Trade Talk – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 29 2018

Finals time…….gotta be at full strength or you will be exposed this week.  Who will get you to “full strength”? Who will make way?


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  1. What to do with Jeremy Howe?

    UP – Hold if he plays
    DN – Trade (maybe to Brayshaw if I have the cash). He is not worth the risk in a knockout final


    1. Based on 3-round averages, either should net you about 10 points / week on field. But I think with Macrae’s ceiling, that could end up being a better bet.


  2. 1 trade left. Currently have mihocheck on field no back up. Could trade de goey to Tom McDonald then swing Sicily forward and loophole between buddy and billings. Or do nothing and hold in case on injury of ruckman…? Help..!


  3. 3 trades left. Want to use 1 to get rid of an underperforming ‘premo’

    TU – Savage to Lloyd
    TD – Walters to Tmac / Hawkins (undecided).


        1. 3-4 weeks ago, he was a speculative pick. Now, you’re paying top dollar with nothing close to a guarantee that he’ll keep it up (even though he does look like he’s moving well).


  4. Full premo with 2 trades left.

    Is it worth using 1 trade to upgrade Parker to Macrae?

    TU: Yes, pull the trigger
    TD: No, save the trade


  5. 4 trades left before doing any this week

    TU: Coniglio to Macrae
    TD: Naughton to Lienert, Rance to Brayshaw/Crisp/Hurn (any defender)
    Comment: Hold


  6. So badly want Macrae. Got 4 trades left and don’t need to trade as should win qualifying final. So, with ahern still on the bench, do I luxury trade who ? Mids onfield are Danger, titch, cogs, oliver, zerret, pendles, wines, cripps.

    Or do I go Robinson to Mundy instead ?


  7. Been holding Fyfe hoping he’d be back by finals but not sure if he will play again this season.

    Have 2 trades and can trade him for Macrae – thoughts?

    TU: Trade, Fyfe is done and dusted for 2018
    TD: Hold, he’ll be back for business end of finals

    Cheers coaches


    1. What possible benefit is there in FURL playing him again this year. Fyfe’s injuries mean he is now in my never again list.


  8. currently ranked 8th overall! have 2 trades left and want to keep one for an injury which is bound to happen. That being said im fed up with walters as hes costing me too many points! only have 470k so thinking a straight trade to TMAC
    TU Good idea
    TD Hold trade


  9. Who is a good replacement for Lance Franklin ??last trade left make it good!
    Disappointed in my previous trade went with Robbie gray and he didn’t score high


  10. Should i trade out Luke Ryan Fremantle
    Last trade left
    Defender I have: Yeo, Laird, Simpson,McDonald, Ryan and Webster (injured) but should be back.

    TU Keep
    TD Trade for Jeremy McGovern
    If not reply a good defender instead of McGovern
    Salary: 496.3K


  11. Got double chance both main leagues, tough matchups, 5 trades. Using 1 to go Buddy to Josh Kelly.
    Assuming Howe misses a week:
    TU: trade him (probly Brayshaw)
    TD: keep him and cover by loophole Murphy into O’Riordan, trade Stefmart to Grundy.
    (Very keen on the Stefmart to Grundy luxury trade and it’s locked if Howe plays and no other major issues).


  12. Cant’ take Buddy and Walters anymore so going to bring in a forward and switch the pair at F6/7

    TU: Westhoff
    TD: Wingard

    Comment Menegola.


  13. 6 trades left. No injuries, coming off 2554 pts and want to supercharge my team.

    Should I go
    Up : dusty to macrae
    Down : stef to grundy


  14. 4 trades left, improvements required.

    T/U – Nank to Grundy

    T/D – Billings to Hoff/Breust

    Considering I may need replace Howe with one trade.


  15. I’ve only got 2 trades left but I finished 8th in my league and am sitting 1,444 in overall ranking. its not a cash league this year and my main aim was to sneak into to 1,000 so I think Im just going to burn my last 2 trades this week.

    Degoey and rice out for Lloyd and lienert (via TMac swing to fwd line).

    This means I can shift one of buddy/walters to bench in forward line and also loophole ahern with dusty in mids. I also have a swing between fwd/mid, mid/def and def/fwd to cover for injuries.

    T/U go for it
    T/D save the trades de-goey should be back soon and will be a handy loophole with walters/buddy in the last few rounds.


  16. I have three options…..
    Cogs or wines to MacRae
    Robinson to menegola
    Shaw to Lloyd.

    First two take one trade, Lloyd takes two.

    Comments ?


  17. Short of it:
    T/U: Hold trades
    T/D: Fyfe to Macrae
    Comment: Fyfe to Cripps

    Long of it (ik this isn’t really the right place to do this, but oh well)
    My situation is this: finished top of cash league by 3 games predominantly due to some lucky weeks/big wins. I have 2 trades left (1 more this week) after trading in Lloyd for Sicily. Winning the cash league is my top priority atm.

    My team is as follows:
    DEF: Lloyd, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Hurn, Shaw (Mihocek, Austin)

    MID: Titch, Danger, Oliver, FYFE, Zerret, Zorko, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Spargo, B.Daniels)

    RUC: Gawn, Martin (T.English)

    ***FWD: Mundy, Heeney, McLean, Gray, Buddy, Fritsch (L. Ryan, T. Smith)

    Not sure what to do with Fyfe, I held him thinking he’d be back round 20/21, now I’m not so sure.

    I can lose a game this week, but I’d rather not as I’d have to play the league’s red hot favourite in the prelims.

    Was thinking Fyfe to Macrae or Cripps (see comment). But ***my forward line needs some work and would only have 1 trade left to do it.

    What do I do SCT community?


  18. Only 2 trades and $60k left. Wondering what I should do with Buddy

    T/U – Trade to Menegola/TMac/someone under $464k
    T/D – Just loophole with Ahern and reassess next week



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