2UP: MAR 6

Written by Schwarzwalder on 4:13 am, March 22 2018

Here it is, Coaches……the day we’ve been gearing up for months now.  With only an hour between teams being announced and the first rolling lockout, all outcomes must be explored and prepared.

Are you still having trouble seperating two players?  Or a combination of players?  Enter them into the comments below and our Coaches will do their best to point you in the right direction with our Thumbs UP/DOWN function.  Good luck this year, Coaches!

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2UP: MAR 5

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:44 am, March 19 2018

Under 100 hours to go before the first bounce and we’re still agonising over our starting line-ups.

You know the routine by now……If there are two players you can’t seperate (or a combination of players), type them into the Comments below. The SCT Coaches will use the Thumbs UP/DOWN Function to help you out……..

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The TEAM 2018 – RUCK

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:00 pm, March 18 2018

The TEAM is on the look-out for a 2nd elite Ruckman to join Big Maxy.  Vote NOW………..

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The TEAM 2018 – MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on 5:00 pm, March 17 2018

How best to start the season off in the midfield?  Asking for a TEAM………

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