Poll : Some Hard Decisions

Written by JimmyDee on 12:00 pm, April 2 2024

Lisa wants to know if it is too late to chase the money and or points of some of the tearaway players to this point, especially burn men Heeney and Whitfield. I’ve chucked in a few others averaging 130+ to think about, for balance.

Heeney is averaging 139 which has increased his price by $107k, and has a break even of  63 and another projected price hike of $39k after next round. At $591k, and grown in ownership to 63k, what is your collective opinion?

Whitfield ‘s break even is 70 and he’s projected to rise to 560k He is averaging 117,

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Coaches have given 13 responses.

Poll: Young

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on 12:57 am, March 25 2024

An unexpected case for correction.

Coaches have given 12 responses.