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Written by Motts on December 2 2013

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28 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters”

  1. Not really the right section for this, but it needs to go somewhere…

    Official 2014 AFL fantasy sports news:

    – Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell and Jarrad McVeigh have ALL been confirmed as D/M DPPs for next season.

    Whilst Hodge, who has only had two 20-game seasons in the last six years, will be a touch-and-go call for starting squads, the other two are going to be next to impossible to pass on.

    McVeigh has only missed six games in eight years and is coming off a 105 average after a move to lucrative defensive sweeping duties.

    Mitchell may be 31 next year but he has only averaged less than 100 once in the last nine years (98.8) and he has only missed ten games of footy in eight years (of which at least a couple were restings).

    – As expected by most, Brendon Goddard has (rightly) been stripped of his DPP and will be a pure M in 2014.

    – The kids are going to be A LOT more expensive. Whilst the article is talking about AFL Fantasy rather than SC, the changes are transferable as both games are run by VS. In that game, Whitfield cost $183k this season whereas Boyd will be $262k in 2014! That should mean Boyd will debut at around the $285k mark in SC, which is astronomical. No prizes for guessing that VS want more viable alternatives to the ‘Guns n Rookies’ strategy that we love so much.

    – Similarly, pick 77 in the draft (Johathon Marsh of the Pies) will be $135k. Last year, pick 77 was Bradley Hartman of the Cats who started (and remained as he didn’t play a game) at $102k in AFL Fantasy (and at $109k in SC). Again, if a similar percentage increase is used in SC 2014, it seems like even the cheapest kids will be costing around the $140k mark.

    – Like I said, it’s an AFL Fantasy article, not SC, but if you want to check it out:


  2. More Fantasy News:

    – Rhys Palmer has received M/F DPP status

    – The draftees will only be at the lowest price from pick 49 (Dylan Main – WCE) onwards. This means we pay a premium for more rookies than ever before and that premium will be higher than ever before. Picking the kids correctly is going to be even more important now.

    – If VS keep the formula that they have used for GWS, then there will be a lot of very tasty looking discounts for players who played 9 (!) or less games in 2013. The basic standard seems to be that you get a 30% discount for no games (meaning Hamish McIntosh and Matt Suckling are going to be priced at 71 and 58 respectively! Alex Johnson, while not a great scorer, could be a handy bench option as he should be priced at 45 and will play every week barring injury.) From there, you get a 3% less discount for each game that you played. For example, if you played 3 games in 2013, you get a 21% discount.

    – This isn’t confirmed, but that should see Sandilands priced at just 58, Polec priced down with the rookies, Dayne Beams at 93 and Dale Thomas at 67. Along with McIntosh and Suckling that is six guys that will be next to impossible to ignore next season. Along with McVeigh and Mitchell confirmed as D/M DPPs that makes eight for mine. The mid-pricer strategy will be much more in vogue in 2014.

    – While it is not strictly for SC, AFL Fantasy are releasing the prices for their game over the next 18 days. It won’t give us the exact prices for SC, but it will tell us DPP changes and it will also give us information on discounts for players. For those keen to follow: Melbourne come out next (in two days) so we get to see prices for the likes of Michie, Hogan and Dom Tyson (who should be priced at only 35!)


  3. Its info like this that you come up with Don that separates the amateurs like me from you blokes that actually contend for top 1000..
    Kudos to you!


  4. So the Dees information is now out. Key pieces:

    – Jesse Hogan will be a lot more expensive compared to what Jaeger was this season. In 2013 O’Meara was priced down with the kids after being involved in the mini-draft a season earlier. This year, Hogan starts at a slightly more expensive price than #1 selection, Tom Boyd. For mine, this basically prices him out of my side.

    * The other down side of this is that you would expect Jack Martin to have a similar premium and, while I still think that he will warrant selection, it will cost you more to take him than say, #2 selection Kelly.

    – Viv Michie and Dom Tyson are both going to be a bit more than expected, but both will still be less than most first round draft selections and have AFL pre-seasons under their belts, so they are still pretty tempting selection options.

    – Mitch Clark is cheap. Very cheap. Cheaper than Tyson and Hogan cheap. Basically, he should replace Hogan on your radar. He is really injury prone recently, but he is an experienced campaigner who is priced with draftees. He averaged 83 in his first season at the Dees too, so if he can stay on the park and get an 80+ average – at first round draftee price – that would be exceptional value as a starting F6.

    – Jack Grimes has D/M and Jack Watts D/F and they are probably the only remotely fantasy relevant DPPs at the Dees at this stage.


  5. In other news, apparently the following will/won’t be DPPs (from a number of sources)

    MID Only:

    Tom Rockliff, Brendon Goddard, Steve Johnson, Dyson Heppell (all expected) and Dale Thomas (damn…)

    RUCK Only:

    Dean Cox and Nic Nat (damn again as it means we will now have to pick two of the under-priced trio of Nic Nat, Sandilands and McIntosh)


    Luke Parker (tempting), Tom Mitchell (also tempting, even with the dreaded second-year-blues), Chad Wingard (got to be in contention), Ben Howlett (under-priced but probably not) and, wait for it, PATRICK DANGERFIELD (well there is most people’s F1 sorted!)


    Luke Hodge, Jarrad McVeigh and Sam Mitchell (as mentioned earlier), Jimmy Bartel (was resurgent last season so must be looked at) and there are conflicting reports as to whether Andrew Walker will get it or not.

    So biggest news: P. Dangerfield is available as a forward again!


  6. Not a heap of interesting information with the Saints.

    Billings is a DPP (M/F) which is a plus, but he is still very expensive.

    Probably the best thing is the Billy Longer is priced down with the kids meaning that, if he gets the #1 ruck duties over Hickey, he will be a great R3 and possibly a cheaper, alternate strategy R2 (for those feeling adventurous)


  7. Well the Dogs only have two DPP players, both M/F (Hunter and Honeychurch). Bit surprised Higgins lost his after only playing three game this season, but anyway…

    Their whole side looks uninteresting from a fantasy point of view. Griffen and Minson will be good (and expensive) and the rest don’t look under-priced enough to worry about.


  8. Gold Coast information is out and there are a few interesting things.

    – Charlie Dixon has received R/F DPP status. He averaged 89 last year which was reduced by three red vestings. He knocked up scores of 102, 103, 104, 115, 130 and 142 in six of his 13 games, so he can get the job done. Not sure if he is really in my calculations, but someone to keep an eye on with a number of last seasons valuable R/F DPPs losing that status in 2014.

    – David Swallow does get the D/M DPP. This would probably be bigger and more exciting news if he wasn’t sharing this new-found status with Mitchell, Hodge and McVeigh, but after three years in the system, the Suns would be hoping he takes his game to the next level pretty soon.

    – It is confirmed that, unlike Jaeger O’Meara in 2013, Jack Martin will not be priced with the cheaper kids. Rather, he will be the most expensive first year player in the game! You still have to look at him, because everyone has been telling us for 12 months that he is performing better than Jaeger at the same stage and Jaeger did produce an 89.9 average last season. That being said, selecting him is now a harder decision for fantasy coaches to make than it would’ve been if things had stayed status quo.

    – For mine though, the biggest news is Nathan Bock. Whilst he is no longer a D/F DPP (now only available as a forward), he will be priced down with the later draft picks. He won’t score you lots of points but, if he is able to actually play, he is a safer bet than a kid – and cheaper than most of them too! All he needs to do is get through the pre-season, continue playing in the forward line and just string together three good weeks and he will have done his job, from a bargain basement price. It’s still early planning, but Mitch Clark at F6 and Bock at F7 is looking like a good way to start.



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