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Written by on March 16 2020

Hey all

Here is a list of the top performing value picks in the midfield from the Marsh Series (ranked by $/ppm).  These are players priced higher than the Rowell line ($207 300) but less than a premo ($543 000).

Ignoring those with DPP, we will take a closer look at a few of the more popular picks in 2020.

At 2% ownership the best ‘value’ pick from the Marsh Series is Jackson HATELY.

So what would happen to his price if he could average 90?  Well, you could legitimately sell him as early as Rd8 (even 7) for cash plus points, or you would more likely prioritise lower SC-scorers and hold him until his bye at M8.

The risks are that he either underperforms, or is dropped once Ward or Taranto return, or worse still, both!

As one of the higher-owned midpriced picks, Jack VINEY is worth a look at 3.3% ownership.

Yes he’s fit, yes all his key indicators are good or great, but with his past injury history and the fact that he has never come close to what we would like before, suggests he is a trap.  Still Max GAWN said he’s in ripper shape earlier this week and his Marsh Series performances suggest he is not wrong.  Just think there are better options!

Next up is the breakout contender on everyone’s lips, Hugh McCLUGGAGE, who is only behind Sam WALSH (5.5%) in the popularity stakes, at 4.4% ownership.

If you start him he really needs to become a keeper and ave. 110+.  Can he do that?  Yes he can.  Will he do that?  Not sure, but if you do start him I would keep him until at least his bye and even then probably hold onto him until you see how many spare trades you have come Finals or Rd20.  Good luck if you do, though he is not for me.  If I was going to start one, which I may still do depending on decent cow availability it would be …

… at 5.5% ownership Sam WALSH is the highest-owned of all midpriced MIDs.  It is easy to understand why.

While most would say he needs to become a premium and ave. 110+, I’m not convinced he does.  Put it this way, if he ave’d 107 I’d be very happy.

While he would start losing some money by his bye, he would likely require just a single trade (+ minimal stashed funds) to a fallen premium and you have only paid $471.9k for 107 pts/wk.  If the rookies just aren’t there this year and you have already picked all the best value picks (in your eyes) on your DEF and FWD lines, then he will very much come into my reckoning.  I think he will average 107+ in 2020.  Just a hunch.

So what do we think?  While the MIDs is not a line to take risks, we may be forced to with the dearth of rookies, especially on our MID lines.  Are there any that take your fancy?


As requested, let’s have a quick look at Andrew McGRATH.  He will need to average a min. 99 to be an OK pick.  He scored 94 and 105 in the recent MS (from 83% and 90% TOG respectively).  If he can average 99+, he will make over $100k by the time his bye comes around AND will have provided valuable onfield pts.  But, he would then require a min. 1.5 trades to help get him to an uber premo.  I’d like to see him ave. a min. 107 (like Walsh but despite the price difference) simply because of the cost of an additional half trade.  Here are the numbers …

RUCs will be up later tonight or first thing tomorrow.


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13 thoughts on “Value Picks – MIDs”

    1. As a mad bombers fan, and watched him closely for his career, I’m confident this is his break out year. Contested beast…lock at M5 for me after Neale Cripps Bont Oliver.


      1. Hey Wighty, not much love for Mcgrath so far but he looked to be everywhere both Marsh games. You would know better then me but do you think ess are looking to unleash Mcgrath full time into the midfield (similar to andrew brayshaw for freo) or will Heppell’s return impact his midfield minutes?


    2. He’s now included above. Am not wholly convinced and would rather pick any/all of Andrew BRAYSHAW, Jack STEVEN or Devon SMITH ahead of him, based on relative starting prices and likely returns.
      The return of HEPPELL will likely stymie his inside minutes and hence output.


  1. I have and still am considering going walsh at M6 i wouldn’t be surprised if he could average you 105 and for me that would be more than okay for his price.. I could easily upgrade him at his bye or later on if he is holding his spot.
    the decision is:

    TU: Petracca F3 + Green M7

    TD: Walsh M6 + Budarick F6


  2. apologies here is the scenario written better.. ignore above please!

    MID from M6-M8 Walsh Rowell Pickett
    FWD F3-F6 Steven Dev Taylor Budarick

    MID from M6-M8 Rowell Green Pickett
    FWD F3-F6 Petracca Steven Dev Taylor

    I think walsh presents huge value for an M6 he could do an oliver a late season upgrade i think but comes at the price of having too run steven at F3 instead of tracca, risky? look over the options above carefully & let me know 🙂 comment if you wish


    1. very close. Depends what you have Walsh and Budarick averaging vs Petracca and Green. Too tight for me to call either way as there are too many variables.


      1. yeah it is tight AS.
        i probably have
        walsh & budarick at 105+50 = 155
        Petracca & Greene at 95 + 65 + 160

        BUT i feel walsh’s role is locked in and an absolute jet and budarick solid JS
        petracca is likely to go back to a half forward role at any moment and could drop some stinkers and Green has ordinary JS in a star studded side…


  3. Fancy Mcluggage .
    Heard him speak when elected to leadership group and has maturity and age bracket for break out contender.
    Also like Houston although will select him as defender.
    17 round season could mean no bye rounds which would change dynamics of some selections .
    Have T Green as mid 7 however if not selected tempted to go English and Brayshaw and drop Gawn as may miss occasional game if multiple games in a round


    1. I have this feeling that Berry will take the leap this season not McCluggage, Hugh is too good at too many things think he might end up in that Duncan, Sidebottom, Gaff kind of range,



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