Cow Talk – Round 19

Written by Father Dougal on 4:00 pm, July 26 2017

Our thoughts may be turning to finals but if you need a source of cash you still care about cows, and maybe even Cow Talk!

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Poll – Supercoach Goals

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, July 26 2017

Jack wants to see a breakdown of Coaches that play for League wins and overall SC ranking.  So the question is: If your Uncle Jack wanted to get off a horse, would you help your Uncle Jack off a horse?  😉

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The Fallen Premiums – R18

Written by MJ on 5:00 am, July 26 2017

With just one more week of action before finals, trades couldn’t be more important as we look to secure those final 4 or final 8 spots on the table.

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