Table For Two – Round 19

Written by The Salamander on July 22 2021

Got questions as we head into Round 19? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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44 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 19”

  1. Weightman:

    T/U: Trade out this week
    T/D: Hold for now

    Currently have Weightman/Madden/McCreery as M8/Bench


      1. Guthrie’s 483 and averaged 120 for the first 10 rounds. Might be worth a punt there at the price too


  2. I can either

    T/U Hold my second trade and loop Cripps/Bramble
    T/D Cripps to Petracca….or a few others around the same price ??


  3. hmm, jed anderson back in might impact t thomas’ minutes in the mid, no?

    TU – still take thomas, could be a good POD for the run home
    TD – bolton, dusty-less midfield could be beneficial


    1. Depends what you’re playing for. Bolton will be the go to for dusty trades. Huge trade in numbers this week.

      I’d be looking outside the square….Thomas? Kennedy?

      Roll the dice.


  4. I have an obvious one on paper BUT still undecided. Can trade either Madden or Bramble to Guthrie. Keen to keep Madden for his DPP with Briggs, who I think will get games with Flynn out. Bramble has tons of money to make, but with only 3 trades left, I’m unlikely to be able to cash him in later, so the money he makes is useless. I also have Sharp who I think is better cover anyway. Could just wait a week for Bramble to Guthrie and make the extra 30-40k but will miss out on points this week.

    TU: Madden to Guthrie and lose DPP flexibility
    TD: Bramble to Guthrie to maximise points


  5. Do we still rate Bolton as the best price-comparable replacement for Dusty now he’s named at FF?


    1. Don’t pay too much attention to the Tigers team sheet – if Liam Baker is a centre half forward, then I’m an astronaut.


  6. I have only 2 trades left, do I:

    T/U: Trade Dusty to a premo midfielder (Use up 2 trades)
    T/D: Trade Dusty to a Bolton/DeGoey (Use 1 trade and keep one up my sleeve).

    Appreciate you thoughts!
    Thanks everyone.


  7. Kind of a weird one of what’s more important, keeping a loophole for captaincy or having cover for late outs.

    TU: E on F Macrae
    TD: hold off so that Walsh’s 190 as a VC can be taken


  8. Trey Ruscoe-Yay or Nay. Looked the goods in defence on the weekend and should have a settled role down there for the rest of the season and only 199K.


  9. If you had to keep a F6 for the year put of these two?? (the other gets traded)

    TU – Weightman
    TD – CCJ


  10. After replacing Dusty, I’m down to 1 trade remaining with the following ideas:

    TU: use the trade to go Jiath to Luke McDonald, meaning I can bench Bianco/Madden
    TD: save the trade for any future injury/COVID issues to a premo, meaning I have to field Bianco/Madden for at least this week and possibly the rest of the season


  11. Rate my team,

    May, Lloyd, Short, Daniel, Harmes, Haynes. (Bianco Walker)

    Miller, Mcrae, Mitchel, Merret, Laid, Wines, Guthrie, Bramble. (Newcombe,Cockatoo, Ginivani)

    Gawn, Grundy (Reeves)

    Zorko Danger Ziebel Hall De Goey I Smith.
    (Waterman Briggs)

    Forced trade last week Mills out for Haynes???

    4 trades ( 1 more this week).$220,000 any ideas please.



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