How Did You Go – Rd20

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 5 2018

Did you make it through the first week of Finals? Anyone with Captain Josh Kelly? Tell us all about it…….

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51 thoughts on “How Did You Go – Rd20”

      1. thanks mate! its by far my highest score in the 4 years Ive been playing sc.
        just checked my leagues though and one guy had 2788!


  1. 2539/Titch
    Greene absolutely killed me along with no help from Ryan, Fritsch, Tmac and Pendles.
    Would still be happy if it weren’t for my opponent in my main league scoring 2793


  2. 2627/Titch/was 1127th

    won all finals bar the one i couldn’t afford to lose. elimination final in SCT nutbags. i would have lost to almost everyone in the 8 with a few 2700+s.

    not disappointed, more pleased for this league i created pre-season which was
    ranked just outside the 100 before this week!!

    huge shout to Chef Curry, who ‘max’ed out with a 2750!

    go SCT nutbags!!


  3. Well today I learned that when you have 2 Emergencys on the benchand only one spot to fill, they pick the lowest scoring one to put on field… So I had Ahern’s 40 instead of Cripps’ 122…

    So how did I go?

    Don’t f*****g ask…


  4. 2485/Titch
    Thought i was looking at bleak chances against my opponents after the Saturday games and then Kelly pumps out a 205 for me! I thought i was back in with a chance and then Oliver just laughs at me and bangs out a 147 and cuts any decent chance i had. I hate this game at times……….

    Studs: Duncan, Kelly, Danger, Dusty, Titch, Zerrett, Franklin, Cripps, Yeo and Hurn.
    Some massive scores from these guys which was great problem was everyone has most of them so it means nothing in a contest. Duncan did well with his 110 against Richmond but i thought he could squeeze more out of that. Franklin and his 178 was incredible and is main reason why i have him as he can go massive, 1 issue was my opponent had him and it doesn’t make me happy……. Finally Kelly and his 205 is beautiful and gave me hope for my matchups. Didn’t see the scare until half and i saw a 113 and almost fainted due to how important it was.

    SPUDS….: Hurley, Stef, Wallis, JPK, Devon, Laird, Westhoff, Mclean, Heeney and Simpson
    Those first 4 were my POD’s and they had shockers and it just killed all faith in the team. Hurley on 82 then the last quarter get 6 points…. 6! Wallis playing saints in a winning team and produced his lowest score…… JPK, bring him in and gets injured and now back to back mid 70 scores…… I could have brought in Oliver after his bad week but noooooo, why would i do that. It just hurts so bad! Heeney, Westhoff, Mclean all dropped off at the end of the year and it really frustrates me…..

    won 5 lost 5 but lost the one that mattered. Thankfully i was in the top 4 and i really need things to turn around as i was still 100 behind many other teams this week.
    Rant over….


  5. 2610/Grundy

    9/10 league wins, lost the 10th by 11 points!

    Best score of 2018, so far….

    Considering Heeney, McLean, Simpson, Westhoff, Hurley, Laird & D Smith all under performing….this could of been a massive week-end ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. U2, Bearded Burbler!

        Noticed you & I are still alive in CattasSCTchallenge league, both straight through to the last 4! If where both good enough in 2 weeks time, an epic GF awaits us Nemisis ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. 2716/ Mitchell was 1296
    By far best score I have had playing Supercoach since participating since last year.
    9/9 leagues finals won

    Welcome Kelly and respectable Liehart covering for Savage and Howe as well as Doedee
    Only underperformers
    Heeney , Simpson, D Smith, McLean, Hurley
    Took a risk by using 2 trades but paid off.


  7. 2661/ Mitchell

    Regained the services of J Webster thus avoiding a 3rd successive donut. Looped Billings and Ahern in the fwd line and Walters and Wines in the mids.

    8 players above 120 (S Coniglio, P Dangerfield, B Grundy, J Kelly, T Mitchell, C Oliver, D Zorko, E Yeo)
    10 players below 100
    4 below 80 ( I Heeney, R Laird, T McLean, J Webster)

    5/6 league wins including a win over Father Dougal in the SCT Contributors League to earn a spot in the preliminary final.

    My highest score ever and J Kelly has solidified his mantle as my favourite player in the AFL and SC.


    1. Well done mate. I only bought Kelly in after the byes cos of the way you talk about him. Thanks for that. Watched a LOT of footy this weekend. He was the standout, and Iโ€™m not talking SuperCoach. Heโ€™ll be #1 MID-starter next year if his groin doesnโ€™t impinge between now and pre-season.


      1. Thanks. Glad I could be of assistance regarding your decision.

        Kelly has established himself as part of the top echelon of mids in the competition over the past 18 months. One of the things I love about him is his ability to play outside and inside effectively which is illustrated by his high possesion count, high disposal efficiency, tackles and contested possessions whilst utilising his kicking prowess.

        Started him this year, held him throughout his 6 week injury and will hopefully be a permanent starter in my lineup for the remainder of his career. Joins Dangerfield, Mitchell, Oliver and Merrett as my mids locked in for next year.


        1. agreed on the locks for next year, bar Danger (unless he has DPP, in which case he’ll be starting FWD for mine). i’ll be picking Macrae ahead of him!

          Danger will be 28 next year. Records suggest his best output is behind him (when you look at Pendlebury, Selwood, Ablett, JPK, Swan and other past MID guns)


          1. Looking forward to the possibility. Hopefully I can regain the services of N Fyfe for the prelim or potential grand final.


  8. 2610/Titch
    6/7Leauge wins lost by 16 points. Spewin I could have bought in Hurn or Brayshaw this week but went for T-Mac instead. Could have been 7/7.
    Oh well still stoked for my best score this season!
    Well done everyone some huge scores around this week!


  9. 2594/ titch
    Needed to win last week to make finals scored 2267 , same team this week , no trades. Still have a couple of trades , trying to finish strong and help keep league ranks up there.


  10. 2436/Titch

    Heroes Buddy (at last), Yeo, Danger, Crippa, Oliver and a big shout out to new recruit Adam Kennedy replacing Savage.

    Duds under 80 included Laird, Rocky (got in too late to do the loop – cost 64 pts), JPK, Goldi, McLean, Heeny and Fritsch.

    Was in 4 major finals, lost the two quallies (opponents uniques Kelly and Cogs did me in) .Won both knockouts so still playing 4 next week. One trade to use wisely.


  11. 2568/ Mitchell

    Won 4 out of 7 leagues, unfortunately lost to Putin’s Monkeys in 2 leagues… Grrr.

    Knocked off FD though, so not all bad!


  12. 2573 – Danger
    Won 5/9 leagues, but lost the ones I care about the most. And what kills me is I had changed the VC from Danger to T Mitchell on Friday am but then discovered to my dismay during Friday nights game, that it hadn’t worked. Was tempted to then Captain T Mitchell or Gawn but decided that would be be asking for trouble, throwing away a VC score of 130+. Bummed as I would have won 3/4 with T Mitchell’s score as Captain. Sigh.
    Was out for my birthday dinner tonight so missed the WCE/Freo game, but from all reports, looks like I’ll be needing a Gaff replacement? Anyone with trades to spare???


  13. 2527/titch
    Ahern covering taranto was a huge fail
    Trading in mcrae for jpk was a win as was having kelly when opponents didnt. Came from behind to win both big money leagues


  14. 2484/VC Mitchell/840

    Went backwards another 200 odd places in the rankings. Not really concerned about leagues, just overall, but won a couple finals.

    Have to use my last trade to move Gaff on now which is disappointing, can bring in Macrae with $800 leftover…….I see it as a sign that it was mean to be………

    Well done to the massive scores out there!


  15. A very poor 2475 after 8 spuds under 100. Was sitting top of 4/6 leagues and surprised I only fell 360 spots to 1560. Have 4 trades and didn’t think I would need to use any but kelly/buddy fixed me right up in 4 leagues including knocked out in two. Aint timing everything !!

    Ah well, at least I dont have Gaff


  16. 2519 / VC Danger / fell from 88th to 130

    Very ordinary week in the end. Can live with the VC choice but Stefan Martin lost me almost 100 points on Grundy owners. Was top of the table in all my leagues and lost each game. Luck I get the double chance!!


  17. 2575/Mitchell/24

    Dropped ranks yet again this week had quite a bit of spuds yet again i don’t think i’ll be able to reach top 10 anymore i’ve lost 13 ranks the last two weeks


    Tmac ( Traded Ryan to him :/)

    Trading Gaff to either Matt Crouch or Joelwood leaving me with 1 trade left.



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