Weekly Rocky Poll

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 17 2017

We’re having to ask the question again, which is never a good sign……….

Rockliff’s scores since returning from injury are as follows: 92, 59, 83, 68, 90 & 57.ย  If Fyfe was an inconvenience then Rocky is bordering on disaster!ย  Is there any chance of him belting out some big scores over the last six weeks?ย  Or time to cut losses?


What to do with Tom Rockliff (BRL)?

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Rocky Poll”

  1. I would trade Rocky to Jelwood if i was in this position, if i had Jelwood though, i would find it hard to find someone to trade him to, unless i had a lot of cash


  2. Brought him in post byes at the “he’ll never be this cheap again ” price of 596k thinking that he had the x-factor to churn out scores of 160+ and be difference in tight games.
    Have lost two games since I brought him in by 11 and 27 points but I can’t help thinking if trade him out the 160 will appear.
    Almost wish I could pick the paper up and find he is out for the year.


  3. An absolute liability. Worst thing is, I haven’t traded in a month now and still sit on 6 trades. I’ve been waiting for him to come good for so long now he’s lost all value. Every second week he teases with a 80-90 and it looks like he’s working his way back into the game before churning out another 50-60 the following week.

    What I would do to go back in time and move him on for $582,800 after he had the two low scores.


  4. Personally, I’m using valuable trades to move him on, to be replaced by Titch. My last few games have been too close, and Rocky is unfortunately a little bit of a POD, meaning unlike Fyfe I won’t come up against someone sharing my pain most weeks. He needs to go.

    Also, you can thank me for the 140+ score he pumps out this week after I’ve traded him out.


  5. OK, now that Pendles is confirmed out and Danger is doubtful, I have to change my vote to HOLD. No choice.


        1. I seriously considered trading Cripps for Pendles.

          Went Ward instead. Phew.

          Sloane and Danger don’t look good for a friday game.

          Bench cover tested and its only monday!


  6. Rockliff must still be carrying a shoulder niggle or Brisbane don’t want him to be overdoing the shoulder. He’s obviously not tackling and going as hard as he was earlier in the year.
    Is there a chance he might not be 100% focused or mentally checking out as the season goes on? Rumours are he’s trade bait and Adelaide look like a destination.

    FAR far left field trade idea: Rockliff to Witherden if you don’t have him, leaving you with cash to use for all this other premo carnage going on.



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