Rookie Review – Round 15

Written by Huttabito on July 4 2017

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*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd15AvgBE
Witherden (MID)*Bris$117.3k9183.5-97
RyanFrem$209.9k (+$46.1k)6559.511
MelicanSyd$275.8k (+$24.2k)7357.731
Berry (MID)Bris$310.3k (+$2.7k)6955.340
Cox (FWD)Frem$146.7k (+$29.4k)4645.3-19
M.Hibberd (MID)*NM$123.9k5036.51

Witherden decided his 20 disposals on debut wasn’t good enough so junked it to 29 disposals (16 kicks) at 72% DE in just his second AFL game ever. He looked a little rushed and times which resulted in 5 clangers but 8 marks and 6 rebound 50s helped him finish up on 91 points. He looks well and truly settled in the seniors line up all ready and with his price and DPP status, he is far to good to pass up this weekend as he is set to pop his bubble.

Ryan took some time to get into the game before finding his feet to finish up on 15 disposals (8 kicks) at 87% DE. He is slowly working his way up the rebounding ranks and was Fremantles #2 rebound defender for the afternoon with 5 (1 less than Johnson) which lead to 7 marks. Putting more pressure on the ball too, he laid 5 tackles which helped him get to 65 points which is more than acceptable for any rookie, especially one on benches making money.

Melican continues to tick over for his sub 10,000 owners with a 73 against the Demons keeping his BE low (31). Composed on the night, he had 14 disposals (9 kicks) at 86% DE to go with 5 marks, 3 tackles, 5 1%ers (2nd team high) and a goal assist to see him get his highest score for the season. If you don’t need the money he has made, he still has $20-30k to make over the next few weeks.

Berry has shown in the past that he enjoys when a star midfielder is missing and with Beams out, he flourished yet again to get to 69 points from 15 disposals (7 kicks). He also had 3 marks, 3 tackles (2 free kicks for) and 2 1%ers so it looks like majority of his points were earned through his clean disposal (87% DE). As expected, he only just beat his BE but the 44 has now rolled out dropping it to 40 which should buy him at least another fortnight if you feel so inclined.

Cox missed his first couple but he eventually kicked on target for his first ever AFL goal to convert 1 of his 4 shots for the day. Playing all over the ground (predominately forward, chop outs in the ruck) he took 6 marks (2 contested) and 2 tackles to go with his 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 62% DE. He popped his bubble this weekend and 6,000 coaches jumped on to free up some cash.

M.Hibberd made his long awaited AFL return with 57,500 coaches patiently waiting since Rd2. Didn’t overly impress with 50 points from 13 disposals (4 kicks) at 85% DE to go with 1 mark and 3 tackles. On the bubble if named this week he is probably one not to be chasing as we’ve all seen how out of favour he seems.

Finlayson debut and got injured after 20% game time. Not much else to say.

Z.Guthrie made many teams after JLT1/2 after he look very impressive but a hyper extended knee ruined any chances of a Rd1 debut. After a few games in VFL, the coaches had all but ruled him out of playing AFL this year. With the extensive injury list at Geelong, he finally got his chance but struggled with the pace of the game and finished up on 17 points from 13 disposals (5 kicks) at 62% DE. Looks to be very under done still and likely not relevant this year as he’s only averaging 40 points in the VFL too.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd15AvgBE
MountfordNM$198.6k (+$21.1k)8176.3-9
Powell-PepperPort$370.2k (+$12k)7370.465

Mountford got the duties of tagging Ablett on his 300th and after the first quarter, did a pretty good job of keeping him quiet for the middle half the match before Ablett got off the chain and junked it up. Being drawn to the ball, he collected 17 disposals (9 kicks) at 65% DE but it was a game high 10 tackles which carried most of the weighting in his 81 points. If he continues pressure like that he would be hard pressed getting dropped.

Powell-Pepper just gets it done week after week. Another solid performance of 73 points from 24 disposals (13 kicks) at 67% DE to go with a couple of goals to be Ports only multiple goal kicker for the evening and a don’t argue which left Dustin Martin on the floor. With a BE of 65 you would be confident he beats it yet again.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd15AvgBE

Get around this kid! Darcy held his spot in the team despite Sandliands returning from injury and I guess it was lucky he did. With Sandilands succumbing to a hamstring very early on, Darcy was left to shoulder the load for the team yet again. Despite getting beaten at the centre bounces, he was forced to assert himself at the stoppages and just about broke even there to finish up with 33 hitouts against Longer who is a half decent tap ruckman. Getting around the ground as well, he had 16 disposals (8 kicks) at 63% DE to go with 2 marks, 3 1%ers, team high 7 tackles and a goal. Falling just short on a SuperCoach tonne, CD were unable to get him over the line as he finished on 99 points, not bad in your second AFL game. Given Sandilands has been put on ice for the rest of the season, Darcy should appear quite regularly in the seniors line up, the question is, how do you squeeze in a pure ruck rookie into your line up? Would take balls of steel to park him at R2 otherwise the other option for most is to forgo the premium FWD/RUC cover.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd15AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$342.0k (+$45.7k)8487.8-8
White (MID)Port$250.4k (+$52k)7378.3-23
SchoenmakersHaw$208.8k (+$53.7k)7771-29
Ainsworth (MID)GC$287.6k (+$18.8k)9969.78
BlackGeel$219.1k (+$20.4k)4766.314
J.StewartEss$290.8k (+$25.4k)5963.163
HannanMelb$323.9k (+$6.3k)5758.280
ParsonsGeel$258.8k (+$17k)4951.223
Bolton (MID)Rich$199.0k -51.216
BeechAdel$150.4k (+$33.1k)38482
Brown (MID)*Coll$117.3k-47.5-25
Deluca-Cardillo (MID)Frem$102.3k-33-

Greenwood was making me look like a fool calling him good cover, especially when the news came through J.Selwood was a late out as he was stuck in the 40s at 3Qtr time. He must have himself and cover in his own team and realising his score would be counted, he came home with a 38 point final quarter to propel himself to 84 points thankfully. I was about to go all “typical, everyone else gets him last week for 127 and the one week I get to use him, he’ll give me sweet all”. Nonetheless, he finished up on just 12 disposals (3 kicks) at 83% DE but it was his strong tackle game (9) that got him over the line. 6 AFL games with a low of 68, he feels a lot like Menagola from last season.

White was the second most popular trade in option this week as he managed to stay in the team with both Polec and Broadbent returning as those were the two who could really hurt his spot. Recovered from his 32 point first half to finish up on 73 from 17 disposals (14 kicks) at 65% DE to go with 9 marks and 3 tackles. Unfortunately kicks 3 behinds so missed out on what could have been back to back 90+ scores had he kicked a couple of goals instead.

I am coming for you BB and Schoenmakers is my golden ticket, even if it’s just 77 points at a time! Schoey kicked 2 of the first 3 goals for Hawthorn in his 16 disposal (11 kicks) match. Relatively clean with the ball too, he went with 81% DE to go with 5 marks, 2 1%ers, extra behind and a goal assist. Only a handful of people jumped on for his bubble game but he has now had 2 back to back games that I thought he was capable to give me for the entire year in the Dead Team League! Better late than never I suppose.

Ainsworth was a second rookie this week to fall agonisingly short with 99 points courtesy to a 4 goal game including one which was unlucky to not get a goal of the year nomination! Tidy day out with 14 disposals (8 kicks) at 93% DE to go with 3 marks, 3 tackles and a goal assist to go with his handful of goals. This was just the game Ainsworth was needing to keep his relevance as he has dropped his BE to 8 which should see at least another $40k made over the next fortnight.

Black is back but I think Parsons was the all round winner between these two given the layoff. Over half of his coaches jumped off on his 8 week holiday as they scrambled for funds for final upgrades. Just the 47 points against tough opposition even if he did manage to kick 1 goal from 15 disposals (9 kicks). He was called up alongside Buzza (58) who kicked 2 goals and Simpson (37) due to an extensive injury list so it will be interesting to see what happens to all 3 from here on out.

J.Stewart scored 59 points against the Lions which was enough to see his average drop to 63 to match his 63 BE. Just a quiet game with 1 goal from 10 disposals (3 kicks) and a couple of marks. Unless you can see him pulling another big score, he is only good for 50s and will hover in price from now on otherwise it’s goodbye for now.

Hannan’s 57 was enough to see him make $6k but his days look to be just about over now that he has risen to over $320k. With a BE of 80, now is a good to time to be moving onto him. Well done to those who started and held on as he turned out to be one of the most profitable rookies this season.

There we go, that’s the Parsons we love to hate. Just a stock standard 49 from 13 disposals (8 kicks) at 85% DE to go with a goal. One more week before his BE jumps roughly to his average and then his day’s are done and dusted for real.

Beech was given a bubble popping game against the Blues and just over 2,500 coaches jumped on for what was his worst performance to date. He seems to be tiring already with scores of 57, 49 and now 38 from 11 disposals (3 kicks) so he may be knocking on the door of having a rest which is the last thing he will want as Adelaide aren’t the easiest of teams to break back into. Hold you breath Thursday coaches.

Out with one small forward (Bolton managed) at Punt Road and in with another. Stengle had quite the debut bagging two goals from only 8 disposals (6 kicks) at 50% even though he barely touched another stat. Job security would be flimsy with the plethora of small forwards Richmond have so would be worth waiting a week before tempting a trade in. Especially with the whispers Bolton will be back this week.

Goodbye for now: Hannan, Galluci and J.Stewart

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20 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 15”

  1. Do you think there’s any chance perryman or cousins will get anymore games?
    I have got no rookies on field and my other rookies are greenwood, berry, ryan, parsons, bolton (plus captain strnadica).
    I have got 6 trades and $38k in bank was tossing up between downgrading Berry to Witherden to have some cash reserves for rest of year or but not sure if I can afford to hold these two as loophole options for rest of year or should trade one out for witherden to have more bench cover.


    1. Perryman very little chance but going off his scoring, he has all but $30k to make if he can string 3-4 games together. Almost not worth it.

      Cousins is playing well in the VFL but unfortunately it looks like Clarkson would rather scrape through to the finals than finish low on the ladder and play the kids in a rebuild. Not sure I agree with the plan but what do I know.


      1. Someone needs to sit down with Clarkson and explain to him that this simply isn’t going to happen. The man is behaving like a 5 year old.


        1. Not sure this is what is happening. The kids are playing just not Cousins at the moment. He has only played 8 games at box hill and a few more will probably do him good.
          I imagine he will get another run before the season is out.


  2. For those that started the season with Sandi/Witts/Nank (FWD), would you roll the dice once more with Darcy as R2? Strengthen every other position first? It’d take some cajones, that’s for sure.
    Great write-up once again, Hutta!


    1. As a SandiNankerWitts owner, I just cannot fathom it. Putting R2 in the hands of a 2 gamer this late in the season, I get the feeling it will burn a whole lot of people.


  3. Bloody Shoey! – I’m now just ever so concerned about my Dead team, as I’ve had a few players go in the last couple of weeks! – Have I called it too early!

    Eagerly awaiting your next update Hutta


    1. Beat me to it TDA. He’s very expensive but has a pretty handy scoring history. Might be useful as a D7/M9?


    2. Cheers TDA.

      Let him slip through due to his price as we all scramble for cheaper picks currently, much like White after his first game. If he performs again I’ll throw him in. Average of ~75 in his two full seasons so wouldn’t expect much more than that and with Greenwood/Witherden already doing a solid he may not get a lot of traction.


  4. Another masterpiece Huttabito. Are you also annoyed by how many decent rooks are now finally turning up?


    1. Thanks Thommo.

      Not particularly, I like think I played the rookie/cash game pretty well even if I did miss Houston/Hannan up forward and sold SPS the week he tonned up.

      Greenwood/Witherden would have been great Rd1 but I think they’ve come through at the perfect time as they look somewhat like handy 1 week bench covers and can be held onto finals when they peak perfectly (at loft prices too).


      1. True. As I mentioned elsewhere, Witherden could be a great D7/M9 until finals. Likewise Greenwood at F7.



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