Weekly Sloane Poll

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 17 2017

It’s the third consecutive week that we need to ask the question, again not a good sign!

Since opposition Coaches re-discovered the tag, Sloane has gone from top SC-Scorer to mid-priced has-been.  His last six games have produced 89, 66, 80, 90, 91 & 50.  To compound the situation, Sloane was heavily concussed on Saturday night and is no certainty to line up against Geelong this week.  Where does that leave us with the Sloane Ranger?  Is his time up?


What to do with Rory Sloane (ADE)?

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Sloane Poll”

  1. I’ve got Pendles, Sloane and Danger – I think I’ll hold Danger and trade Pendles, unsure about Sloane but he’s been a disaster since I traded him in around the byes


  2. Has to be on my never again list. Absolutely woeful since teams started tagging him. Should have learnt from last year. 4 touches at half time, concussion excluded he was rubbish.



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