Uncharted Territory – Round 14

Written by The Salamander on June 18 2021

Last week, I took a look at where Changkuoth Jiath’s points had gone. He then promptly bounced back to his early-season form. Perhaps I can do the same for his teammate, Jarman Impey?

For the record, here’s an updated version of the chart I closed with last time:

Although Impey hasn’t been over 100 since Round 8, it’s only his last two scores that have been particularly poor, so I’ll start by looking there.

The shape of his point distribution hasn’t changed, suggesting he hasn’t had a huge role change, but it’s clearly a lot smaller:

Plotting his weekly scores with his metres-gained shows that his output is nowhere near as tightly coupled with that stat as CJ’s is:

The big dropoff after Round 8 might suggest a minor role change, however: the high metres-gained of the early part of the season are indicative of a halfback distributor role, which looks to have dried up a bit.

Whatever the reason, though, the next chart clearly shows where his points have gone:

He’s simply not getting as much of the ball.

Maybe that will change this week? Given the bye situation this week, for the sake of the 34 percent of coaches who have him in their teams, let’s hope so.


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One thought on “Uncharted Territory – Round 14”

  1. Not finding the ball. That’s pretty much it, Sal.

    Won’t be helped by Scrimshaw continuing to improve nor once Day gets cooking.

    Nice write up as always.



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