1. I’m having a similar dilema but I’m leaning towards keeping Kelly. His BE is high but his on field score seems more valuable at the moment. Assuming he goes back to averaging 90ish


      2. Hi Trats
        If you think I should keep Kelly, I can do Murray and Finlayson OUT
        and Phillips and T McDonald in. Leaves 47k cash.
        Would this trade be well liked
        T/u yes
        t/d no


  2. Going Henry for Phillips. Should I then go
    T/U Kelly for Dangerfield
    T/D Murray for McDonald/Webster/Lloyd


  3. top of the afternoon lads.. to facilitate my ideal trade to open the funds to make it happen, alas 1 of Kelly (Cats) or Taranto need to go.. Taranto or Kelly, I’m in the 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other..
    trade Out

    T/U Kelly
    T/D Taranto

    cheers lads


    1. im in the same boat but im leaning towards trading kelly as he’ll lose more cash after this round compared to taranto imo.


  4. Really need some help here.

    Rookies on field:
    D: Doedee, Murray
    M: Kelly
    F: Fritsch, Ronke

    Option 1:
    Murray to Yeo
    Higgins to Phillips

    Option 2:
    Murray to Phillips
    Kelly to Macrae

    (I plan to trade in the other in round 13)

    Difference to my team would be :
    Option 1:
    D5: Yeo, D6: Doedee
    M8: Kelly

    Option 2:
    D5: Doedee, D6: Mirra
    M8: Macrae
    (+adding a fwd/mid swing which I don’t have currently)

    TU: Option 1
    TD: Option 2

    Comment: Option 1 but bring in Howe instead of Yeo (Yeo under injury cloud)


    1. Yeo in doubt still waiting on Thursday test. McGovern also in doubt, child expected this week. Have both + Weshtoff and Gray. Could be interesting week.


    1. Alternatively, ignore Phillips and go:

      T/U: Murray to Ridley, Henry to Buddy

      T/D: Stick to one of the original plans


  5. Thoughts?

    Murray to Rice/Ridley (Week early – Still trying to work out who has best JS)
    Brayshaw to Danger

    – Leaves me with 15 trades left and 33 bank. –

    Then next week

    Finlayson (330k) to Heron (103k) or Ridley/Rice (the other one if they still have good JS)
    Higgins (270k) to Rocky (375k)

    *Yep that means two new rookies in the backline so fingers crossed these new ones are at least somewhat good as i also have murphy so someone has to be on field. All other def spots are prem (laid, savage, yeo, hurley, sicily).

    Bank approx.. 150k and 13 trades but only 3 non prem spots (1 fwd, 1 def, 1(fwd or def thanks to sicily)) if you count rocky on field.

    Longer term looking to get in Oliver at M8 (joining danger, dusty, titch, cogs, cripps, fyfe, macrae);, Heeney at F5 (joining gray, buddy, smith, Mclean), Simpson D6, and who know maybe Darling F6 (if he continues the form).


      1. Yeah will have to go one week early on him if i do go on him, but at least i will know if he is named post bye


  6. Murray and Kelly- Out, their time is up they could make more but I can cash them in now

    HOWE and Phillips- In, have 3 rooks in defence need to get another premo in, phillips will be on the bench with other better rookies will take his place

    These trades will add 100k to my warchest for the next couple weeks
    T/U- Good Trades
    T/D- Reconsider, if you think this please tell me why, the only other rook that needs to go is Brayshaw, I can wait one more week with him

    Thanks for the feedback


  7. Hey all.

    So I have scored poorly the last few rounds (just over 2000’s) but I have been able to improve my team in that span.
    Besides not having Macrae and Sauce Jacobs killing me, it doesn’t make sense!!


    Laird. Sicily. Simpson. Savage. Murray. Cole.
    B: Mirra. Cumming.

    Fyfe. Cripps. Mitchell. Oliver. Martin. Cognilio. Z. Merrett. Kelly.
    B: A. Brayshaw (Freo). Spargo. Barry.

    Gawn. Jacobs. B: Olango

    McLean. Heeney. Smith. Walters. Fritsch. Guelfi.
    B: Henry. Keefe.

    This week, what option do you think I should go with?

    A. Brayshaw (Freo) -> E. Phillips
    Murray -> Yeo
    Warchest = $92K

    A. Brayshaw (Freo) -> E. Phillips
    Kelly -> Dangerfield
    Warchest = $126K

    *If I go Macrae over Danger, I only have $900 remaining.
    Ideally I’d like to upgrade my cash cows to premo’s the next few weeks to complete the team.

    Thanks in advance for your input all!


    1. Really important to plan out your finances from here, TG.

      Players to be upgraded:
      Murray ($334k) – price remaining level-ish – price at trade = $330k
      Cole ($272k) – small amount of growth left – price at trade = $290k
      Kelly ($429k) – short term drop, may make it up later – price at trade = $430k
      Fritsch ($338k) – growth to come – price at trade = $380k
      Guelfi ($215k) – slow burn – price at trade = $280k

      I’ve put some placeholder prices in to illustrate the point, you may want to look a bit closer at the cash cow discussion that pops up in the next day or two.

      Murray upgrade (Yeo, Hurley, McDonald etc.?) = $180-200k required
      Cole upgrade (as above) = $220-240k required
      Kelly upgrade (Dangerfield) = $170k required
      Fritsch upgrade (Gray?) = $160-180k required
      Guelfi upgrade (Buddy?) = $200k required

      Assuming the averages, you need to find about $960k for the optimal trades. My rough math has you with, what, $140k in the bank now? So another $820k to generate.

      Lets assume the following for future downgrades:
      Mirra = $150k
      Cumming = $100k
      Brayshaw = $150k
      Spargo = $150k
      Barry = $60k
      Henry = $170
      Keeffe = $150k
      TOTAL = $780k

      TRADES = 12 (7x downgrades, 5x upgrades)

      The way I see it, if you want premo defenders, Dangerfield, Gray + Buddy to finish your team, you’re gonna need some luck with rookie scores.

      Alternatively, start identifying the cheaper options that you can use to save some money.

      Hurn or Ryan? Save $30-60k.
      Zorko, Crouch or Parker? Save $80-120k.
      Mundy, Hogan, or DeGoey? Save $100k.

      Utilise the notepad in the SC site and plan out your trades week by week, based on when rookies will peak and when premos will bottom out. Then, don’t get greedy and deviate from the plan.


        1. Yep – this level of planning is saved for my last 5-6 upgrades. No point doing it earlier, too many variables. But now, now is the time to crunch the numbers and work out how to get from Point A to Point Premo with the least amount of trades possible.


          1. Wow!

            Thanks for this expert planning BlueBalls!
            I was only expecting some thumbs and small comments would be a bonus but this will really help me forecast for the second half of the season!

            Yeh, I have $150K in the warchest atm so I hope my rookies can do me/us proud!

            Thanks again mate!


      1. If it helps at all, the formatting I use for the notepad is as follows:

        ROUND 11
        Naughton -> Rookie (+$160k)
        Murray -> McDonald (-$190k)
        BANK = $237k

        ROUND 12
        Richards -> Simpson (-$200k)
        Guelfi -> Rookie (+$150k)
        Spargo -> Rookie (+$150k)
        BANK = $337k

        ROUND 13
        Holman -> Rookie (+$250k)
        Murphy -> Yeo (-$280k)
        Fritsch -> Heeney (-$130k)
        BANK = $177k

        Rough working – haven’t looked at byes and whatnot yet, so this isn’t exactly what I’m planning, but the core of it is that I can theoretically fill my side using 8 trades, leaving $160k in the bank.


        1. Thanks!

          This formula is simple enough and will help with long term direction.

          I’ll definitely utilise it with consideration of the upcoming byes.
          Hopefully rookies will fall into our favour moving forward!


    1. Probably a bit more consistency with Howe, as TMac is used all over the field in different roles, sometimes to his benefit is supercoach and sometimes not. I had him last year, the low scores hurt. I like TMac as a player but I think Howe is the better pick in terms of consistency and ceiling, just a bit injury prone


  8. TU: Naughton >Ridley.. TKelly> Danger

    TD: Naughton > Ridley.. Finlayson > Lloyd ( Don’t have enough for Yeo)

    Backs: Laird, Simmo, Sicily, Shaw,Doedee, Finlayson (Naughton,Murphy)

    Mids: Fyfe,Dusty, Titch, McRae, Cogs, Oliver, TKelly, Holman(Phillips, Mutch, Spargo)

    Is Lloyd a must have?


  9. Trade One – Henry > Phillips via Spargo DP

    Which of the next is best for the econd trade

    T/U – Kelly > Oliver
    T/D – Murray > Yeo (assuming he plays)


  10. My defense needs some serious TLC. I have laird, yeo, Hurley, hibberd (melb), doedee and Murray (keeffe and o’connor).
    Hibberd is killing me so want to trade him.

    T/U TMac
    T/D howe

    Comment – hibberd is the least of my problems and should be upgrading my rookies


  11. How much of a priority is getting Rockliff in for bonus bye cover? Would have to be at the expense of either Kelly (Becomes M8) or missing Phillips (Becomes M9). Would be trading him in next week but just don’t have enough Mid spots for all three of the above.


  12. I don’t want to spoil anybody’s POD but give me some reasons not to bring in Gaff

    1) Ultra consistent, 1 score this year below 100 (92)
    2) Doesn’t miss games (1 game in past 6 1/2 seasons!)
    3) Good rd12 bye
    4) Out of contract year (dusty last year anyone)
    5) Eagles keep winning and winning well
    6) POD (2% of teams)
    I realise his ceiling is probably not going to send him north of 125pts very often, but he seems like a nice pickup?
    So after all that…
    TU: Gaff (extra 50k)
    TD: Dusty
    Cheers guys


  13. Got 180k to upgrade Murray/Kelly to a defender/forward. Need someone with the early bye and am considering the following:
    Westhoff (next week)
    Jack Darling
    Struggling to decide on who to bring in!

    Who is the best option?


  14. Dont think I can over think this

    Brayshaw out Dangers in
    Kelly out Phillips in

    Is this the week to finally move on from Billings instead of Brayshaw?



  15. Banfield -> phillips
    Finlayson -> rocky.
    125k bank

    Rocky to eventually become m9. Rocky this week as league opponent is on the easier side of the scale… leaving me the opportunity for a proper premo upgrade/downgrade next week

    T/u. Yes. Rocky good value and cover for byes
    T/d. No. Save the trades


  16. Tim Smith in for Higgins,
    Ed Phillips in for Cunico
    400k left


    Phillips in for Cunico,
    Upgrade Tim Kelly

    Also have Coffield to trade out


  17. Bring Buddy in this week (week early for his BE) but next few weeks are a favorable draw and now he’s back doubt he will be rested…

    T/U Do it. He’s back and will have a few bags (of goals) in the upcoming weeks
    T/D Wait. Bruised heels are high risk and he’s no certainty to play each game before his Rd 14 bye.


  18. If I was going to go early on one of the backline rookies who do people think has better JS
    T/u bailey rice
    T/d jordan ridley

    (Hoping hurley is back this week so it provides more evidence for/against ridleys JS)


      1. Yeah so if hurley is back this week and ridley is in then im more confident of his JS whereas if hurley misses again its harder to make the call.


        1. Saints have a few injuries in defence (Gilbert, Roberton, Brown, Carlisle, Wright) so the only player really pushing him at selection is Brandon White. I’d guess Rice would play more often than not through the byes


  19. Going for league only and sitting 4th.

    TU: Henry/Murray to Phillips/Danger and cop a doughnut if English doesn’t play.
    TD: Henry/Murray to Phillips/Ruckman


    1. So you’ve currently got Premo/English/Rookie for your ruck set-up?

      If so, get that second ruckman in now. Gawn or Grundy, whichever you’re missing.


      1. Sorry, shoulda been more clear, got Gawn/Witts/English.

        Was gonna swing English fwd and bring in a premo ruck this week, then swing back getting rid of Witts next week.

        Was an idiot and replaced an injured Ryder with the same annoying bye. Good old beers Friday arvo and a last minute decision…


        1. If you’re going to get rid of Witts anyway, ditch him this week.

          This week:
          Henry – Phillips
          Witts – Grundy

          Next week:
          Murray – Dangerfield

          Grundy is outscoring Danger, and is playing a ruckless WB tomorrow night.

          Danger and Murray both likely to hold close to their current price for another week.


  20. Having trouble deciding what to do?
    Trades Left: 21
    Current Cash:272.7K

    Thoughts are: Seb Ross Needs to go and Possibly T.Cole

    Current Team
    Yeo, Laird, Lloyd Doedee, Murray, Cole
    (Naughton n L.Murphy)

    Fyfe, Cripps, Martin, Ross, Mitchell, Merret, T.Kelly, Spargo
    (J.Kelly, P.Dow, E.Phillips)

    Heeney, D.Smith, M.Walters, Waterman, Guelfi, Higgins
    (L.Keefe, D.Fogarty)

    Any Help will be much appreciated


    1. Need to get a move on – 7 upgrades left.

      Doedee – hold for a few more weeks, upgrade to Simpson before R13?
      Murray – can go anytime, price holding level for now.
      Cole – give him another week, BE still below AVG and the 36 drops from his cycle next round.
      T. Kelly – either trade this week or hold til his bye (R14)
      Spargo – will move to bench for J Kelly when fit again.
      Waterman – still making money, hold another week at least.
      Guelfi – has another few weeks of growth
      Higgins – will make more money if he plays (and he should you’d think).

      J. Kelly – hopefully back in the next fortnight…you’ve held him this long?!
      Naughton – needs to go before he returns, watch selection.
      Murphy – has some more growth.
      Dow – done, not a big scorer.
      Phillips – bubble.
      Keeffe – hold for DPP
      Fogarty – has some more in him

      Done: Dow
      Can go whenever: Murray, Naughton, T. Kelly
      Growing: Doedee, Cole, Murphy, Spargo, Phillips, Guelfi, Keeffe, Fogarty
      Selection-dependent: Higgins


  21. I feel someone with huge value and potential is Zach Tuohy?
    I’m planning to use one trade this week by going Doedee to him?

    Yes or No?


  22. Initially this was my plan:

    Murray > Ridley
    Kelly > Danger

    However, Kelly is my M8 and my only non prem in the mid.

    I’m thinking I have a lot more urgent needs to address both in terms of my bye structure and backline strength. So I’m really considering:

    Murray > Ridley
    Finlayson > Howe



    1. Was hoping to get some responses, so I need to clarify what others are thinking here:

      Bring in

      TU: Danger
      TD: Howe


  23. Out: Finlayson and Armitage
    In: Dangerfield and Phillips

    Have approx. 800k to spend, and can get any position in.

    T/U: Good trades
    T/D: Re-evaluate


  24. Decisions decisions!!!!

    Always hard when there’s a premium that’s under performing inyour team, but some hard calls have to be made from time 2 time!

    Brayshaw < Phillips
    Jacobs < Nic Nat
    Brayshaw < Phillips
    Henry < Franklin

    Cheers Catta


  25. Hey guys, why is Travis Boak scoring better this year than last? Has he had a role change or is it just One Of Those Things™?


      1. Yep. I think he might even be a better UG target than Robbie $/pts and overall points to season’s end. Certainly through the byes anyway.


  26. TU: E.Curnow (560k avg 115 premo POD at 1.7%)

    TD: T.Rockliff ( 375k also POD)

    so many unknowns with rocky but may pay off!


  27. TU : T Kelly to J Mcrae
    H Shaw to J Howe
    39k in bank

    TD : J Higgins to C Oliver
    T Kelly to J Selwood
    18k in the bank


  28. My plan was to keep T.Kelly until round 14, however ive just realised he’s a straight swap to Martin at 490K with a few extra dollars from war chest. Is this an unmissable opportunity? Martin isn’t in the best form, but I feel like he could flick the switch at any moment


  29. Was keen on jimmy webster but dont think i can get anymore rd14 bye guys at this point. Looking to upgrade s murray. Already have laird, sicily and yeo d1-3 who is the better d4 option
    T/u simpson,
    cheaper and better bye but has tailed off since his great start
    T/d howe,
    low ownership, in great form but 40k more and batting about 5-10 points above his average in last 2 years


    1. I’d go Howe, if only because you already have Sicily and Yeo in Rd12. Could go TMac if you think he’s gonna continue this form. He is currently underpriced.


  30. TU- Murray -Lloyd, Naughton-Ridley
    TD- Henry to Danger via DPP, Murray to Ridley (means coffield will be D6 this round)


    1. After the teams have been released, u almost have to go for option 1 mate. Unless u have other cover Coff at D6 will give u a doughnut


  31. TU Howe
    TD Yeo

    Trading up from Murray.

    Current Def: Laird, Hurley, Jonas, Doedee, Murray, Keefe (Dumann, Stoddart).



  32. Best midfielder to bring in apart from:
    Macrae, Danger, Fyfe, Mitchell, Martin, Coniglio, Merrett

    Considering Crouch or Oliver but not confident with their injuries.
    Also most teams in my main league have Cripps and I might pass on him


  33. Traded Finlaysson to Cumming last week. Due to all the def rookies getting dropped and not having any def rookies left that are playing, should I:

    T/U – Trade Cumming to Ridley
    T/D – Cop a donut


    1. If u traded in Cumming last week, seems like a wasted trade to me mate. I’d be holding and hoping he can make at least a bit of cash. Always tough to cop a doughnut though.


  34. 20 trades – 67K
    Would love your best options this week. Cheers

    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Shaw, Yeo, Doedee, Murray, (Cole, L Murphy)
    MID: Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Dusty, Cogs, T Kelly, Petracca, Holman (Barry, Brayshaw, Spargo)
    RUC: Gawn, NicNat (Olango)
    FWD: Heeney, Maclean, Sicily, D Smith, Billings, Henry (Guelfi, Fritsch)


    1. Definitely need to get in Ed Phillips mate. I’d be looking at trading him in for Brayshaw or Henry via Spargo DPP.
      Good luck


  35. G’day guys,
    Thinking off trading Henry – Buddy this week.
    I know Bud still has a high BE, but Henry is also set to lose cash and Buddy has a dream run over the next 3 weeks and could go very big! Already have McLean, Heeney, Sicily and Smith and looking to bring in one of the port forwards for Billings next week.

    TU: good trade
    TD: u r crazy DR!

    Thanks community and good luck this weekend


    1. L Franklin:
      Next 2 matches:
      Avg VS Bris since 2007: 113.73 from 11 (low of 23 and a high of 171, 3/11 below 100, 4/11 120+)
      Last 3 VS Bris: 118.67 from 3 (low of 90 and a high of 160, 1/3 below 100, 1/3 120+)

      Avg VS Carl since 2007: 112.67 from 12 (low of 70 and a high of 183, 4/12 below 100, 5/12 120+)
      Last 3 VS Carl: 117 from 3 (low of 82 and a high of 183, 2/3 below 100, 1/3 120+)

      2017 Wins Avg: 104.14 from 14 (low of 42 and a high of 183, 8/14 below 100, 4/14 120+)
      2017 Losses Avg: 88.13 from 8 (low of 65 and a high of 125, 5/8 below 100, 1/8 120+)
      2018 Wins Avg: 122.75 from 4 (low of 98 and a high of 175, 1/4 below 100, 1/4 120+)
      2018 Losses Avg: 67.5 from 2 (low of 48 and a high of 87)

      Think Buddy will be a good pick but have you considered bringing in Walters and a port forward whilst keeping Billings allowing him to be looped with Smith/etc post byes.


  36. Am I mad for consideration Zach Touhy an option? Seriously underpriced and potential upgrade for Murray? Yes or no?


  37. hey guys, finally trading out Sam (DUD) Jacobs. who to pick up?
    Thumbs up Steph Martin
    Thumbs Down Nic Nat
    Comment for Mcevoy, Nank


  38. Two options

    Naughton to Simpson
    Murrary to Phillips

    Which means have 1 rook def in doedee on field and then spargo Fritsch and Guelfi on field in fwd line (upgrade one next week) which mean don’t have to go early on Ridley


    naugton to franklin
    Murrary to Ridley

    Which means have two rook defs in doedee and Ridley
    Then Fritsch and gulfei on field

    And miss out on Phillips


  39. Trade plans out the window with the backline carnage so advice needed.

    Murray to who:

    TU – Lloyd
    TD – Webster

    Both similarly priced, similarly averaging and same bye so struggling to pick one.


  40. Copping a donut onfield with Hurley so sticking to original trades.
    Finlayson and Murray to Phillips and Yeo.

    Leaving me with 17 trades and 4 onfield rookies left to upgrade

    Im holding Jack Henry as against Carlton so could go big.

    TU Good trades
    TD Think again


  41. With the carnage that’s happened this week, should I stick to my original plan of getting Danger in this week and copping a donut down back, or get a premium def in (already have laird, yeo, Sicily and Simpson) and avoid the donut? My concern is that it’s now or never with Danger.

    TU: get Danger in
    TD: avoid the donut


  42. Rookies on field:

    D – Doedee and Mirra
    M – Kelly and Brayshaw
    F – Fritsch and Spargo

    Think I’ll go:
    Brayshaw –> Phillips
    Henry –> Darling

    Leaves me with about $60k cash and still have a few cows to upgrade (Holman, Langdon, Doedee, Mirra, Kelly).

    What do you guys think?

    Westhoff next week would probably be best for my byes, and T Mac is tasty at $500k but not great for bye. Darling fits bye team nicely.


  43. TU: Kelly to Ed Phillips
    TD: Kelly to Danger
    (if i do get in Phillips this week it is definitely Danger next week)


  44. Big decisions this week, would love any thoughts!

    Do you guys think it’s worth getting rid of Finlayson, Murray and Fritsch (next week) for Buddy, Yeo and Rockliff (At m9/m8). With one downgrade trade. It would be my next 4 trades in the next two weeks. I have 22 trades so that’s not the issue. The problems being i would still have Henry losing a bit of cash and Naughton on the bench.

    It would leave me with Doedee, Rice/Ridley/Murphy as D5 and D6. And Spargo/guelfi as my F6. Kelly/Rockliff at M8.

    It would also leave me with Siciliy in my fwd line with hopes of getting him into the backline and looking at getting Gray in a couple weeks after his bye.


  45. Decision to be made for this week. I have 20 trades left. Still need 2 defenders, 1 forward & 1 mid to complete my team, ie : no rookies on field. So thinking of either:

    TU : Trade out T Kelly & Henry, Trade in Danger & Phillips via Spargo – mids complete, 4 rookies on field this week as i have R Gray’s bye, 18 trades left.

    TD : no trades this week, wait until the byes and my remaining rookies have hopefully fattened up a bit more, 5 rookies on field. Miss out on Phillips.


  46. Only getting one due to other lines needing attention, but normally a bit gun shy going a week early on the rookies….but most coaches aren’t in 2018 I’ve noticed!

    T/U….Get Phillips in ( he’s a must have rookie )
    T/D….Get Ridley ( week early but looked fantastic )

    Cheers Catta


  47. I couldn’t find anything in the SC FAQ section and only have vague recollections of this from last year – when do players with their byes get locked out? Is it at the start of the final game of the round (TU), or the start of the first game of the round (TD)?


      1. Thanks everyone, that’s what I thought just had a brief panic.

        Trying to work out the best plan and trades will change depending on who is named in the final teams for Sunday’s games.


  48. I was planning to not trade anyone this week, but now I have to, with Murray, Keefee and Duman not playing in the DEF

    What should I do here

    TU: IN – Webster and E. Phillips OUT – Murray and Henry (via Spargo DPP)
    TD: Keep the trades and take a donut like a spud.


  49. Trades this week help me out

    TU: Henry and Murray -> Heeney and Ridley/Rice
    TD: Henry and Murray -> T.Smith and Premo defender

    Cheers boys


  50. Murray to ridley locked in as first trade, slight dilemma for the second. $345k to spend after this.

    TU: Hibberd to Dangerfield via Finalyson DPP (no bench cover for Yeo who could be a late out)

    TD: Finlayson to Gaff (price and byes), stuck with Hibberd til after his bye, but bench cover for Yeo if needed



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