Progress Scores – Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 21 2018

Dusty’s 139 is looking handy after Danger’s 125 and Gawn’s 93. How’s your team travelling?


Score/ C or VC/ # of player


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8 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd18”

  1. 1161/11/Mitchell or Cripps

    Missed the NicNat < Martin trade by 1 minute, note to Catta….when going to a Bucks Day/Night do your trades early you drunken fool 🙂

    Decisions to make tomorrow, who to captain after Gawn spuded it up & do I take the donut & drop a few league wins or go Lycett which will potentially give me a huge chance of going 10/10 leagues???

    Cheers Catta



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