Weekend Review – Blues v Swans

Written by Motts on February 23 2010

I lost a carton of Coronas and 2 limes on this game. One of my grubby mates who knows how enthusiastic I am around this time every year took advantage of my confidence before the bounce to get a bet on. Hope he chokes on ‘em.


N Malceski ($273,500, 51.50) – Apparently he’s in great nick. He scored 93 so could be one of the pickups of the year if you trust his knee. I don’t.
L Jetta ($114,200) – looked freakish on occasion scoring 91 so if the last spot on your midfield bench isn’t already filled with names like Banner, Barlow, or Bastinac you’ll probably be giving this guy and his flashy green wheels some thought.
T Kennelly ($320,700) – Hasn’t skipped a beat in 12 months. 80 points with a Carrazzo tag all night. Do yourself a favour.
B McGlynn ($404,300, 76.13) – I like this guy and it looks like he’s fitting in quite well at Sydney. 18 possessions, 2.2 and 79 points.
G Rohan ($154,200) – #6 draft pick who plays both forward and midfield. Showed promise with a 65. May be defeated by a lot of supercoaches’ No ‘Ranger policies.
M Seaby ($287,900, 54.20) – Finally gets a shot at the #1 ruck role with a new club. Won’t be getting a shot at my club though. 59.
D Currie ($100,200) – Mumford wasn’t playing so DC got a bit more of a run. Worth consideration for your 4th ruck position. 33.


P Bower ($459,400, 86.50) – “Gentlemen’s Perm” looked good all night scoring 115 but will his scores dip when Waite returns?
B Thornton ($512,800, 96.55) – Worth consideration with an average like this and a 105 on Saturday night but gee he’s pricey.
H Scotland ($495,300, 93.25) – Consistency a problem last year but he finished the season strongly and has started this one equally well with a 105. Bit risky in my opinion.
C Judd ($589,300, 110.95) – Other than the 3 game suspension at the start of the year what’s not to like? Scored 99 after a slow start in the forward line.
B Gibbs ($568,600, 107.05) – I’ll definitely be giving this guy some thought. Still to reach his peak and racks up scores like this 96 at will. At. Will.
A Carrazzo ($452,600, 85.21) – In a move that will send shivers down the spines of anyone considering him for their backline, Ratts put him in a tagging role all night. Stat killing move – 69. Why Ratts why?
C Yarran ($239,900, 45.17) – Showed enough to make you think he could be a good addition to your FWD line but not enough to dispel all worry associated with such a decision. Betts and Waite weren’t playing so he definitely had more chances but he wasted them kicking 1.4 and scoring 42.
M Kreuzer ($421,100, 79.27) – Only had a 49 but was stymied in the forward line most of the night by the Swans flood.
B McLean ($425,800, 80.16) – Not a good first game as a Blue. Struggled all night with the tag of Captain Kirk who was exacting retribution because he didn’t shake his hand pre-game. 40.
L Henderson ($301,200, 56.71) – The Great White Hope still has a lot to learn. Got bodied out of a lot of contests and made a lot of simple errors. Scored 5. Hard to believe he went #8 in the same draft as Kreuzer, Cotchin, Masten, Morton, Palmer and Dangerfield.
R Warnock ($132,200) – Subbed off in Q3 but did enough with 37 to earn the 3rd ruck spot in my team.

Other notes: Brad Fisher tore his ACL in Q2 and will be out for at least 3 months and maybe 12. In the unlikely event that he was in your team you’ll need a new mid priced forward.


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10 thoughts on “Weekend Review – Blues v Swans”

  1. When I saw the list of Carlton players reviewed I thought I must have clicked on a “Rate My Team” article. Any rating out of 10 for the Blues?


  2. I am the grubby mate who is looking forward to ripping top off 24 ice cold Coronas…Eff Arr Double EEEEE. My interpretation of events are a little different of course. I received an SMS saying “get on my boys” “put the farm on them” or something of that nature. It was also followed up with Roos Swans have NEVER won a pre season game. I replied with :”I will have a carton on the Swans” to which Motts replied “EASIEST CARTON I EVER EARNED”…I honestly believed the swans were good things and could not for the life of me see where the Blues were going to get their goals from. Lachie Henderson being the focal point….gimme a break. If I took advantage of anything it was Motts one eyed optimism and his inability, just like all other Carlton supporters, to admit that losing Fev is gonna leave a big hole up front that just aint gonna be filled this year. Bryce Gibbs was the man on field with the highest goal return from 09…with 15. Fisher now out…Betts on the outer…Fev’s 80 goals living in QLD = Blues 9th or worse. Carn the Pies.


  3. I was quite happy with Malceski’s form mate, i watch the replay yesterday while nursing a hangover.

    Letta and Kennelly are also in form …. will have to see if i can re-arrange things to fit Letta in.



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